Winner Of The Blog Giveaway And Musings

Congratulations to Lyn for winning the Urban Outfitters e-gift card! Thank you to all who participated! I very much appreciate it.

This month is flying by! I cannot tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I would say, “only time will tell,” but that seems redundant and also wrong. February is a mystery that I am still trying to catch up with.

Here are some things I am craving to wear, do or just share:


One of my goals this month is to make a dutch baby in the oven. I am going to try this recipe from Food Network. Wish me luck! The very scary part of this is that neither myself nor my husband like dutch babies. But they look so impressive that I am hoping one made at home will be better than any others we have tried. I make sense that way.


Speaking of food, this is more of a warning than anything else. We use our microwave a lot. I always thought of it as a relatively safe appliance. So I never really gave much safety advice to my children in regards to it. The oven and the stovetop were the appliances that I taught caution towards. That ended up being a mistake. We have had many mishaps with the appliance. Yesterday was definitely the scariest one. My son microwaved himself some sort of meal and about five minutes later there was a giant explosion. He had left the glass pyrex pan that I keep in the microwave (I have too many cooking vessels) in there when he microwaved his food. Apparently it could not handle being empty with the heat. I am so grateful he was not standing near it at the time. Glass reached the middle of the living room. Now both my kids know to never ever microwave an empty glass container. About two years ago my daughter accidentally hit the power button instead of the timer on the microwave and microwaved the oven with nothing inside of it for fifteen minutes. I cannot believe it did not fry it. It did not work for one day as it cooled down but then it was fine again. I have heard that you cannot microwave water in glass and obviously no metal in the device. Two weeks ago, my daughter microwaved a rice krispie treat on a plastic plate and created a giant burn hole in the plate. We threw it away but it could have caused a fire. And also, don’t microwave rice krispie treats! There is so much more to teaching kids about the machine than I had originally thought. Just an FYI for those of you with kiddos.


Of all of the things that I like in stores, this Free People Summer Winds Dress tops the list. I love it for summer. I would love to buy it in the coming months. It just seems easy and breezy and can be worn an infinite amount of ways. I also like that it does not appear to be too short. Who doesn’t love a white dress?


I had written earlier that I wanted a new couch this year, but then I put on our old white slipcover for this couch after having a dark grey velvet on it for months and my heart was happy again. And I ended up liking the other one in the other room equally. The couch is fifteen years old. But I still love it. It has been vomited on, had food spills, drink spills, crayon mishaps and it keeps on ticking. So, for now, it stays. Of course, right after I put the slipcover on, Ollie went and wiped his jowls on it. The couch is a glutton for punishment.


I asked my daughter if what she was wearing was clean and she replied, “Yes. I got it from the laundry chair.”

The laundry chair!

Oi! The stories my kids will tell their children…


Finally, this was my OOTD yesterday. I decided it was a black outfit and orange lipstick kind of day.

When my daughter got home, I said, “Hey! Look! I went emo today.”

She scoffed. “That is not emo.”

“Yes. It is.”

“No. It’s girly goth.”

I liked that description better any way, but I dare not tell her that.


This photo was taken during dinner last night. Ollie knows he can’t be near the dinner table so he plants his butt on the edge of the carpet so he is still considered in the living room and stares at us. He is not amused by me taking pictures of him and not feeding him. I think he will go wipe his face on the white couch some more.

How’s your February going? If you have dogs, do they try to push the rules like Ollie? Today I am off to get my first pedicure since last May. I guess it’s about time. I just never expected to be wearing sandals in February.

12 thoughts on “Winner Of The Blog Giveaway And Musings

  1. Oh our dogs. They Do push the limits. Every day. All 3 of them. They are relegated to our living room and sunroom areas of our house, yet continuously push through & head to the kitchen & dining rooms where there are almost always crumbs on the flor (courtesy of our almost 6 & almost 4 yr old…).

    • Lucky girl! Three dogs! I would love another one, but our association is so weird. We are allowed three pets but they cannot be all of the same category. So we can have two dogs and a parrot but not three dogs. Maybe I could get a dog and call it “Parrot.” ; ). Yes, there will be crumbs from a four and six year old, always. I still have tons of crumbs in my house and we have fifteen and eleven here!

      Have a gorgeous week!


  2. Haha..too funny. Laundry chair. (seriously I had one at one time, you can ask my daughter :-)) I sometimes have a “laundry dresser”. lol

    • Thanks Kara! I finally folded all of the clothes tonight, but now I have to put them away. Which is definitely the worst part. I am waiting until tomorrow. Hopefully laundry chair doesn’t become a new laundry room. ; )

      Sweet dreams!


  3. Dogs are just too funny. Your story reminded me of our beagle who will back up until his bum is on the rug. I guess he just likes a cushy spot to rest while he stares at us eating dinner. He’ll also wait until we’re all seated and eating before he taps on the door to go outside. Never fails!

    • That is so funny! I love the backing up part! I had never seen a dog back up before until yesterday when Ollie backed up all the way down the hallway. It was a weird sight! Thank you for sharing!

      Have a beautiful week!


  4. My bully wipes her jowls on everything too. I have gotten to work with bully “kisses” on pant legs and not realized it until I looked down. They are funny. She pushes the rules to the utmost too. It is cool how smart they are. She will try to lick my lap desk if I am eating a snack next to her on the couch because she knows she can not touch my plate.

  5. I love your new necklace with that dress! It is so pretty, especially with the lipstick! Thanks for the microwave warning! How scary. I am so glad that your kids were not hurt!!

  6. Your girly goth look rocks!
    I have a laundry bed.
    Those microwave stories are scary. Thank you for the advice! I had no idea!
    Can you believe the winter we are having?! I mean the not winter. Crazy warm.

  7. Thank you for the food for thought on the microwave. I will remind my daughter about these. When you said you cannot microwave glass you meant a drinking glass, right? Pyrex glass, like measuring cups are still OK?
    You look so cool as a “Girly Goth.” For a long time my daughter has liked wearing black shirts with plaid skirts and she loves her black maxi skirt. She spotted a stylish Goth girl in her Betty and Veronica comic and wants to copy the look. It’s an outfit I would wear; black pants, striped shirt and a long black cardigan. We found a long black cardigan at Target and she already has the shirt and black leggings. She wanted to wear her black wig from when she was Cleopatra for Halloween, but we told her it would be too distracting in school. I can’t believe she’s going to be nine next week!
    I rambled, but your posts are so fun!

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