Dreaming: Grandma’s Gift


Something was chasing me. It was fast, but not quite fast enough to catch me. It was probably some sort of zombie creature if I were to guess, because zombies are the things that make my blood run cold. The atmosphere was grey. What were once tall and majestic buildings were now piles of crumbling rubble. The gravel of the desolate city crunched beneath my boots.

I turned the corner and saw a lone structure still standing in the midst of the ruined city. It appeared to be a form of catacombs.

I ducked into the entrance to catch my breath. My heart was pounding. My pursuers were near.

Someone grabbed my arm.

I turned to scream, but it gurgled in my throat in recognition of the person who stood before me.

It was my grandmother, whom in life had passed away two years prior. I began to frantically ask her questions. “What was she doing here? Was she okay? What was I supposed to do?”

But she shook her head in response. She put her finger to her lips to summon me to be quiet.

Then she grabbed my elbow and began leading me further down into the catacombs. My head felt dizzy with exhilaration at seeing her again. The zombie creatures were almost forgotten.

We came to a dead end. A huge unyielding stone wall blocked our escape. I began to panic at the thought of being stuck down here trapped by the creatures who were surely on our trail. But again, my grandma shook her head. She inserted a key into a keyhole that I could not see into the wall. It twisted and turned and a small doorway opened. My grandmother gestured for me to go through the door.

I hurriedly did so. She followed me and locked the door behind us. The wall melted in upon itself and became whole once more. We were safe.

In fact, we were more than safe. We were in a new area. A new dream.

It was a dome-like structure covered in glass. It was bright and sunny although I could not see the sky nor anything outside of the dome. It raised above my head about thirty stories tall. There were no buildings inside of it. Just a giant tree that raised almost to the ceiling. I had a feeling that the dome grew tall as the tree did, so that the tree itself would never reach its top. I could hear birds chirping in its massive branches. The air was calm and cool.

I turned to my grandma.

She smiled at me. She led me to the edge of the grass and placed her hand at the small of my back. And then she pushed me gently.

I started to fall forward but instead of falling, I was caught in the air. Inside the dome I could fly. I wobbled at first, but soon I was taking experimental turns ten feet off of the ground. My grandmother’s face beamed up at me in delight. I soared higher, skimming the tree’s outstretched branches with my fingertips. The freedom and happiness bubbled up inside of me as I glided round and round inside of the dome.

The gift that she gave me in the dream was beautiful. The gift of the dream, itself, was even better.

11 thoughts on “Dreaming: Grandma’s Gift

  1. Oh my gosh! Flying dreams are T H E B E S T!!!! I’ve only had one and I can still remember how it felt. I flew from South Dakota to my home in Oregon. Sorta doing the swimming breast stroke. Lucky you that your’s incorporated your grandmother. I annoy imagine anything more precious and special.

    • Thank you Brynne. It was so special. How interesting that you did a breaststroke type move and Liana flaps her arms. I glide. I had no idea there were so many different ways people fly in dreams. I want to know more about this.

      Have a wonderful week!


    • Thank you Liana! I didn’t flap my arms! I never do in my dreams. I just lean forward and move through the air. It is so interesting that you flap your arms. I am picturing that. It is sweet and makes me smile.

      Have a super week!


  2. Oh I love that, it’s so sweet! Random, but I went to anthropologie the other day hopefully to find a sweater that is sold out on line, which I didn’t. :(. Anyway, saw a green trimmed plate w/ a fancy bee in the middle! It was so beautiful & I thought of you. Have you seen it? I think you need it! You need to see if you can view it online! In this kitchen I have a corner where I switch out decorative plTes every holiday or month! I never had the room before now & I love that extra bit of personality & seasonal fun it adds to my little corner!

  3. What a lovely dream! I’m quite jealous… I don’t think I’ve ever flown in the dream before…at least not that I can remember. It’s very rare that I remember anything that I have dreamt up and then it only sticks around for a few moments and fades.

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