My Black Friday 2014 Scores

Hi! I hope everyone who celebrated had a marvelous Thanksgiving. I think this one was the best one yet. The food was wonderful. Seeing all of my family was great. My sister and I took a set of outfit pictures together (sneak peak posted on Instagram today). And now I am recuperating after shopping this morning. I used to go at midnight with my girlfriends (missed you Bridge!) but have not in the last two years. Instead I slept in for a bit and then hit a few stores. I usually like to go to Target the best. Honestly, the last two years I have gotten there after nine in the morning to find the store less insanely busy and the items that I want still in stock. I really only want the DVD deals and the gift card deal they ran this morning so it was not worth the hassle of staying up all night. Here is what I picked up today, in stores and online, these codes and prices are good for today, November 28, 2014, only:


At Anthropologie, I bought a Buttered Rum Candle and their Fanned Feather Necklace with their extra 25% off today using code HOLIDAY25. I know, that is boring. But there is nothing there that I have to have right now, especially since I decided to keep:


This Tartan Sweatercoat. Love of my life. I just adore this piece. I was going to have my husband give it to me for Christmas, but I obviously could not wait. The outfit post for this will be going up next week, but I wanted to show a bit of it now in case you wanted to see it while the sale was still going on.


At Target I picked up all of these movies for around $60. Whoot! And yes, my emotional state and movie choices are obviously that of a thirteen year old. I have no excuse… Or shame.


Restoration Hardware has their duvet slippers which are my favorite slippers to wear and to give for $16 today.


I went to my favorite local boutique, because they were doing 50% off the entire store and bought a few goodies.


Finally, I wanted to write that I have been stalking the Millie Dress at Anthropologie in black and the same dress in blue at Modcloth for the last few days after I saw someone on Instagram wearing it. It reminded me of my favorite swing dress that I have ever seen that Atlantic Pacific wore awhile back. I was hoping that Black Friday would bring about a sale on the dress at one of those stores. It did not. However, I found out that the dress is by Dear Creatures and so I looked for it on their website. I found it and got it in both colors with their Black Friday discount code DCBLACKFRIDAY for 40% off. I just wanted to share that this shop is doing a Black Friday sale of 40% off their new arrivals and free shipping over $100. My dress was an amazing price going directly through the designer. They have a lot of pieces being sold at other retails for much more at a better price on their direct website today.

Did you shop this Black Friday? I ended up getting much more for my kids and relatives online that I cannot write about here. I tackled a lot of my Christmas list. Did you score anything? Thank you for the sweet comments on my post earlier today. I will be responding to all of your comments tonight. You filled my heart with happiness. Thank you. How was your Thanksgiving? Are you drained the next day like I am? I can never figure out if it is the turkey or the bottle of wine I consumed the previous day that leaves me with dark circles and bleary eyes.

*This post is going up in leu of tomorrow’s Littlest Things post. I must clean this house! I will have a new post up on Sunday. Have a beautiful Saturday!

18 thoughts on “My Black Friday 2014 Scores

  1. great finds! so glad you decided to give yourself the tartan coat early! that is amazing! I have a few things in my anthro cart right now, I think I am going to shop some more and look for that candle 🙂 sounds like a fun Black Friday!

    • Thank you Melodee! That post goes up in a few hours! I love that coat! And this rain!!! : ). So happy to spend the day with my husband in it tomorrow. I hope it continues all month. We need it!

      Have a lovely week!


  2. I decided to go for the RH duvet slippers–thanks for your sizing tips, Jenni!

    My BF shopping was pretty productive, although I didn’t go in hoping to spend as much as I did. Anthro’s 25% off everything promo was way more generous than I expected, so I ordered a pair of AG jeans that I’ve been eyeing (shipped to my parents’ house in a tax-free state, since I can pick it up at Christmas). Also got a PA on sale booties that I picked up last week, with no hassle at all. Plus an apron I wanted went on sale and I got a bunch of small things to fill out my gifting list. And I managed to get both of the narwhal housewares that I wanted–one is sold out online but I have it on hold at the store. All in all, I’m very happy 🙂

    • Thanks for letting me know! Please tell me if they work when they arrive! I have my fingers crossed! I just ordered seven pairs for gifts! And I wore my blue pair from last year to drive the kids to school in this morning. Oh! The way I look at dropoff is so scary! : )

      Have a great week!


      • I got the duvet slippers today and am wearing them right now 🙂 They’re a little bit big, my heels slip, but totally wearable for a house slipper, and SO cozy.

      • Oh I am so, so, so happy! I was worried. I am sorry that your heel slips out of them, but I am glad that you find them as comfortable as I do. They are the best! In fact, I wore mine almost all day today! : )

        Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy your new slippers!


  3. I did zero shopping this weekend. Although I rushed over to the Dear Creatures website when you posted this post about their sale and ALMOST got two sweaters. I got spooked by their return policy and acrylic in the fabric. Ah well. That blue dress is gorgeous. Love Dear Creatures! Their office cats are rescue cats!!

    • Thanks Cynthia! I am a risk taker. ; ). And I bought enough for both of us. I do think I kept it pretty tame on the clothing front with just those dresses. But there is not much I want right now. I have not wishlisted anything in a month that wasn’t just jeans or boots.

      Sweet dreams girl!


  4. Great finds! I bought too many things from Anthro!! I ordered a few items online and than bought in store. I was so hoping for a gift card, but only got the candy. I almost got that necklace, but decided on a pair of earrings instead. Glad you had fun!

    • Thank you Alicia! Oooohhh! What did you get? I want to hear! I just got that necklace in the mail today. Oh my goodness! I love it so much! I can wear it on either side! What earrings did you get?

      Have a magical Wednesday!


  5. I was in Vancouver for Black Friday. I actually didn’t go shopping. I find it really hard to get over paying an extra 7.5% in sales tax! I bought some handbags online instead.

    • Oh man! That is our tax all of the time. And our property taxes just went up by so much! Taxes are fun. ; ). Handbags online sounds much better!

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  6. It looks like you did well on Black Friday. Congrats on the sweater coat, it looks really good on you!
    I actually braved Anthropologie while my husband popped into Sur La Table. I bought the lavendar AG sateen jeans and an owl ornament and then received my first popper. My daughter wanted us to wait to open it at home and I reminded her that if it’s the candy stick, we will not be there to receive it. She really wanted to wait and we ended up with the candy stick. I’m glad that she ate some cookies and had apple cider Anthro had put out for customers to make up for not getting the candy.
    Have a great evening,

    • Thank you!

      What did the candy stick look like? Was it good? How fun that you took her with you! I agree that you had to open it there! I love the jeans that you got. The color is so pretty. I love Sur La Table. I was just thinking about that store earlier today.

      Have a happy week!


  7. Oh, I shall have to live vicariously! Though admittedly, I find quite a lot of fun in seeing what others have purchased. It’s like windowshopping for the lazy! I have a late job on Fridays, but I did pop into Old Navy for some layering tanks. Nothing nearly as exciting as your purchases. Every year when Black Friday is on the horizon I vow that the next year will be the one in which I save up in advance for it. Strangely enough, it hasn’t happened yet!

    • Thank you Leanna! Now I have to sort through everyone’s presents as I have just been bombarded with the boxes from that fateful day. I wish I had gotten to Old Navy. They have my favorite colored denim. I love that store!

      Have a gorgeous Saturday!


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