To Keep Or Not To Keep?

That is the question. Definitely not as deep as the original philosophic query but it has its place.

I think.

Maybe not.

Oh goodness, I cannot decide if this post is obnoxious or not. Probably a little of both.

When Free People had their annual 25% off sale a few weeks ago, I bought a few items with the intent of my husband gifting a few to me for Christmas. As one does.

But I am unsure of two of the items and do not know how to style the third.



First up, Free People’s Eyelet Duster. I had originally given this top bad reviews because when I had purchased it two of the buttons had fallen off. But for the sale price coupled with the discount, I felt it was worth it even if I needed to replace the buttons. I am definitely keeping this. I like it with skinny jeans and tights. Underneath it for the picture is a white tank slip, but I did not style it with any accessories because I need ideas. I love the shape. I like the color. But I do not know how to accessorize it. What do you think?



If I keep these boots, they will have to be wrapped up to be placed under the Christmas tree from my husband. I am simply trying them on here to see what you think. I was in love with the idea of red boots. Especially red tall boots, but now I am not so sure. Are they too superheroy? Is that a good thing? A bad thing? Too Kinky Boots? Too tall with the width of my thighs? Too attention grabbing? Just… too? Is the shape good or bad? Do you think I should exchange them for black or khaki? I do not have either of those colors in boots. I have tried them on with a few things in my closet and the two grey dresses I tried on with them look better with these. In fact, I love them with grey. But what else could be worn with them? Do you think skinny jeans? They are very comfortable. Which to me is very important but… I really am on the fence with these. Please let me know what you think.



Finally, This jacket (sold out, but I am sure a few will popback over the next few weeks or check the availability in store). I LOVE the embroidery and colors but I am not so sure it is flattering on me. I would not wear it with this outfit, I would wear it with jeans, but I had to put it on quickly as we were running out of daylight. I am just so unsure about all of the zippers. The pockets are not deep enough to be useable. But that embroidery… Gosh, I am such a sucker for embroidery. This would be another Christmas present from my husband if you think I should keep it.

So, that is what I purchased in November. I also grabbed this dress in indigo during that sale at Free People, but I love it and it is a no-brainer. I am wearing it with grey leggings and tights with brown boots and brown accessories during the winter. In the summer, I will wear my gladiator sandals with it.

Thank you so much for any advice you can give. I know this is such a weird and maybe inappropriate post especially coming after yesterday’s heavy one. I never do things in a manner that makes any sense. I need to make my returns next week so I decided to ask for help and I, Thank you! Thank you for any you can give!

41 thoughts on “To Keep Or Not To Keep?

  1. gorgeous purchases! I love the red boots. I think they definitely add a pop to an outfit. I wear my red boots with black dresses/skirts too. Other colours will probably go with more things though. You have to go with what makes your heart sing:)

    I love the eyelet duster and the jacket too:) The jacket is adorable!

    That was probably no help at all! Sorry – I love your sense of style and you always inspire me. I also love your ilama skirt.

    • Thank you! So you have red boots, too? That makes me feel better. I have not seen them before and really did not want to be the only person wearing them! You are so sweet. And thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it!

      Have a super weekend!


    • Thank you! I am writing down everyone’s votes, so I can see it all laid out. Thanks for the input. : )

      Have a happy weekend!


  2. I LOVE those boots on you! They are so cheerful and fun, and I think the longer you have them the more things you will find to pair them with. Keepers for sure! (Besides, I think part of what makes a good Christmas gift is that it’s something you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself.) I also like the ivory dress – I like to pair ivory with gold, navy or brown. Maybe some layered necklaces? Or will jewelry catch on that material? A scarf? Something with color around the neckline. Maybe a beaded collar? Ivory is like a blank canvas; there is so much room to have fun with it!

    While the jacket embroidery is very pretty, I’m not sold on the shape of it. I think it’s the moto styling – it doesn’t look quite right with a long coat. The coat would work better in a classic A-line style. My shopping rule is if I’m on the fence about it, let it go. That way you can save the money and closet space for something you really love that comes along in the future.

