Satpura Sweater Coat


The one item that I had been most looking forward to wearing once California finally received some cool weather was my Anthroplogie Satpura Sweater Coat from last winter (this is sold out and I could not find a similar enough coat to link to, but I have seen it on eBay. I previously wore it here).


I am generally not a fan of bejeweled items. In fact, this is probably the only item in my entire closet with sparkles. I like things more simple. Bling is not my thing.


But for this coat, I will make an exception. The pattern is just too pretty to resist. My gnome thinks so, too.


Once again I purchased an item without having a clue about what the word describing the item meant. Do you know what Satpura is? It turns out it is a hill range in India. It is actually gorgeous. The images I googled of the area are very pretty.


I tried to save a bee I found on the ground, but he was not savable. It broke my heart a bit. I hate seeing a hurt or perished bee.


Underneath the coat, I paired my Anthropologie Top that I got on a popback for $8 over the summer. I wear this top all of the time. It is a great layering piece as you will see in an upcoming outfit post.


My least favorite colors are burgundy and purple. And yet, I do not mind them here.


I do, however, feel a little bit like a walking condiment clash.


Mustard, ketchup and grape jelly. What kind of nightmare meal would that create?


In the picture above, I just noticed some young boys exploring a nearby gutter with mining flashlights on their heads. It made me both worried and wistful.


Thank goodness for this little guy. He assured me everything would be all right.

And I surprisingly believed him.


Once the cool weather hit where you are, what was the first item you grabbed from your closet? What is your favorite winter outfit? Are you loving the ability to layer? This is my favorite time of year.

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21 thoughts on “Satpura Sweater Coat

  1. This may very well be one of my favorite outfit posts of yours thus far. I’m drawn to both the first picture and the last. You look beautiful in both, but also so relatable and approachable. Bravo to your photog!
    Your sweater coat is stunning. I shall scour ebay for it promptly!
    As I’m horribly allergic to bee stings though, I don’t know if I can stand behind you in your rescue attempt! šŸ˜‰ As I have gotten older, and with the news that my son is also allergic, my fear level of bees has ratcheted up to full on paranoia. I swear to you, they’re after me!

    • Thank you so much! My sister is deathly allergic to bee stings, too. And she grew up on an apiary. Can you imagine the panic my mother had? I do not know how she did it. I am not sure if my daughter is allergic, but my son is definitely not. That kid gets stung every single time we take him to the beach.

      I hope you have a bee-free beautiful Wednesday!


    • Thank you! Oh man. That dress. I think it is okay. The sleeves are not my favorite. I don’t like the shape of them either. It did not get added to my wishlist. It is just not me. But I have seen it look so pretty on girls on Instagram. Did you get it?

      Have a lovely Wednesday!


  2. This outfit and the color combo you’ve got on is so gorgeous!! I want to take that pic of you holding the gnome and make a superhero comic strip out of it.
    Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

    • Ha! Thank you! : ). I will have to tell my daughter that. She wants to make my husband a comic book for Christmas. I love homemade presents. I know she is working on a painting for me.

      Sweet dreams!


  3. what a darling sweater coat! I really love it paired with the mustard paints and those darn cute boots!!!!! I always reach for my “Seattle Jacket” when we have our few cool days…it’s a coat I bought in Seattle after leaving the room thinking I didn’t need a coat at all. I was wrong! have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    • Thank you Melodee! I am so jealous of your Seattle trips. I have only been there once and I loved it. I also had a broken tooth and was on pain killers the whole time, so I would love to go back and see it again. My perfect hotel room is no longer available as the hotel made it into something else. That breaks my heart. It was the very best room I could ever imagine.

      Have a great week!


  4. The coat is such a stunner. The jewels are so subtle and accent the pattern perfectly without stealing the show. Sometimes bling can be such an attention hog, but not here!

    I love the palette of this outfit, mostly because I love how the mustard creates this rich, bold contrast. I finally picked up my first mustard piece! It’s a waterfall cardigan. I paired it over my blue Flared Caraz Dress. It is perfect. I’m going to wear it all winter long.

    Once the weather turned cooler, I immediately reached for my denim jacket and pink moto. Then came the booties. And then the tights. I keep forgetting to wear scarves unless I’m going out somewhere. I want to try styling them with a basic long-sleeved tee for a comfortable, around-the-house outfit.

    Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving, Jenni!

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz. It has been hot here again, so I am looking forward to cooler weather. It looks likeit will finally rain! Now, what to wear? ; )

      I love your mustard cardigan and have been meaning to comment on it. Tomorrow I will finally get a moment to do so. Yay!

      Have a super week!


  5. Beautiful fall outfit and wonderful pictures. Take peace in knowing the little bee’s last touch was by someone careful and loving rather than something/someone … not so.

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