Happy New Year!

Whew! That year was a quick one. Am I right? Well, to me it seems quicker than usual. My kids keep getting bigger and older and more wise with each second. And all of my will cannot keep them small. Their schooling is harder. Their stress load is higher. Therefore, my stress load as a parent is astronomical.

I humbly bow to those that completed their New Year’s Resolutions. I honestly do not think I accomplished a thing. I did write a silly children’s story that I might have my kids illustrate for me, but I did not write the book I wanted to. All of my time seems to be taken or trickling into unimportant things mixed with the urgency of importance.

And I gained weight instead of the goal I made last year of maintaining it. Oh, sigh. And harumph. And oh well. I can still fit into my clothes and that is all that matters. If you must, you could sing “Jenni gained weight and I don’t care,” to the beat of “Johnny Cracked Corn…” But only if you must. I always seem to must.

I am having a hard time making goals this year. Because my heart can dream big but my soul is so lazy. It is an odd train to be upon with a thumping trumpeting heart as the conductor pulls a long train stuffed with my prostrate spirit oozing sleepiness and lethargic doom, followed by the caboose of reality. Choo! Choo!

There were so many beautiful moments with my family this year. My daughter turned fifteen and soon will be getting her driving permit. Gulp. My husband and I got away to Las Vegas. We went to Maui as a family and I had l planned upon returning this coming summer, but my son and I were convinced to take a family road trip instead. And by convinced, I mean my teenager bombarded us with the persistence of youth, to do so. The long trip terrifies me with its planning and I worry for my slothful soul. I even booked us a yurt to stay in. A yurt?! Hold my hand. 2015 is looking adventurous.

This is where most blogs put up their favorite posts of 2014. Well, most blogs did that last week. This lazy soul is late, as ever.


My favorite outfit post was Bohemian Black Lace. This is my husband’s favorite dress and my favorite shoes. Together, they made me happy.


My favorite food post was A Better Crockpot Salsa Chicken. I use this constantly and for so many recipes. I love it!


My favorite short story was My Husband’s Secret. I wrote it in bed one night and it still makes me laugh. In fact every time I see his secret, I smile. It truly is the little things.

Are you making goals and resolutions for the new year? Do you plan your vacations this far in advance? Do you party tonight? Stay home? Stay up until midnight? I watch Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Show. It is our favorite. Ever since I saw him on The Mole, I knew he would be my very best friend. Maybe in 2015?


May 2015 be the year you are most proud of.

With or without Anderson Cooper as a bosom buddy.

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Jenni!

    I am surprised a blogger meet-up would scare you so much. Honestly…we’re not all serial killers (just me ha ha!)

    You are on my list of bloggers I wanted to meet up with, especially if I make it back out to California.

    I try not to make any resolutions since I hate to set myself up for failure. That said, I read a good one which was simply to be happier. I think that is a great goal I can aspire to.

    We are off to a glitzy big band dance and dinner tonight and I get to wear my new vintage sparkly 1920’s inspired dress. I’m excited! This is the first time in ages that we’ve gone out for NYE.

    Wishing you nothing but laughter, love and happiness in 2015!


    • Oh! If you come to California, I will meet you for sure!!! You and I would be big trouble in person! ; ). I like your resolution! I think that is a great one! I hope you had a fabulous time at the party! That sounds amazing! I hope you posted about it! I am catching up on my blog reading today!

      Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year! In this little family of mine, we are big on resolutions both the making and breaking! We have a long tradition of both sitting down and writing out long list of possible resolutions. Then we exchange those lists and cross out those that are either too sensible, too ridiculous, or too easy. I think on some level it’s become a competition to see whose potential resolution is the most impossible to achieve. This year my son easily one with his plans to rebuild Cybertron. And my logical resolution to save more money was laughed right off the page…

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