    And lastly, I have to say, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who buys presents for their husband to wrap up and put under the tree for them.

    • Thank you! And, oh my goodness, thanks for the comment about buying gifts for your husband to give you. It is just nice getting what you want for Christmas. ; )

      I agree with you on everything. The ivory is a good canvas. I can layer other slips underneath it. I wish the jacket was cut differently. I am taking it back. You are right. It should be a love.

      Have a beautiful weekend! Thank you again!


    • Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback and your honesty. I wish the jacket was different. But it is what it is. I am sending it back.

      Have a fun weekend!


    • Thank you Lyn! I know that embroidery… But the fit. : (. I am so sad about the fit. And the many zippers… Decisions! Thanks for the sweetness.

      Have a lovely weekend!


  3. The boots, for sure, must remain in your possession! They are fabulous! I would definitely pair them with skinny jeans.
    I’m not so sure of the other two pieces. The neckline on the ivory piece is my personal 2nd least favourite neckline (I abhor mock turtlenecks!) so I think that’s skewing my opinion. And the jacket seems very boxy to me.

    • Thank you Leanna. I don’t like turtlenecks but I like mock turtlenecks. Who knew that was a thing? ; ). Boxy is exactly the word I was looking for and could not find with this jacket. I have decided to take it back. Maybe it will look good on its true owner.

      Have a delightful weekend!


  4. I love the eyelet on you. So many options with skinny jeans, slips, even a pencil skirt. You could add any pattern or color on it.
    For the red boots, I think the fit is fine and does not look bad at all. However, if you are so much on the fence about them, I would return them. Would you regret returning them or would you regret keeping them and not wearing them because you feel self-conscious? I guess whatever options moves you the most.
    I love the jacket and think it looks great with the eyelet, but I am not sure how it would fit closed. It is beautiful, but if you don’t love love it, maybe return it?! Again, would you be sad if you returned it or would be uncomfortable wearing it? Whatever you decide, they are all great options!

    • Thank you Alicia. The boots are a hard one. I think I would regret returning them. Probably not so much with the jacket. I would not get as much wear from it. It looks weird closed. Not necessarily bad, it does give it more shape, but it has a lot going on. Thank you so much for weighing in! I really appreciate the help!

      Have a cheerful weekend!


    • Thank you so much! : ). I love that duster. I want to play around with wearing it open. I am just lost on accessories. The long sleeves make bracelets virtually impossible and the high neck makes necklaces hard. Probably will have to stick to earrings.

      Have a fabulous weekend!

      Thanks again!


  5. Those boots are really, really good.

    I’d be afraid of ruining the duster. But I’d add some long necklaces & wear as you show.

    I’m not feeling the jacket as much.

    • Thank you Jo! You stated everything I was feeling. I wanted so much to like the jacket. In fact, it was the highest want on my list. So it is hard to come to terms with it just not working.

      Thank you so much for your help! Have a beautiful weekend!


  6. I really like these boots on you. I think they make you look taller and they don’t accentuate your thighs at all. You could wear them with skinny jeans and a tunic or with tights and a shorter dress. I think the jacket looks too big in the shoulders and I don’t like the zipper. It would work much better if it was a coat, the fabric is beautiful.
    The eyelet tunic could be styled with a loop scarf and a cardigan for cold weather. It looks lovely on you.

    • Thank you Tatiana! I appreciate that. And I also appreciate you mentioning the thighs because it is something I am concerned about. And until you mentioned the big shoulders I could not figure out what I was not loving but you put it perfectly. It would have been so much better styled as a regular coat with no zippers. Too bad!

      Have a sweet weekend! Thank you again!


