Anthropologie January 2015 Reviews

I was having a bad face day. It’s how it goes, I guess. You know when you either sleep wrong on your face or eat too many salty delicious treats the day before and somehow you wake up and do not recognize the puffy monstrosity that greets you in the mirror? Perhaps one side of your cheek falls more to the right or your eyes are dull and blurry. Hmmmmm. Maybe that’s just me. Either way, I was not in the shape nor the mood for pictures on this day because all of those things seemed to occur at once that morning and no amount of mascara or powder or pushing of my skin could put gnome lover back together again. Groan.

My family and I had traveled to the museum the day of the reviews (hence the weird hand stamp in the pictures below) and spent hours wandering hallways and stairs and corridors reading plaques and looking at bones. My eyes were tired. My soul was weary. But when my husband pronounced that he wouldn’t mind if I ran into the Anthropologie on the way home, I gladly took him up on his offer, bad face day and all. I happened to have a gift card on me and I was itching to get into the store since I had not been in a physical store since October. Gosh, can you believe that?


I ended up buying a sweatercoat (and a tree skirt that for some reason I decided to sling across my shoulders in an upcoming outfit post. The tree skirt is the raddest thing ever. Especially if you like to pretend you are a superhero. And who doesn’t? It is sold out online, but it was showing sold out online when I purchased mine in store so I am sure some stores might still have one. I plan on keeping mine out year round as decoration on my couch when I am not flying around the house).

And before we get to the good stuff, the camera case in the pictures is new after last year’s case finally died in a pool of olive oil. My purse is a cavernous monster of random food products. It did its job and saved my phone in its last moments. RIP pink bunny phone case. Welcome to your worst nightmare, new floral dreamy phone case. I hope you like cheese.


I had to snap a picture of the finished wreath I helped contribute to when I went to make pearblossoms at the holiday workshop a few months prior. I use the word “contribute” loosely as I crumpled about ten pieces of paper and painted them.


I had been eagerly awaiting this Floral Fit and Flare Dress to hit sale so I could scoop it up. However, once I tried it on, I did not feel the same way. I have large arms and the sleeves on this were very tight on me. I am wearing a medium in this picture. Granted, I did gain weight in the last year, but medium is still my size in dresses. I love the pattern of this dress. I love the fit and flare of it. I like the cute patterned underskirt, but I ended up removing this one from my wishlist. I knew I would never feel quite okay with the sleeves.


Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy had previously reviewed this dress and I think it looks better on her than myself. I have also seen girls rocking it on Instagram so I think it is going to be one that needs to be tried on in person.


Let’s get to it. Or rather cut to the chase. What does that even mean anyway? I really need to start looking things up before I go and rattle off different sayings. Where was I? Oh right. Two kids. Two years of nursing. Years of bad bras. I almost relived every moment of those things when I turned around to look at myself in the mirror in this dress. It is very low cut.

I thought it would be okay. A long maxi. Neutral black. Easy peasy.

But, unfortunately The Entrada Maxi Dress wasn’t for me. It accentuated all of the things one does not want to see when one looks at oneself in the mirror. I do not think this is the dress’s fault but rather my lack of love for the gym. I usually stick to bright colors. This dress was a pass for me for many reasons. I am in a medium. I can see the voluptuous woman looking marvelous in this dress. Or even the tall and thin.


Not for the shocked and saggy.


I almost didn’t show this dress (the Marled Swing Dress). As I type this, my evil mind is thinking, then don’t show it. Nobody will ever even know that you took these pictures. You don’t have to show them. Just don’t put this dress review in.


But how could I resist not showing this beautiful picture?

I was very excited to try this dress on. I loved the pattern in the store. It was so different and cool. But the pattern placement when on was not flattering on me. I was so disappointed. It made me look lumpy. This made me grumpy. But it has good reviews online so the right body type will look great in this dress. My body just wasn’t it.


Now we’re talkin’. Oh, I knew I would love The New Moon Tunic Dress the moment I saw it online. But something stopped me from wishlisting it. I think it is that I all ready have so many items in my closet that are so similar to this.


