“Is Your Mama A Llama?”


Did you ever read that book? If you have children, I can recommend it. Although it might remain in your head for all eternity. Especially of you purchase this llama skirt.


This Anthropologie llama skirt embodies everything that I adore about Anthropologie. It is fun. It has bright colors. And the pattern is unique and different. I was able to get it for 25% off because when I went to a holiday workshop they offered all of us girls that discount. It was sweet and I happily used the discount on a few items.


I paired my skirt with a top that I scored this summer for $8 and a necklace that I recently picked up (and gave away an additional three during my blog giveaway last week). The wood bracelet and turquoise beaded bracelets were both recent clearance finds at Macy’s.


The tights are those fleece tights and I want to live in them. I purchased mine for $8 at Nordstrom Rack and I am going back this week for more.

I love them.


And these boots… Well, these boots I hope to have forever. Someone once wrote something nasty about them, but I do not care. These vintage boots have been around longer than those nasty words, longer than that person and longer than me.

I think they have a pretty tough skin.


Do llamas have tough skin?


I am not sure that I want to know.


All I know is that I adore this skirt.

And that I am, indeed, not a llama.

It took me awhile to figure that out, but I checked. Turns out llamas can’t stick out their tongues. Poor dears. And as many folks around here know, I… Can.

Have you jumped on this llama trend? Did you purchase anything with llamas on it this season? I have seen the animal at Anthropologie and Modcloth. I am keeping my eyes peeled for more examples.

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  1. Who could say anything nasty about those gorgeous boots!! Aghhhh they are amazing! I will have to check out that Llama book, I have a feeling Oskar & Lulu would LOVE it!

    • Thanks Lyn. Someone didn’t like them. That is okay. They just didn’t have to be mean about it. ; ). I recommend this nook for your kids. My other favorites that are less well known are “The Magic Hat” and “Mrs. Mctats and Her House Full Of Cats.” Those were my kids’ favorites because they had a nice beat to the rhythm of the words.

      Have a super week!


      • I will search for those too! We just got the book “Dinosaurrompus” which had a great rhythm to it. Both kids were singing to it!

  2. I love this whole outfit! I have not tried fleece tights yet.. but since it has snowed here already.. I am going to have to buy some..

  3. I had not heard of this book. My granddaughter LOVES books and loves to be read to. Her tall bookcase is stuffed with books. It is one of her passions. I stop by the library to pick up books to read to her over Skype most Thursday evenings. If I get two books, she says, “Grandma Brynne, maybe next time you should get three books”. I am sure if I got three, she would insist that four was the magic number.

      • What is going on with my comments?! I am so sorry it keeps happening. I do not know how to fix it and my husband does not believe me that it is happening. I now have taken to replying from google to see if it happens to me and it has numerous times. I hope he can fix it this week.

        That is such a marvelous idea to skype books. I love that. So sweet. I agree the number would grow ever higher. Two fun ones I mentioned in a comment above are “The Magic Hat” and “Mrs. Mctats and Her House Full of Cats.” I like how I could kind of sing those books with the beat.

        Have a happy week! Thanks for keeping commenting even with it being broken!


  4. Such a cute outfit!! Love the skirt and your styling of it. The boots are great and have character. The haters need to just go away. Happy Friday!!

  5. Why would anyone say anything bad about those boots? I am baffled.

    I love everything about your outfit. The print of the skirt, the turquoise accessories, the fleece tights. You look good!

    • Thank you Liana! I wish I could tell you, but apparently they make someone very angry. Which makes me laugh. What can one do? It is what it is. I hope to wear this skirt again soon! It is so much fun!

      Have a sweet week!


  6. Really cool outfit! People are so bizarre. Why insult a beautiful pair of boots? I must must must remember to pick up some fleece lined leggings. They sound amazing! Oh and Marcy would kill me if I brought home something with a llama on it. I will admire your llamas fro afar!

    • Thank you Cynthia! You will love those tights. I keep them on even if I am home and would normally rip off my tights. They are unbelievably cozy. I was reading Patrick Rothfuss’s blog today and apparently Marcy is right to be leary of llamas. I guess they are kind of mean. Alpacas are the sweet ones.

      Have a cheery week!