  7. I love the eyelet top. If it were mine, I would keep the necklace simple. Something like a short pearl necklace or short, beautiful chain or a short chain with a dainty something-something dangling from it. That being said, I tend to gravitate toward big jewelry so, in my closet, this top would be an exception from that trend. (I am not going to hit return on my keyboard to go to the next item as I wonder if that is why my comments get truncated). If the red boots make your heart sing, keep them. The boots I get the most compliments on are my most impractical ones and they make me smile when I wear them. I have had them 5 years and re-soled them once. They are cherry red, velvet booties with a silver-gray leather cutout trim. EXTREMELY comfortable. I wore them all over Seattle one afternoon with no issues. Every time I wore them in Spokane and South Dakota I would get so many compliments that I became embarrassed. Even here in Fort Worth where they are used to fancy boots, they get a lot of attention. I happily tell everyone they were a birthday present from my husband. Okay, okay, I actually brought them up on the Internet, in my size, typed in our credit card, dragged my husband into the office and told him all he had to do was press send.

    • Thank you Brynne! I love your boots. And I like how your husband got them for you. ; ). Now I need to keep mine so we can be twins with our husbands who think alike. ; ). I am worried about them being too attention grabbing. I love my princess maxi dresses but do not wear them as often as I would like because I do not like people looking at me. Which sounds crazy coming from someone with a public blog, but I am pretty shy in person. I like your styling ideas for the tunic! Thank you! : )

      Have a terrific weekend!


  8. Dang. Got truncated anyway. The coat — I love the embroidery, the color and the heft of it. I even like the cut of the front. The pattern is SO you. The back I do not care as much for. I think I would like it better with some princess seaming down the back for shaping. Just me.

    • Thank you Brynne. I agree with you! I wish the jacket had more shape in the back. In fact, I tried it on after I saw your comment and held the back for more of a shape. It looked so much better that way. I wish that is the way it had been made. Oh, well. And I am sorry the comments are still acting up! I thought I had fixed it! : (

      Have a super Saturday!


  9. I love, love the boots. I would actually wear them with exactly the outfit you modeled–black and white and red is so, so chic.

  10. GAH!!! Don’t give up the boots!!! They are spectacular!!! In fact I think I need them. Crap.

    The embroidered coat is wonderful too, but not as nice at the boots

    The first dress looks similar others in your wardrobe…(I think) or that is just a shape you wear often.

    For me the boots are the keepers. But I am a boot hoarder. I have a problem with boots. Honestly though…they look amazing on you.


    • Okay! Thank you Suzanne! I thought, I hope Suzanne comments because she will tell it like it is. And I appreciate that. I was curious what you would think about the boots. I am so glad that you like them. I forgot to add that my husband pretty much hates them. So, that is where my insecurity started with them. Especially since they are a Christmas present coming from him. He likes the tunic a lot, so I happily kept that. I am sending the coat back. It has too many imperfections to keep.

      I think I am keeping the boots. I am a boot hoarder, too. ; )

      Have a zesty weekend!


  11. I love the boots! They’re wonderful. I would wear everything with them. Skirts, dresses, skinny jeans. Grey would look good, as you pointed out. I would probably also try them with navy and black.

    The duster is gorgeous. You could wear anything with it since it’s white. I would probably pair it with a scarf. Or you could wear the turquoise necklace you have with it. Or the stripy coat you just got.

    I like the pattern of the coat. I am not sure about the front (the collar).

    • Thank you Liana! And thank you for the suggestions and input. I like the idea of turquoise necklace with the duster. Thank you for that! I agree about the coat. I am sending it back. I had loved it from afar for so long and then it went on such an amazing sale, I thought for sure it was going to be the perfect item. Oh, well. I do love that tartan coat!

      Thank you again! Have a marvelous weekend!


  12. Don’t keep any of the items. They look good on you but are just ok. You have so many beautiful pieces that these aren’t that special. P.S I love your blog and the story about how you met your hubby. One of my favorite posts!

    • You are so awesome to be so honest! I always appreciate nice honestly, so thank you! I know I am taking the coat back. And thank you about my post about how I met my husband. It was one of my favorite to write. : )

      Have a happy weekend!


  13. You are always so adorable and stylish and I think you can successfully pull off pretty much anything. So the boots are A-May-Zing!!! Must keep, they look awesome on you and can go with anything…skinny jeans, skirts, leggings…ooh the Saptura Sweatercoat. This is coming from someone who just bought a pair of red and orange paisley suede boots, so I’m not the most practical with my shoe choices. The eyelet duster is lovely on you, so also a must keep. So the jacket, while beautiful and embroidered reminded me of something my mom would rock, (and you and I are the same age.) I hope this helps. I’m big on keeping the things that make you happy!