I like everything about it. The easy shape that will flatter a variety of body types. The color. The embroidery. I just don’t need it. Want, yes. Need, no. I sized down to a small in this. It is definitely an item to size down in. Of course, I read online that this might not be the case if you are busty so if that is the case for you, you might want to try this on in the store. Oh! And I did find this dress a bit itchy. Not unbearable but the material is scratchy. So if you are sensitive to such things this might be a problem for you.


I like The Cowled Swing Dress. It is easy. It is comfortable. If it had any other color other than maroon as its border I probably would have wishlisted it.


But it does. And maroon is not my favorite. I am wearing my usual size medium in this dress and I maybe could have sized down to a small because the body of the dress is voluminous. I would not want the arms to be tight, though. Therefore I would probably stick with your usual size unless you have thin arms.

This is a dress you would wear to run errands or grab a quick sandwich with friends. It is pricey for a loungelike piece. I would not ever wear a necklace with a cowlneck. But this would be pretty with some fun wooden earrings. This will be a great dress on so many women.


I had seen this Blanket Cardigan everywhere on Instagram. I am not one of those girls who cares if she is wearing the same thing as someone else. I am not one who cares if a friend and I buy the same thing. Liking something is all that matters. Besides commroderie in clothes is fun. So I could not wait to try this on after I saw it so prettily worn by so many women online.


I did like it when I tried it on. It is a bit bright, even for me. I also own a few pieces in this pattern from discount stores, so I was not in the market for a similar sweater. I am wearing a medium here. This would be great with black. I also think this would be flattering on the more voluptuous with the panel that dips down.


I had seen just one of these peeking out at me on the sales rack at the store. I always avoid the sales rack typically because if I have not wishlisted it before then I do not allow myself to buy it. And since I watch the sales so often it is rare that I need to look at the racks to see if something I am watching hits sale.


I was surprised by this ruffled sweatercoat (previously worn here). I had not noticed it online. My store only had a small and I nervously tried it on. I was so happy and relieved that it fit. Petites will probably be sized out of this if they cannot find it in the petite sizes. However, size XL might fit a higher size than it usually would in this store and that would be awesome. The boiled wool is not scratchy as it has been in years past. It is soft. The ruffles cascade down the front and the shape nips in at the perfect spot on the waist to create a flattering very feminine silhouette. Even though it is in the maroon family, I still liked it. I plan on wearing mine with jeans and my ruffled skirt from 2013.


Have you tried on anything lately? I have not been in the shopping spirit. I just have enough. I think. Well, except for this dress from Free People that makes my heart race but I think would be too tight in the arms for me. I do have Christmas gift cards to spend at Anthropologie and have been scoring some popbacks of things I have wanted for months at great sale prices. I used the other part of the one from my mom (Thank you!) that I used on the ruffled sweatercoat above for a popback of The Tasseled Maxi Dress that I had wanted for a long time. And I used another gift card from my dad and stepmom (Thank you!) for a popback of the Bimini Earrings, Draped Plaid Top and a pair of Freebird Boots (retailed for $295 but popbacked for $60! Woot!). Now I have my sister’s (Thank you!) burning a hole in my pocket. I hope I can get equally amazing deals with it!

15 thoughts on “Anthropologie January 2015 Reviews

  1. You got the tree skirt! I thought of you when I saw one in my store after Christmas… I almost bought it(because I love sari cloth).. but I had just purchased boots from Free People(the Manchester Tall Boots) so held it in my hands and then left it… The ruffled sweater coat is awesome.. You should always check the sale racks(just in case), because sometimes you will find something from ages ago, for next to nothing! I got a Cecilia Prado maxi skirt for 9.95 after Christmas last year.. it was one that was long sold out and gone. Thanks for the reviews!

    • Thank you Lora! And what a steal on that skirt! I don’t want to make an impulse buy so I usually avoid the rack. But a $10 skirt?! That would have been awesome! Enjoy it! I am jealous!

      Have a great rest of the day!


