Ruffle Me This


I was aching to wear Free People’s Mia Ruffle Dress (sold out, but this one is similar) on a date night. And the other night I finally did.


We are creatures of habit. We went to the same restaurant as our last date night.


This is because the restaurant we had decided to go to in town did not start their live music until 9:00 at night.

How young do they think we are?

That is past my bed time.


This restaurant we ended up going to closed at 8:00. We are early birds. And not zombies, even though this picture would make you believe otherwise.


And the musician here was great. He played until 8:10. I just realized that he probably went to go play at the other restaurant after he was done with this engagement.

You might think that that is stretching it.

Why would I assume he was playing at the other restaurant? There are a ton of talented performers in our town.

Well, because he mentioned he plays there right before he left.

I am quick.


It was not a great date night.

It was fine.

But not great.


It happens. Both of us were not really into it that night. He had burned his arm pretty badly right before we left on the date and would not let on that he was in pain and I was in the middle of my September funk. It was a rare quiet meal.

We are going on a huge date this weekend and I am hoping we have a great time. I bought some sexy pink shoes that I plan on wearing with the dress from this post. But I need to practice walking in the shoes in the house. If I can’t do that, they have to go back.

In the meantime, I will be wearing all of the ruffles I can muster. I am so looking forward to the dinner this weekend. And spending time with my husband.

Have you gone on a date night recently? Do you wear your most impractical shoes? I will hopefully show my shoes on Instagram soon (if I keep them). I just hope I can walk in them. This time, there will be no ruffles to cushion my fall.

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12 thoughts on “Ruffle Me This

  1. ohh my hubby hates high heels.. I can never wear them on date nights.. he thinks they are ridiculous.. he says girls walk weird in it. lol
    though, your pink wedge looks super cute! I like wearing heels (I only wear platforms or wedge) when im alone or with friends.

    your dress is gooooooooooooorgeous! love all the photos!! I love seeing your outfits! You always look pretty!!

    • Thank you Keiko! I am still debating on the heels. My husband actually thinks they’re silly, too. But I really want to make them work! I definitely walk weird in them! I am usually tripping!

      Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. The wedges should make them a bit easier to walk in…hopefully : )

    I have a large amount of shoes that are specifically bedroom shoes….ahem…for “date nights”.

    We often end up having to walk when we head downtown due to parking so I can’t wear my cutest shoes.

    I hope your date night makes up for the dud : )


    • Thank you Suzanne! Bedroom shoes! I love it!

      I am so excited about our date! I cannot tell if I am more excited a out the experience or the food! : )

      I hope you are having an exciting in a great way weekend!


  3. I LOVE that dress! I have hopes of finding one on eBay. I can totally relate to an odd date night…… we had one in February and I felt like we spent so much money on dinner, movie and babysitter when it was just so-so. But, that was the day we ended up concieving baby #2! So I guess it wasn’t all bad. We have a special date planned this weekend too – our last hurrah before baby arrives! We are even spending the night! I am hoping to wear my FP long ruffle skirt for it. Ruffles are great for dates!

    • Ha! No it wasn’t all bad at all! I LOVE IT! I hope you are having a great date weekend! Ooooh! I hope we get pics. I need more ideas on how to style that skirt! : ). Have fun! And thank you about the dress! I love it, too!

      Have the best time!


  4. I adore these pictures. That dress is so perfect on you. The date night with those awesome pink wedges sounds awesome! I was able to go on a double date with my sister and bro-in-law for my birthday, but I am dying to go on an alone date with my hubby. It has been too long!
    Can’t wait to see the pics of your upcoming date!

  5. Hello! I’m catching up on posts! I’ve loved all your posts & what you’re wearing lately! Ruffles, um, yes please! Mythical creature dress w/ purple tights, lovely! Anthro reviews, loved them!

    I love that you received second place in the writing contest & won the little prince! Too bad you don’t still have it. I wish I had most things from my childhood. But, alas, a lot of it was sold at yard sales during growing up. Or donated or thrown away, soooo sad! My parents downsized to a house half the size of the one I grew up in, when I was in college, so lots went away then. Or when I bought my first house, a condo, by myself, I had to go through all my stuff in storage!

    Hope you’re having a great week! 🙂

    • Thank you Rebecca! I actually still have that book. It is just packed away. Or on my daughter’s book shelf. I will have to check. It has never been opened, though.

      I need to catch up on blogs, too! But right now I have to go through some meat in a pot for beef stroganoff tonight. Yum! Once the dirty work is out of the way, I will hopefully have time to relax! Knock on wood! : )

      Have a lovely weekend!


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