The Perfect Dress


You know I do not say that lightly. But this is it. The perfect dress. For me, anyway. It was another item I waited for a fantastic sale price on. I bought it in the spring. It nips in at the waist and then flows out into an old-fashioned dream. It is the palest of pinks which makes it more interesting than another white dress. I even purchased one for my daughter, because she loved it so much.


I knew I wanted to take pictures of this Free People Heart Dress (sold out, but similar dress in pink here) in front of an old building. I had the perfect spot in our town. It was an old building with a giant head of an 1800s woman in a flowered hat. Well, we went there the other day and guess what? The new owners painted over it! What a travesty!


When I was at my dad’s house, I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to style this dress in front of Rusty’s house.

Who is Rusty? You ask.


That is a long and short story.

Let’s go with the short version.


When my mom and dad moved into our home, they rented the property from her family. They later purchased it. Rusty kind of came with the deal.


Rusty was not related to the family. He squatted in a ramshackle old house next door to our own that was also on the property. In fact, this house is pictured in the B-movie, “Skeeters.” But that is a story for another day.


Rusty was a hobo.


For real. Although, I realize that is not a politically correct term. It is what I knew him as and I will not change it. It is meant with no offense, because Rusty rode on railroad cars and was a transient, which is how that term came about. He was the real deal and I loved him. He came and went as he pleased. The house is still full of the remains of his travels.


One day I will share with you my memories of Rusty. He died when I was almost four. But I still have fond flashes of moments with him in my mind. I called him, “Uncle Rusty.” And he was a harmless sweet man who happened to bunk on our property. I had an interesting but wonderful childhood.


I think Uncle Rusty would have liked this dress. Although, it wouldn’t have been practical.

I could never catch a train in this.

Maybe it isn’t so perfect after all.

Nah. That’s silly. I’ll just take a bus.


Did you have any interesting characters in your childhood? What is your perfect dress?

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Dress

  1. I do believe that is the most perfect dress! Don’t you just love when you find a piece of clothing with all of the details that you like best? Love the backdrop and story here. You truly could be in an Anthropologie or Free People catalog shoot!

  2. Yes! This is the perfect dress. It is sooo pretty and your look soooo pretty in it. These photos are just gorgeous. The third one down should be on the cover of the book that you will write and publish some day. Great story about Rusty. I want to see the inside of that house!!

  3. WOW! I agree this is the perfect dress and you found the perfect location to shoot it.

    You look AMAZING in this dress. I normally don’t even like this style but after seeing it on you I want one.

    The whole Rusty story is very interesting.

    Did you pick up anything at the massive Anthro sale today?

    A little PS…I know I invited you to a blogger meet-up that is for people that are over 40. Don’t worry…I KNOW you aren’t over 40 and I didn’t mean to insult you. But you knew that right?


  4. I loved this glimpse into your childhood! And I agree that this backdrop is so perfect for this prairie princess outfit! That dress is such a stunner. It’s one of those pieces that could be contemporary or vintage, meaning you’ll be able to wear it for years and years. It has such beautiful touches with the lace panels, pleating, ruffles, and stripes. I think it would make for a lovely dress for a rustic wedding.

    My perfect dress would be a pink chiffon Oscar gown. Or wedding dress. So something completely and utterly impractical. *sigh*

    <3 Liz

  5. Oh yes. That dress is perfection. The background and story make it even better! I love it. I love how you WEAR awesome stuff. I have so many pretty dresses and need to just wear them more! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thank you Alicia. I wear them, but oh man, the looks I get sometimes. : ). Especially the time I wore my black lace floor length duster to the grocery store. I felt like a grown-up Wednesday Adams. You will definitely get to wear more dresses when you don’t have to bend over with the kiddos. I remember how hard that is! I LOVED the Bermeja Tunic Dress on you this week!

      I hope your day is filled with smiles!


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