  2. I’m glad you got that pretty sweater coat. It’s my favorite of the bunch. I am also liking that tree skirt as a blanket cape! I wonder if you could cut out arm holes and add a button and really wear it! I am only half kidding about this. 😉

    • Thank you Cynthia! I can see you wearing the sweater coat, too. It has that vintage Anthropologie vibe. My husband suggested actually turning into a skirt. I tried that, but the material is so heavy and voluminous it would probably look ridiculous. Now a cape… I think you might be on to something.

      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  3. I love all your popbacks! I am super jealous of the boots. What a great find. I just need to wish list more, in hopes of popbacks! I have had a few really good ones myself during this tag sale. I am pretty much tapped out on clothes these days. No more room! With that said, I do have one lone anthro gift card waiting for something special 🙂
    I have not tried on too many items recently. It has only been to grab what I wanted from the sale while my hubby and bro-in-law waited for my sister and I. Hopefully soon!

    • Thank you Alicia! Yes, wishlist! I love a good popback. It is all I am purchasing lately. I also just snagged a pair of sandals from the summer for $22.50! I can’t wait to wear them! Although it is supposed to rain today. I hope you are staying warm!

      Have a sweet rest of this Sunday!


  4. I once read somewhere that plastic surgeons can tell by looking at your face what side you sleep on- kinda freaks me out and I think subconsciously I switch back and forth for fear of flattening out! Your reviews are hilarious. I stumbled into the store yesterday for a break on my way home- I was already feeling ridiculous ’cause I looked like a crazy lady in all my layers (-34 celsius yesterday!) but then I tried on oversized crazy sale items that made me look even more ridiculous. I was laughing in the changing room- the wild Guajava cardigan (though I would totally have bought it if they had my size!) and a horrifying weston wear blouse I had liked the look of (Theodosia blouse)…however I got to use a Christmas gift card on the beautiful Joanna Baraschi sketched lace dress for a mere $38! I love the sale section! But it does require some self control!

    • That is scary about the plastic surgeons! You know, I have always wondered about that. I try to alternate sides, too.

      What a great deal on that dress! Wowza! You are so lucky! I guess I do need to check that section more often!

      Have a lovely week!


  5. I tried on and purchased way too many things from Anthro during November and December. Thus, I am putting myself on a shopping ban for all of January. And probably February and March if I’m smart. I haven’t even worn three of the pieces yet, so clearly I can hold off on shopping for awhile. The New Moon Tunic Dress is calling to me though. Maybe by the time I have a shopping budget again (*ahem*, in August), it will be on sale. And still available in a large or XL. A girl can dream. It looks great on you. It looks like a Jenni piece with the myriad of colors, embroidery, and fun little tassels.

    It’s interesting that you were disappointed by the Floral Fit and Flare Dress too. I had such high expectations. It was tight, yes, but it also seemed too short and awkward all around. At least yours had the tulle underslip! Mine didn’t have that ruffle. Not sure if I tried on a defective dress or what.

    I think you’re really selling the Blanket Cardigan here. I’ve brushed its fabric twice in-store, but I never tried it on. It’s gorgeous! I love the oversize fit and bright reds and pinks.

    And that ruffle sweater jacket! I love the Victorian-meets-equistrian vibe. I love how it fits and flatters your figure.

    Thanks for the reviews! I have a feeling I’ll be living vicariously through them for quite some time…

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! I hope you wishlisted the dress. Maybe it will popback. That would be awesome! I really liked it on you. I like the blanket cardigan as well. I just don’t need it. I all ready bought two sweaters this winter when I vowed to only buy one. So, no more sweaters for me. I have enough clothes so I am strictly purchasing only extreme sale items lately. And I am implementing a get rid of something before I add something rule. Our family trip this year is going to be more expensive than usual so I, too, have to be good this season.

      Have a fun week!


  6. Thanks for your reviews! They’re always helpful and entertaining 🙂
    I adore that Floral fit and flare dress and the New Moon tunic on you! Very flattering and refreshing.
    And that Marled Swing dress! Wow: it looks a ton shorter than in product shots. (Although cute). Phew! You saved me on that one 🙂

    • Thank you! I was surprised by how short that Marled Swing Dress was, too. It did not look that way online.

      I appreciate your sweetness! Thank you!

      Have a marvelous week!


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