Marrying Colors


I didn’t always like green and pink together.


I remember when we were house hunting thirteen years ago and we walked into a home with pink wall to wall carpet and green walls. We were young and could not see past the sunset shaggy forrest of bad taste.

We probably missed out on a good house.

But you live and you learn.


So I was surprised when I pulled this sweater (from Anthropologie and sold out last year, but I think this ruffle hem sweater is pretty, too) and these pants together out of the closet. Yes, surprised. What? Do you go into the closet knowing what happy clothing marriage you will be officiating each day? Well, I usually don’t. It is usually a whirlwind outfit elopement around here.

And, oh my goodness, I have loved my Citizens Of Humanity velveteen pants since I purchased them last year (sold out, but available in a different color here). They are the prettiest pink. They used to be a bit looser. But ’tis the way it is. My mouth likes to be married to chocolate.


There are some marital colors I have never disliked together.

Them being chocolatey brown and golden caramel.


Treats would not look as precious and delicious if they were green or pink.

Or would they?

Never mind. I would probably still crave it. And marry it.

I do.


What are your favorite color pairings? Do they ever stray to another color? I wore my green sweater earlier in the week with some black pants. Shhhh. It wasn’t a big deal. No need to tell my pink pants. They’re trying to support my chocolate habit. They have enough on their plate mate.

12 thoughts on “Marrying Colors

    • Thank you Tiffany! : ). I had not thought of red and mint together. And now I need to check my closet to see if I have that combo. Thank you for the idea!

      Have a terrific Thursday!


  1. Pink with green has always been a favorite of mine. I like the dark, dusky colors of your pink and green combo. It’s romantic instead of preppy. I always think of pink with green as a preppy color combo.

  2. I love this phrase: “a whirlwind outfit elopement “. I love this pairing. Pink and green works! I think preppy too (like Cynthia)… but more so with kelly green.

  3. What a pretty top that is on you!
    When I was growing up, my adoptive mother routinely told me that I was a “winter “on this color spectrum…and that I simply could NOT wear neutral shades. Mind you, to this day she still makes comments and digs about my apparel and hair, etc… But back to the subject at hand.
    I did my best. I really truly did. I avoided anything creamy like the plague. I stayed far away from any and all browns and closed my eyes when passing by olive greens.
    And then one day…(one not so distant day in the recent past) I stumbled right off the path and into the arms of a gorgeous bronze jacket from FP.
    Love. At first sight. It’s real!
    Fast forwarding from there…a slippery slope…I love the darker olive greens and bronze browns. Moreso, together.

    • Oh my goodness! I hate that! I don’t like anyone boxing anyone into anything. Of course you can wear whatever color you would like. I can see you looking beautiful in olives. And whites! And creams! And browns! And any color! And a gorgeous bronze jacket from FP sounds amazing!

      Sweet dreams!


    • Thank you Rebecca! I like that top. It is surprisingly hard to style because it can snag so easily.

      Have a wonderful week!


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