Snow Ollie


Both of my dogs were flabbergasted by the snow that made its way to our house in Southern California a few weeks ago. The first time Ollie touched it he jumped about a foot in the air. Do you see his tongue? Is that not the cutest thing ever?


Murphy did not have such qualms. His terror quickly dispelled to anxiety that someone was going to touch his snow. It was all his. And he could not traipse through it fast enough to explore and guard it. The snowgnome threw him for a loop, though.


Once Ollie saw Murphy jumping through the terrifying whiteness he became a little more brave. He wanted to explore, but because of his love of cars, we had to put a leash on him lest he decide to go give a car a hug and become an unfortunate victim to his love.


I decided to take a few pictures with him in the snow just for fun. I had purchased this dress on a popback from Anthropologie for $30, so it is sold out now. It is all one piece. Anthropologie’s Layered Shirtdress is also a layered more work appropriate one piece dress and I wrote about my favorite layered one-piece last year. Free People’s Lily Dress is a sweet design in a similar vein. I guess I like the ease of an all-ready-put-together ensemble. Although I will admit part of me feels like a child in this. Perhaps it is the pigtails?



Look at that face. It is pure love right there. Ollie looks pretty happy, too.


Do you own any easy pieces that look like more but are actually one item? Do your animals like the snow? Ollie spent about five minutes in it and then he was done. Murphy, on the other hand, would have stayed outside all day in it if we would have let him.

But we didn’t.

I don’t know if his little heart could have taken the harsh reality of the sun melting all of his icy treasure. I think he is still looking for it. He probably thinks Ollie ate it all.

Which would not really surprise any of us… Except Ollie.

P.S. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has made me as happy as this Instagram account in a very long time. It is Matilda_and_Kiki. The owner is documenting her newborn bulldog puppies several times a day. Sometimes with video. It is my family’s new favorite thing to check on the internet. The cuteness is heartwarming and I want to just grab two of the puppies and rub them on my cheeks!

13 thoughts on “Snow Ollie

  1. OMG, yes! I am loving those puppies. And 9 of them!!! Tilley is such a sweetie, and I get a kick out of Kiki. I love how they sometimes call her Stinkerbell, LOL. Love the photos and that dress is fab! Can’t imagine what my boy would do in the snow but try and avoid it. He is not all that crazy about the grass, so snow would most likely freak him out.

    • I know, right?! Oh my gosh! That one with the bully belly today! Aaaahhhhhh! I die from the cuteness! I cannot wait for their eyes to open. I am so jealous. I would play with them all day.

      I was surprised Ollie was not more freaked out by the snow. He kind of pretended it wasn’t there. The vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is his mortal enemy.

      Have a marvelous week!


  2. Aw. I remember the first time my dog encountered snow as a 4 month old puppy. I took lots of photos. He very quickly figured out that he could eat the snow. I love taking him skiing with us but he gets cold very quickly and refuses to wear coats or booties.

    My parents’ dog loves to tunnel through the snow.

    I have a dress from Banana Republic that looks like a blouse with a tweed skirt. I like that I never have to worry about the skirt twisting or the blouse untucking.

    • How sweet! I will probably never know if Ollie or Murphy really really like the snow. But we are planning on taking them to a dog beach soon! I hope they behave!

      Have a gorgeous week!


    • Thank you! And that is so cute about your bullie. I told my husband every day with Ollie is so wonderful. He is always making me smile.

      Hey! Have you seen those baby bulldogs on Instagram yet? Oh my gosh! They will probably open their eyes by the end of the week! I cannot wait!

      Have a great week!


  3. Bulldogs: not really known for being snow dogs. 🙂 But so cute and loving the snow pictures! My parents’ Basset Hound likes to eat snow, and so does my sister’s labradoodle. I think they just find it a lot of fun.

    • Thank you Rachel! I have one more set of snow pictures going up on Friday. I don’t know why I took so many. I think it was such a phenomenon. Basset hounds are adorable. I can picture it getting lost in the snow.

      Have a cheery week!


    • Thank you Cynthia! It was so cool! I have one more snow outfit going up on Friday. And no more for probably forever!

      Sweet dreams!


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