It’s The Little Things: Tights


One of my favorite aspects of the wintertime are the tights. Dresses that might normally be too short can be transformed with the addition of another layer. I love to play with different colors, but sometimes the very best tights are simply black and grey.

Cable knit tights are fabulous, however, I am often guilty of rushing when I put them on. The pattern will creep up my legs in a different angle than its twin and can feel discombobulated and look sloppy.


My go-to tights this year have been Nordstrom Rack’s Free Press Plush Tights. They are thick. They are cozy. They have a fuzzy lining that feels like tight sweatpants but in the very best possible way. They come in a tights version and leggings. My daughter prefers the leggings, while I prefer the tights.

More information on the above outfit can be found in this post.

I even walked down to my mailbox the other night in these tights. I knew I was getting a package. A sequel to this book and I was so very excited that I ran out of the house minus shoes. The tights kept my feet warm and did not snag at all on the pavement. I would not recommend testing your tights in this manner, but it is nice to know they can stand up to a delivery excitement.


The tights claim to be handwash only. I am not a rule follower. And I have to be able to machine wash tights and leggings, otherwise I would never wash them. I have estimated that I have machine washed and dried each of my pairs approximately six times. My daughter and I each have four pairs of these, so it is impossible to tell which ones are which when washing, but they have all held up well. I do not expect them to last forever, but for their low cost, I have been impressed with their wear.


More information on this outfit can be found in this post.

The tights are around $8. I took a M/L. They do have some minuses. I wish they were labeled somehow on the inside, because with four XS/S in the house and four M/L sizes, I have to guess as to whose tights are whose when I finally get around to folding clothes, which I should be doing this exact moment, but instead I am writing this post.


More information on the above outfit can be found this post.

Do you have a go-to pair of tights? Do you have a secret to putting on cable knit tights so the pattern isn’t a weird mark on your legs? Do you ever run to the mailbox barefoot or in stockings in great anticipation of the package that could be inside?


It’s the little things: leg coverings that are both durable, comfortable and affordable. It doesn’t get much better than that.

*I am wearing the Free Press Plush Tights in the above pictures. I have stated my experience with the tights, but please wash and handle at your own risk. I was not compensated for writing this post. I simply adore these tights and wanted to share about a product I have enjoyed these last few months. However, some of the links in this post are affiliate links, clicking on or purchasing from certain links on this page will result in a small commission for warmer legs this blog.

12 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Tights

  1. As much as I abhor layering, I do love tights…tights in fun colours and tights in patterns. But…they don’t love me. I am, among other things, a champion snagger. I can cause a run simply by looking at them wrong. And worse, I’m my own personal static charge. The moment I put on tights or stockings, my skirt will begin the slow but giddy ascent…
    Last year I thought to conquer the static…I sprayed both tights and skirt with a generous layer of static-remover, then let them both air-dry. And I added a slip as well. Not ten minutes out the door and both skirt and slip were artfully layered somewhere near my hips. And the smell…oh, ugh, the smell of that static remover… It smells, to my oh-so-discerning nose, quite exactly like old lady perfume layered over a dirty diaper!
    I could have kept this short and sweet by simply saying I buy pretty tights that sit in the drawer and apply a shimmery lotion to my bare legs.

    • You had me laughing about your description of static remover. I do not own any (and after your description I probably never will) but I can just picture it, or smell it, as it were. Shimmery lotion on your legs is a fabulous idea and I will definitely try that when it gets warmer. It is supposed to be in the eighties here one day this week, maybe I need to go get some (and stop and smell that static remover!).

      Thank you for sharing! Have a delightful week!


    • Thank you Dawn Lucy! I forgot to add the lumps and bumps miracle that are tights! And that is the best part! : )

      Have a lovely week!


  2. How does the waist of these tights feel–are they stretchy or more constricting? I wear a size 26 in denim but usually size up to an M/L in opaque tights because I like to pull the waist up high and I hope it’s slightly less constricting in the larger size. The exception being Commando tights, which will slip and slide if you size up. I had an old pair of fleece-lined tights from Marshalls that used to slide down all the time too, so I’m wondering if I should try these in XS/S instead… thoughts?

    • Great question! I wear a 28/29 and got the M/L. My daughter wears a size 25 and got the XS/S. I do not think the waist band is constricting. It is very giving, so I would think you would be find with the XS/S. I have not hand a problem with the tights sliding down, but the reason I like these is because they are not as constricting as other tights. I would go with XS/S if I were you. I think in these that would be your best fit. I hope that helps and I hope you love them as much as I do! : )

      Have a super Monday!


  3. I wish I liked wearing tights and leggings. I got a pair of fleece lined leggings and while I do love how warm they are – I just feel so constricted in them. I just hate the feel of something so close on my body. I have the same problem with turtlenecks and scarves. Ah well… I will admire how cute you look in yours!

    • Oh darn! I guess I like the constriction. It tightens up all of my flaws and makes me feel better. ; ). I do hate turtlenecks and scarves for your very same reason. Scarves I can handle because I can make them looser, but turtlenecks will forever be a no no.

      Sweet dreams!


  4. I too look to tights to make short dresses more wearable during the winter. They give me that extra bit of coverage and confidence. Plus, I think they’re super comfy. I always thought tights had lycra or stretch in them until I ordered several pairs from We Love Colors last year. I ordered their basic tights and was so disappointed that they didn’t have stretch. They would sag and stretch out and wrinkle down at my ankles. They looked like little girl tights. Finally I threw them away two days ago after restocking my supplies from Lane Bryant and Catherines. I’d love to try We Love Colors again since they come in every shade of the rainbow, but I’ll make sure to look for blends with stretch from now on.

    <3 Liz

  5. think I’m going to have to try these! they look super cute and cozy in all of your outfits, an the fact that you can wear them to the mailbox, well, right up my alley! I can’t even mess with cable knit tights anymore, just like you said, the lines get all crazy and I don’t have time to figure them out! what a great price, too…..

  6. You are very brave to run outside in the tights without shoes! I know I would snag mine, plus I’m a shoe, slipper girl because my feet feel naked without anything on them. I hate to walk around barefoot.
    Lately I have been loving the tights with dresses/tunic look. I bought a pair of Anne Klein leggings at Marshalls that have a fleece lining that I look forward to trying out. I found them in the tights section which is nice to know for future shopping trips.
    By the way, I am keeping my eyes peeled for crochet cardigans like the ones you found at the Flea Market. They were so crafty and fun!
    Have a great holiday week,

  7. I love tights. Also, because I don’t have to shave my legs. I think I would adore these tights! They sound so warm and cozy. And I love that you can machine wash them…

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