Maroon Foggy Fire In The Snow


I took five outfit photos the day it snowed at my house this year. It had not snowed in years and it was too good of a photo opportunity to pass up.

Eck, I am such a blogger.


This outfit ended up being my favorite.


This is surprising to me for several reasons.

Mostly because I hate. Yes, hate. The color maroon.

I don’t know where this hatred came from. But it is there and alive and well. And I just learned that marsala is the 2015 color of the year! Which is pretty much a fanciful way of saying “maroon.”



Maybe the fashion gurus are on to something. Perhaps it is the name. When I purchased this Free People Embroidered Fable Dress two years ago, this color was called Mulberry. I like that name. Let’s think of some more.


Foggy Fire.

Lusting From Afar Red.

Sunset Sangria.

Yes, I like all of those.


I get more offers to buy this dress than any other item in my closet. The color is discontinued, but honestly, I love the grey color they have in it right now, too. The sweater is an old Anthropologie item I purchased from a sweet reader last winter. They had a a similar sweater this year that is now on sale. I loved that one when I reviewed it and would have picked it up if I did not all ready own and love mine.


What is your least favorite color to wear? Mine actually isn’t maroon. It is brown. I guess I like cheery colors. But now that I can rename the offenders, I am liking their sultry offerings. Perhaps 2015 is the year I change my ways.

Or perhaps not.

It’s too maroon to tell.

21 thoughts on “Maroon Foggy Fire In The Snow

  1. I love the monotone color palette, but mix of prints! I love this sweater, as well as the one you reviewed. I get a bit annoyed with the color of the year too. I know Pantone has been around for a long time, but it seems only recently that we’ve had this “color of the year” pushed at us. I do recognize retailers have color trends each season, but I don’t like feeling like I am being told what color I should wear. I like wearing all colors, just like trends. If I like it, I am going to wear it whether or not it’s the latest “it” thing.

    • Thank you Heather! I so agree with you. I don’t remember the color of the year having as much influence over retailers in the past as it does now. I don’t get it either. I am like you, I will wear it if I like it.

      Have a beautiful week!


  2. I can’t believe you had this much snow! This is way more than we saw during our entire 2-week visit to Michigan over the holidays! They’re getting slammed now, though. Can’t say I’m sorry to have missed that. It might be cold here in Nashville, but at least the roads aren’t snowy and icy!

    I love how you mixed prints here. That dress is super gorgeous. I’m not surprised people solicit you to buy it off you. I’ve had people do that with my Emeline Tulle Skirt. I laughed like she was joking, and she just stared back at me completely straight-faced. Ooooookkkkayyyyyy. I’m going to go now. And have security escort me to my car…

    I’ve never been big on maroon or purples either, but I find myself drawn to them more and more lately. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t escape the berry shades during the fall. It was the only shade stores were selling, I swear! And while I don’t like dark purples, I really like pale lavenders and lilac for winter and spring. (And probably summer and fall too, since I like pastels all year long!)

    Looking forward to catching up on your posts!

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! It didn’t last for long. Almost all of it was gone the next day. Our snowman lasted a week until he was a sad little lump in the grass. Oh my goodness! I only get emails about clothes! I have never had someone ask to buy my clothes off of me in person. That is hysterical. I have an outfit in my head with the Emeline Tulle Skirt that I hope translates in real life. I just have to get the shirt in the mail I want to pair with it. I am loving these popbacks lately!

      Have a great rest of this weekend!


  3. My least complimentary color to wear is basic pink. I can wear brown-pink but not regular pink. The interesting thing is, for YEARS, that is the color I always gravitated to on the racks. Once I figured out (in my 40’s) that it did not look good on me, I tried to figure out why I always migrated to it, even when I knew better. The only thing I can figure is it has been my mom’s favorite color all her life. I think that’s a good reason and it’s the story I am gong to believe.

    • I think that is sweet that you bought it subconsciously because of your mother. I love pink, too. I just never think to wear it very often. I don’t know why. I can see you rocking brown-pink. I bet it looks great on you!

      Have a super week!


