Searching For… II


I have written here before about the odd ways people can sometimes stumble onto my blog. It continuously makes me smile. Here are some more that I have gathered, typos and grammar in original state:

Gap shirt a watched pot
I cannot believe someone else knows about this shirt!

What is the efect of atending the lover’s weding?
(The same as a watched pot)

Its okay i deserve it
(hey! That’s my anthem, too!)

Please secret to my husband
What am I supposed to secret to him? The suspense is killing me!

I think I’m Adorable Archive
(Yikes! Well, I guess that’s better than affordable)

Costco Elf Shelf sitter
(Gulp. Why does it need a sitter? Excuse me while I go run and scream)

(oh, you poor unfortunate soul to have stumbled here. And, also, while I can appreciate that you aren’t picky, you might want to be more specific… And less caveman-like if you ever want to end your quest)

Please secret to my husband 2
No, no, no! I didn’t even secret the first part to him! You must provide more information. And also, hire someone other than google search engine!

Gnome names for lover
(I’m a little scared)

Gnome lover lady
(I did this to myself)

Cowgirls Squishing Spiders
(I get this one a lot. I mean ALOT! I am not sure which part of the search term fetish is more disturbing)

Nude In Overalls
(again, I apologize that your search engine brought you here)

Gnomelover elephant belt

this is not really happening
(you bet your life it is)

there once was a lazy gnome who didn’t like his mountain home
(Why? Why didn’t he like his mountain home? Were there cowgirls squishing spiders there? On a side note, I hope you are writing a book! And I will buy it!)

make cookies without butter
(WHAAAAAA?!?! Blasphemy!)

i ate a whole sheet cake
(Me, too! Gluttoners Unite!)

chili that does not clum togather
(I hate when my chili does not clum togather. Although it is better than when tacos do not drunch)

hokey i no my way around the rink
(the rink or the drink?)

Oh! I love thee search engine. Don’t ever change!

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