Not Feeling It


I wore this all day. I was having a really hard time getting the gumption up to put an outfit together. Thankfully, this Free People jersey dress is pretty much like wearing pajamas. And I would have worn them as such if I had not borrowed my son’s deodorant that day (without his knowledge) and been knocked over by the smell of Old Spice. How do men do it? The aroma of the men’s deodorant clung to my dress and I could not sleep in it. I am used to baby powder. By the way, who decides that baby powder scent is for girls and mountain air is for boys? I was explaining my dilemma to my husband while I whined in bed and he looked around for an escape route.


“What happened to your deodorant?” He asked like a grown up.

“I don’t know. It was just gone.”

He got up and went in to the bathroom. I watched him with a faint amount of interest.

“You mean this deodorant?” He asked as he held up my little blue container that had been sitting in direct line of sight in the middle of the counter.

“Wow! I don’t know how that got there!” Then I erupted into a cackle of lunar laughter that made my husband reevaluate the exits in our house again.

My point?


Um, yea, sure… I had one.

Okay. I got it!

Don’t use your son’s deodorant.

And also, I’m pretty sure my deodorant is possessed.


That day was hard. Deodorant issues aside.


I felt as though all of my imagination was sucked dry. Maybe the deodorant worked too well.


I just threw this dress on with some black tights and my newest popback score, these Freebird Boots I snagged for 85% off at Anthropologie. It was kind of amazing how just wearing something I liked made me feel a little better.


I wanted to pair this dress with my striped blazer from last year. I would have loved to show it with some light colored denim skinny jeans. To me, that would have been perfect. But instead I kept the tights on. Maybe you can imagine I am wearing skinny jeans. And while you’re at it, maybe you could put me in my deodorant and not an eleven year old boy’s.


I hope your imagination is better than mine.


Have you ever lacked the incentive to get dressed? Have you ever used someone else’s deodorant? Do you know what kind of exorcism I could perform on mine? I think I saw it move again. It’s either that or my imagination might be coming back. I am quite sure it is the former. Which really just proves the latter.

Oi. I need to do something about these fumes.

11 thoughts on “Not Feeling It

  1. I know the struggle, growing up I had 8 siblings most of then being boys and adopted so sometimes there was no ladies deodorant left so I had to resort to theirs, but only for a day or so til some ladies deodorant was bought. Haha I love your exorcism comment. Cute dress too, glad you can laugh about your struggle.
    Rachel xo

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate that! And the story! Wow! 8 siblings! I bet that is fun now! My friend has four siblings and I envy her big holidays.

      Have a marvelous Sunday!


  2. I can barely manage outfit posts once or twice or month, so I commend you for posting almost daily. I love your outfit… it looks great, even if you were not feeling motivated.

    I’ve never borrowed someone else’s deodorant. Actually, I don’t wear deodorant. I think it’s because my parents were immigrants and that wasn’t part of their routine, so it never became part of mine. And it probably helps that I live somewhere cold most of the year…

    • Thank you Liana! I have knocked my clothing posts to every other day, and sometimes less as I have taken Saturdays off and sometimes other posts come first like Tuesday’s giveaway. I only managed to take one outfit picture this last week. But I have reviews coming up tomorrow so that should be okay.

      You are so lucky! I have to wear deodorant. I am such a sweater. And it gets unbearably hot here! But I do worry about Alzeheimers.

      Have a sweet Sunday!


  3. I love this FP dress…..and laughing over the deodorant…we go through a truck load of old spice around here….you’re right, it is just a distinctly different smell than the girls’!

    ok, those Freebird boots are making my heart go pitter patter!

  4. haha! I used my hubby s deodorant before, I actually liked the smell! but I guess not on me..
    I love how you styled the dress with red(?) striped blazer! so cute!!
    I have been looking for no print top/tunic. This FP dress looks good!

  5. Oh my gosh I hate mens deodorant. There is only one type that I can stand and if they ever discontinue it Freddy is just going to have to go without for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wish my sense of smell wasn’t so strong. Freddy would love it if I wore perfume but the smell makes me crazy.
    I love that striped blazer! So springtime! So cute!
    And I see you, you cheeky gnome. Can’t hide from me!

  6. For not feeling creative, you put together a great outfit with options! Totally creative. Did you son know you used his deodorant?! I wonder how he felt about it on mom 🙂

  7. Love the blazer over that dress – the colours, the stripes, they just work. 🙂

    As for deodorant, I urge you to check out the options they have at Lush! You can get either a deodorant bar (a bit weird for me, it’s like a bar of soap that you rub on, but this girl I met swears by it) or deodorant powder, which is what I use every day. My armpits smell of lovely vanilla, and no chemicals whatsoever. This is one of my soapbox subjects, but most deodorants contain aluminium, which is super bad for you and can also cause breast cancer. We have major lymph nodes under our armpits, so essentially what we’re doing is rubbing aluminium straight into our lymph systems and letting it be carried throughout our bodies.

    Sorry to go off on one. But I can’t help it when it comes to deodorants!! 🙂

  8. If I’m home all day, I definitely lack the enthusiasm and motivation to get dressed. It’s a continual struggle. I feel like I’m cheating by wearing kimonos around the house. The colorful prints make me feel dressed, and once I throw on a necklace or statement earrings, I trick myself into feeling put-together. I know that I’m not truly dressed though because if I leave the house, I change into something more “inspired.”

    I think the striped blazer is what really pulls your outfit together here. It’s a fun, whimsical touch that spices things up a bit.

    And I totally understand the men’s deodorant thing. I’ve had to wear Kyle’s on a few occasions, and in addition to feeling like my armpits are being rubbed raw, the smell is so overpowering. I don’t smell it that strongly on him, but when I wear it, “phew!” Too much!

    <3 Liz

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