    • Love your comment! You had great ideas! I never, ever, ever would have thought of the Satpura Sweatercoat with the boots, but now I want to keep them just to wear it with it. Thank you!

      And thank you for the compliment. I really appreciate it. You made me giggle about the jacket. It is so true. It is the boxy shoulderpad look that it has. Back it goes! ; )

      Have a stupendous weekend!


  14. You could belt the duster too for a different look as well with a brown belt! It is super cute and my favorite piece of the three. I think if you see something and like it, it doesn’t matter if you have something similar in your closet as you know you will wear it and love it!

    • Thank you Steph! I love your idea of belting it! I had not thought of that. I agree with you. I have a lot of white dresses but each one is unique in its own way. White dresses just happen to be my favorite. I think it is from watching too much “Anne of Green Gables” as a child. : )

      Thank you for your advice and sweet words!


  15. I love the white duster/tunic, and I think you could style it easily with a long pendant necklace (gnomes?) and any slim bottom, e.g. jeans or leggings. It definitely feels like “you.”

    I don’t think the red boots are unflattering on your legs, but they’re tougher to style–if you think you’d take chances and wear them with many different outfits, then go for it! I have a pair of pink suede knee-high boots that I was unsure about, but they’ve turned out to be really versatile.

    FInally, the embroidered jacket is lovely but I agree that moto zippers don’t feel as “you” as the other pieces. It’s especially a bummer that the pockets aren’t useable!

    • Thank you so much! I think your pink suede boots sound amazing! I am probably keeping the boots. The only hard thing to me is my husband doesn’t really like them. He does like the coat, though. Sigh. I was packing it up to return it and he said, “But I like that coat! It is cool!” I still am going to return it. I just won’t get very much use out of it. And thank you for taking the time to comment and really give your thoughts and opinions. I truly appreciate it!

      Have a super week!


  16. Oh oh oh!! I am so late to comment – (crazy opening weekend of my play).

    I am with everyone here – the boots are incredible and since you say they are comfy I would keep them. Absolutely!!
    I love the pattern and color on the jacket so much that it is hard for me to say no to it. Is it worth taking it to a tailor to see if they can nip it to make it more form fitting?
    And I can’t believe it but I am not crazy about the duster. I think the stark white color and mandarin collar are throwing me off. Hmmmm…. I wonder if I’d like it better if it was unbuttoned and worn more like a light coat?
    Anyway – keep keep keep the boots!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I am getting the boots as a Christmas present. Yay! I do like the duster. It is my husband’s favorite of the bunch. It has a really cool cape effect. I definitely will be wearing it differently. : )

      Thank you so much for being honest and giving your opinions. I truly do appreciate it. I need all of the help I can get.

      Sweet dreams!


  17. I hope I’m not too late! I read this post when I got the email notification, but I haven’t been able to comment until now. My parents have been in town, and I haven’t had a moment to comment!

    I say yes to the white top, hell yes to the boots, and meh to the cardigan. The white top is so lovely and I can see you styling it so many ways. I think you could belt it, you would wear it with distressed jeans, and you could wear it with leggings in various colors. It’s light and airy and looks quintessentially “Jenni.”

    As for the boots: they are awesome. I am envious. You have to keep them. I like that they can be sexy and pirate-y but also folksy and earth child-y. I never knew that I needed red boots. And now I know. They are my favorite.

    I can see why you brought home the cardigan. The print reminds me of Swedish folkart and embroidery. The red is really festive. But I love the separate components more than I love the piece itself. I feel like it’s wearing you more than you’re wearing it, you know?

    To conclude, the top and the cardi pale in comparison to the boots. But the white top is my second favorite. I think it’d be pretty with turquoise and with necklaces made with colored string and tassels and beads.

    This was fun! It felt like I was shopping with you!

    <3 Liz

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