Dear Children: A Case of the Pssts,


I want to use this letter to warn you of a virus that is going around. It is called The “Psst.”

Please be very careful that you do not get it. It is contagious. It is spreading. It is disgusting.

Contact only derives from the ears.

Beware! The “Psst” is everywhere. It originates from a nasty form of gossip.

Gossip hurts everybody. Please… Do not engage in that form of sickness. It will eventually deteriorate your soul.

Be leery of anyone leaning over to whisper to you in public. They are infected. They do not realize everyone in the room is aware of their infliction.

Nothing good has ever come from a case of The “Pssts.”

The only cure is isolation.

If you see someone who is infected, it is best to ignore them. They might view your vulnerable ears as a challenge.

So, children, I beg of you:

“Cover your ears

And bite your tongue.

A case of The Pssts

Cannot be undone.”

Please be careful. And remember you will never regret the nice words you have said about someone but you will always regret most of the bad ones.

Here are some ear muffs. And a tongue depressor… Just in case.



8 thoughts on “Dear Children: A Case of the Pssts,

  1. Brilliant. Good advice for more than just your kiddos. I really try to not be a gossip — whenever I give in to it, I just feel dirty deep in my soul. I tend to not be one to start gossip. Where I fail is when others around me are talking and I include a comment of affirmation or expansion or do not defend the person being maligned and sit in silence.

    • Thank you Brynne! I am sometimes guilty myself of indulging in gossip and I am always disgusted with myself afterwards. I really hope my children are better than me.

      Have a beautiful Wednesday!


    • Thank you Alicia! I hope they follow it most of the time. I know that it is impossible to be perfect. I just hope that they try their best.

      Sweet dreams!


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