  7. People choose the weirdest things to criticize online. I LOVE those boots and in fact tried to buy some like that from a vintage store not too long ago. Long story, but I didn’t get them and I’m still hunting for others. For now I just get to admire yours.

    I wore fleece tights yesterday…but I can understand, it was -20 with the windchill. It looks positively warm where you are. I think I’d be boiling in them. Don’t ever visit eastern or central Canada in winter…you wouldn’t survive.

    I like the way you’ve styled the whole outfit and that skirt is a winner.


    • You are so kind. Thank you Suzanne. It is weird the things people want to attack. But anonymity is so easy for the critics.

      You made me laugh so hard with your comment because I read it while wearing a knit cap, fleece tights and the tartan blanket coat. It was seventy degrees. I am ridiculous. I want to wear my winter clothes! It is supposed to be ninety on Thanksgiving. I would never survive Canada, but I dislike the heat, too. My husband and I usually take a trip in March to somewhere cold and I have to admit I love it for those few days, but could never handle it for a long period of time.

      Have a fabulous week!


  8. How funny, I just typed, “Really cute outfit,” only to glance up and see that Cynthia started by saying “Really cool outfit.” Oh well. I’m surprised that someone critiqued your boots because they look like classic Frye boots. I wouldn’t mind having a pair.
    I had a question on your fleece tights. Are these the same as the sweater tights? My complaint is that tights feel uncomfortable, like old school pantyhose. But tights do look great in the winter. Can these fleece tights be found at Target or only pricier Nordstrom type stores?

    • Thank you Stacey! I do not know the brand but they do look like Frye boots. But they are made in America and I once found the exact twin of mine on eBay but they did not know the brand either.

      The tights don’t say they are fleece. I just assumed they were because they are fuzzy on the inside and thick. But Nordstrom Rack calls them plush tights. I own four pair. I have washed and dried them numerous times and they have held up wonderfully. Here is a link to them. https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/1022880/free-press-plush-tights?color=BLACK#results I know someone else purchased her fleece tights at Payless Shoes a few months back. I have not checked Target. I just was so happy with mine, but I would imagine they would have some. I usually hate tights and I will lay in bed in these because they are so comfortable that I forget they are there. I took a M/L in them.

      Have a gorgeous week!


  9. Jenni, you look beautiful as always!
    But I really love this outfit and that skirt is amazing!!
    Your boots are the best =) Any boots with character and a story I love ♥♥♥

    I also enjoyed your recent reviews and think your hair then and in this post is gorgeous!
    Can you please tell me what you used to crimp your hair in your reviews post?

    Hopefully I will get this skirt soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you and your family are feeling better :0) ♥

  10. I think I remember seeing a llama print tunic or top at Anthropologie earlier this fall. It’s those whimsical, folksy prints that I so adore about Anthro.

    You love a llama printed skirt. I would love a unicorn printed skirt. Unfortunately, I think they only make those for six-year-olds. *sigh* I could draw a horn onto the llamas?

    The turquoise accessories really pop and pull this look together. The top, tights, and boots are all such simple, versatile pieces. But pulled together, they make this outfit so special and memorable. Simple pieces + plus one statement item + coordinating accessories = a perfectly styled outfit!

    I’ve been hearing more and more about fleece-lined leggings and tights. Is this something I’m missing out on? They sound super comfy. Are they hot? Are they sturdier than regular tights, and therefore less likely to snag? Give me the deets, Jenni!

    <3 Liz

  11. I’m quite behind on my blog reading, so I just saw this post today and I HAD to rush over to comment. “Is Your Mama A Llama” was not only a favorite book in my family’s house growing up (I can probably still recite most of it from memory) but we also raised llamas for several years! Our white llama Albert was quite the character and – yes, I can answer your question – very thick skinned. As an aspiring 12 year old veterinarian, I was in charge of yearly shots for our menagerie of pets! When we did need to visit a vet, my dad would take the two rows of back seats out of our van and Albert would climb inside and lay down with his legs tucked under him and watch out the window. Our favorite thing to do on the way home was go through a drive-through and watch people’s reactions when they saw him through the back windows! Anyway, yes, I LOVE your llama skirt and thought you might get a kick out of some real life llama anecdotes (although I apologize for writing such a long comment!).

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