  4. I did not know that it snowed in San Diego! You always find the greatest backdrops.
    I have never liked red near my face because I have a ruddy complexion, so I tend to just avoid red all together. But I have been bringing in more burgundy’s and brick reds into my closet.
    When I read about Marsala being the new in color, the picture that I saw was like a brown/wine? I think it looked nice, but it was hard to describe.
    You look great in maroon by the way,

    • We are further north of San Diego. I don’t know if San Diego got any snow. I was just happy my husband had the day off and did not have to drive in it. I would have been worried all day!

      Thank you about the maroon! I think you would look lovely in red. Your hair color was made to be next to it. Now I want to see you in it! I bet you would look amazing!

      Have a super week!


  5. My Catholic school uniform for 8 years was a maroon plaid. I am still Catholic, but gag!! Never again. When I saw the Pantone color of the year, I was so disappointed. 😉

    • Oh man! Eight years! I don’t think I could ever see that color again either. I am hoping next year’s color is some sort of green. Retailers never seem to carry enough clothes in that color.

      Have a beautiful week!


  6. My least favorite color is yellow, although there are certain shades of brown that I really hate as well (medium to dark brown, too dark to be cognac but clearly brown that clashes with black and dark gray).

    • I used to loathe yellow, too. I don’t know what happened to make me love it again. I want to say I saw someone use it as huge silk sunny curtains in their home. It was so unexpected that I just fell in love. Thank you for sharing!

      Have a wonderful week!


  7. You know, I used to love maroon, but it’s not a colour I wear anymore. I don’t know why. I love all the snow, of course you couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take photos in the snow! That’s a lot of snow by Toronto standards, that must be insane for California. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted!

    • I think it is because we are the same age and in the nineties remember when forrest green and maroon were all the rage? I don’t know. Maybe that is just me.

      And thank you about the pictures! It was such a fun day! I don’t know if I should wish for it to happen again. Then I truly might be scared for our planet!

      Have a fabulous week!


  8. I feel like maroon is the color that was painted on late 80s, early 90s country houses with a floral wallpaper border. It just feels dated to me. However, I love a deep wine or bordeaux color. Something dark and moody. Your jacket is more to that coloring, deep and flattering.
    I actually really love to wear brown. Muted fall colors look best on me. A friend complimented me once on an outfit and I joked with her that if it was a dead, muted color, it looks best of me. She laughed, but it is true. Drab olives, browns, muted reds…all look the best. I have no idea what that says about me 🙂
    While I love yellow, I can never, ever wear it, especially close to my face. I look like a green martian. So we can trade. I will wear the browns and you can wear the bright fun yellows! And we will both pass on maroons.

    • Hi Alicia! Growing up we had maroon walls with a floral wallpaper border! I remember my mom redecorating in 1986! We lived in the suburbs though and not the country. But, my mom’s dream was to always live in the country! lol

    • I know exactly what you mean about that wallpaper! I have a very clear vision of it in my head. In fact, I was in a little restaurant the other day and I think they had it still. I like the thought of dead muted colors. What must that say about me? It sounds slightly romantic in a poetic kind of way. I love yellow! I do not have much in it. One lone dress. It is not a color stores carry very often. Now I want more!

      Have a fantastic week!


  9. I don’t like maroon either – or burgundy – or wine – or this marsala. But guess what? I just bought a wine colored skirt. And I love it! I guess I can be taken in with a trend!

    • I want to see your skirt! I hope you post it soon!

      Have a marvelous week! I am going to be on your blog in a sec. I can’t wait to follow along. I have to shower and go to the grocery store real quick, though. My kids just informed me that we are out of milk and lemonade and chips. How did I let that happen?!


  10. Oh goodness, this post has me digging through old photos searching for any from my high school years. Because, I can assure you, that for the majority of freshman, sophomore and junior year I lived in the color maroon. I can easily recall at least 10 maroon shirts and four dresses. I’m sure there were many, many more. I must of gotten my fill of the color though, as there’s hardly any of it in my closet these days.
    I love the way this dress looks on you. And I love the way the black version looked on the hanger at Lord and Taylor before the holiday season. That said, I did not love the way the dress looked on me. You know that spot that all of us women have… That one spot somewhere on our legs… That one spot where if a skirt hits there it looks absolutely atrocious and makes us look like we are walking around on either twigs or elephantine limbs?this dress hits me in just that spot.

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