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*This post was supposed to go up at midnight on Wednesday, but I just realized that Urban Outfitter’s promo ends today. I wanted to make sure you knew about it before it ended. So, this is Wednesday’s post a bit early.


Sometimes, I just want to be someone else. My heart will always be bohemian, but there is a part of me that yearns for that modern clean look with a bit of an edge. Think the blog Bleubird. I once took a ceramics class. Quite honestly, I have absolutely no idea what we ever did in that class besides gossip. The whole year, I managed to complete exactly one project. It was a very small bowl shaped in a circle with my face. Odd. True. My mom loved it… Although not as much as she should have… For a piece that took me a year to make. Do you know how much gossiping I put aside to make that bowl? At least two hour’s worth. My life might have turned out much differently if I ever did learn who Jeremy was seen in the locker room with.

Just kidding.

I never knew a Jeremy.

Or did I?

Hmmmm. My head is filled with clay.

Anyhoo, the ceramics teacher would come to school every day dressed in the most amazing clothes. All natural neutral fibers. Layered. Nubby linens. Smooth cottons. Overalls. Fun jewelry (the necklace featured is from Miss Ribby on etsy. I have not purchased from her before today when I purchased one for myself and one to giveaway soon). She always had dried clay on her hands. Her hair was shoulder length and curly. She had the most beautiful laugh lines. And always the coolest cotton shoes on her feet. Honestly, I guess the style is not that much different than traditional bohemian. I mean, does it get much more bohemian than a ceramics teacher? It is just more streamlined.


So, my February clothing wants are a bit different than normal. My love for embroidery and princess dresses shall never wane, but it is nice to have a different option. I am looking for loose breathable pieces for the warmer months ahead. There are so many great companies with such pieces. However, with natural linens usually comes a higher price tag. I typically cannot afford the stores that specialize in those clothes. I am fickle and only want to dabble in this style. Therefore I needed pieces that were inexpensive and interchangeable with my regular look. I turned to Urban Outfiiters and was happy with the shapes and prices that I discovered there.

With spring coming, I want cozy easy cotton feet. Urban Outfitters has $15 off $75 that ends tonight. Their cotton Mary Janes are 2 for $20. I ordered some for myself and my daughter. They run true to size and are surprisingly comfortable. I am not sure about their longevity but with the promotion, they are around $8 each, so I am not too worried. I will say the colors online are definitely not true to life. Mine are a much more muddied version, except for the teal with is a pretty bright color. They come in T-straps and cute plain ones. I ordered both. I have only received the T-straps so I cannot comment on the other ones yet.


With easy cotton shoes, comes easy pieces. I also purchased this Denim Shirt Dress (with the discount). I hope it is long enough. It has not arrived yet so I am unsure as to what it will actually look like. I know for this look, I can pair it with cotton shoes or I could easily switch it up with fun boots and gladiator sandals and layered jewelry, if I wanted to go more classic bohemian.


And this jumpsuit was $17 after their promotion. Oh. This could go terribly, terribly, terribly wrong. Urban Outfitters’ clothing runs small. I purchased a size L. I am kind of scared to receive this. I preferred it in black but it was not on sale. I plan on pairing it with my new favorite basic essential, Anthropologie’s Long Form V-Neck Tee. If you never see this romper on the blog, it is because I returned it… after I locked myself in the bathroom and cried while staring at my eighties style romper and my lumps that have sneakily accumulated in the decades since this style became popular. Jeremy never would have let this happen.


If I had an unlimited budget, I also would have picked up The Linen Midi Dress (it states it is linen in its title but rayon in its description). I would get it in beige, cut more of the unfinished hem off and go make a different face bowl. I would like to say it would not have changed at all since the one I made twenty years ago. Hey! This is my clothing fantasy, I shall just pretend it is so. Who will ever know?


And The Ecote Cocoon Dress in grey. It reminds me of the modern dance scene in “White Christmas.” I just imagine bright fun shoes with it and one of those painted ball necklaces.

Do you ever change your style up? Do you ever crave simplicity? I want all of the easy dresses. I just saw this striped dress and my Want Meter shot through the roof. That cannot be good for my meter or the roof.

Did you take an art or ceramics class? Did you make a face bowl? Do you know who Jeremy was with in the locker room? Again, did I even know a Jeremy? The name is sounding very familiar. Hmmmm. Maybe it was me. Nah. I was in ceramics class. Making a head bowl. Dreaming about the teacher’s clothes.

9 thoughts on “Craving: Ceramics Teacher

  1. I think all ceramics and art teachers are the coolest. even better when they dress the part! I somehow happened upon “tunic” boards on pinterest the other day….talk about wanting a tunic all of a sudden! these are so cute….love the denim one! my daughter loves these shoes from UO too! you girls will be twinsies!

  2. Hi Jenni! It’s funny that you just posted this. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve loved bohemian style for so many years and probably always will. Yet lately I’ve been reaching for the simpler, even a bit edgier items in my closet. I’m no rocker chic, but lately I’ve been loving black, gray, olive, moto boots, slouchy sweaters, and drapey tees. I’ve even been looking for edgier jewelry to complement these items, things that are less ornate but still a statement. What’s going on? I hope I can find a way to still incorporate my boho tendencies without looking like a hot mess! I can’t wait to see how you style your new items. You’ll rock them for sure!


  3. Jeremy was caught kissing Kristy Silverstein in the girls locker room. French kissing! Coach Cagnetto caught them and they both got detention for a week. Kristy won’t shut up about how great a kisser Jeremy is but Rachael says she is lying because she knows for a fact that Jeremy is a bad kisser because her sister’s best friend’s cousin, Molly Anders, kissed him at Homecoming last year and she said it was all slimy and gross.

  4. Interesting!! Maybe it’s the season? I feel like changing my style as well. I probably not gonna do anything but I’ve been browsing web a lot lately..
    Miss Ribby.. was my daughter’s art teacher’s name, so I was surprised!! But the store wasn’t hers.. lol

    I can’t wait to see your UO reviews! I need something simple, too. I have too many prints!!

  5. Love these relaxed options. I agree that art teachers have some of the coolest style – they seem so effortless. In high school, art class was my most favorite! I made sure I took a class every semester….. ceramics, photography, painting. I haven’t done ceramics since high school but as an adult I’ve taken jewelry classes and stained glass. Ohhhh, I remember those canvas shoes from high school too! LOVED them! I had black mary janes that I wore all. the. time.

  6. I’m not sure what my style is to start with… I feel like it is always in flux anyway.

    I sometimes wish I’d become a potter. Not because I’m any good at it, but because I love wheelthrowing. I really hope to have a ceramics studio in my house someday.

    • We had a wheel in the room. It was always there tempting us, but not one person ever graduated to it. I am not even sure if you could. And it was right around “Ghost” so all of us girls wanted to!

      I hope you get your ceramics studio one day!


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