Hoarding Covering The Walls


I love stuff. Art. Old relics. Things that hold a memory or recall a moment in time suck me in and keep me there. But I have a small house and a lot of… Stuff. It was only a matter of time before it encroached all over the walls. It is still a work in progress. At my last estimate, I need nine more pieces of art just to complete the two gallery walls in the living room.


I purchased this crewel work of a monkey in a sail boat at the Rose Bowl Flea Market back in July. I bought some clips and hung it by the front door. Shockingly, the sellers wanted nothing extra for the mystery stains. “My husband is so thrilled with this piece,” she says as her face spasms from winking so hard.


My sister and my brother-in-law gave my husband and myself these awesome vintage initials from an old sign (we’re guessing J.C. Penney’s) for Christmas. I love the purple color so we hung them backwards. This also kind of represents our thought process at all times.


My daughter just finished painting this piece of art. It is based on Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. It is her favorite thing she has done. We love our new art teacher, Jennifer Bonneteau. She is amazing. My son made a similar painting. I just forgot to take a closeup picture of it.


The kids did their self portraits again this year. They did the paintings all by themselves at home. I think they did a great job.


Here is where I want to put more pieces of art to complete the project.


I bought this old folk arty game wheel at the flea market. I like it a lot. It was a lot larger than I had thought when we brought it home.


I have an idea to put bookcases up here (better pictures of the niche can be found in this post). We are overflowing with books. I previously put bookcases in a niche in our home here. But I would have to wall in the kitchen on the other side. My husband says we need the extra natural light in both rooms. What do you think?


I want to get a new couch in this room. I am thinking of this sofa in mustard or teal. I also considered a pink, but I think it would be too much. I am definitely waiting for a discount! What home projects are you currently working on? Any new furniture plans?

14 thoughts on “Hoarding Covering The Walls

  1. As always, I love your posts and your house 🙂 It is perfect. I really like the Van Gogh inspired paintings, such talented children!

    Did you ever see the Van Gogh Dr Who episode? Such an amazing show and they brought some of his paintings to live in such a beautiful way.

    Have a lovely day Jenni.

    • Thank you so much! My daughter is obsessed with Dr. Who. I have never seen it! I bet she has, though. How cool! Now I want to see that episode!

      Have a wonderful week! : )


  2. Your daughter has done a fantastic job with the van Gogh painting. you have some great quirky pieces. I am saving this year for a new kitchen that’s my renovation plan for the year.

    • Thank you Melinda! Ooohhh! A new kitchen! That sounds wonderful. And fun. And exciting. We did that about eight years ago and then again five years later after the kitchen flooded. It was much more fun the first time! ; ).

      Have a super week!


  3. Your house is so cosy! I just wanna visit you already! (But, where are the dogs?!) Anyway, we may have subconsciously started a gallery wall in the living room… I’ll keep ya posted on that. 😉 It’s a good thing that we can keep adding to our walls and our homes, over time… kind of like sediments of memories, eh?
    As for the sofa – get it in mustard! Mustard will be the perfect colour in your space, whereas teal will make it too cold, I think.
    I’d be very cautious of putting another bookshelf in the nice, if that means dividing the kitchen and living room areas – I think your husband is right, the light – but also the “airiness” of the room – is a big part of what makes this room so gorgeous.
    Your kids are getting really good! You are doing such a cool thing, putting them through art lessons!! I think my fave will always be your daughter’s self-portrait with the fox shirt. It’s just so spunky and cute!

    • Thank you Gwen! The dogs are in the last picture. Ollie is on the floor hiding behind his bed and Murphy cannot be bothered with anything or anyone once he is spying on our neighbors out the window. I want the mustard one, too! I just need a great sale price and then no one to ever sit on it. ; ).

      I hate it when he’s right. ; )

      I owe you an email. January was just so hard. I don’t even know how the heck it is over.

      Have a wonderful week!


    • Thank you Liana! My kids both play the piano. It is not their favorite. But I make each of them take it from ages 5 to 18. I keep telling them they will thank me when their older. ; )

      Have a beautiful day!


  4. You daughter’s Starry Night is absolutely gorgeous! Wow!
    I vote no on the bookcase but that is because I like a lot of light. I also wonder if it will make your kitchen feel closed in.
    I love your artwork walls so much. I feel like I could sit on your couch for hours staring at your walls.
    Oh – and I really like the couch you have. White is so pretty and goes so great in your living room.

    • Thank you so much. I will let her know! She will be so happy. She adores that painting! I am seeing the light, so to speak. My husband is right. Groaning. It would be too dark. But my books are taking over! One day I might actually have to give some away. Gulp.

      I like the white couch, too. But it is getting old and Murphy threw up on it the other day. And my husband washed the slipcovered part that he threw up on… With a red quilt. So now that cushion is pink. It is time to replace it. But Murphy cannot get sick on the new couch! Aahhhh!

      Have a gorgeous Sunday!


  5. I love the two gold-framed pieces (paintings? Illustrations?) above the piano. Can you please tell me who the artist is?

    • Thank you! The artist is Jeffrey Barson (sometimes Jeff Barson). It is Juliet and Romeo and Juliet canvas prints. They are sold out. I received mine as a gift when I was seventeen. They don’t really go with anything in our house but I still love them.

      Have a happy Sunday!


  6. You kids are so talented. You have an amazing knack placing things on the wall and not making it look cluttered. I need to do something with my walls…they are very blank! Thanks for the inspiration!

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