“Expecto Patronum!”


How many times in life have you wished to say a spell and all of your problems would disappear?


Probably too many times to ever be counted accurately.


So it is no surprise for me to proudly pronounce, “I am obsessed with Harry Potter.”

I reread the books at least twice a year.


I watch all of Harry Potter movies about every two months.

This thrills my husband.

And I cry every single time during the moments with Snape at the end. I think I will always do so.


When I saw this tank top being sold on Etsy from the shop Thinking Gallery, I was beyond excited.

It makes up for the Marauder’s Dress my daughter scored at Hot Topic. She got it first. And I am seething with jealousy.

Sweet Gwen from the blog London Preppy sent me this cardigan as a gift and I adore it. I could not wait to wear it with my favorite tank.


Aw, well. My shirt will save a fellow from dementors if the saving spell’s words are forgotten.

What would your Patronus be?

I do not think a gnome would count as an animal for me.

Maybe a platypus… Or a sloth?


Of course, I could not end this post without a shot of a wizard in action. Breathtaking isn’t it?

Do you own any novelty tees? Do you love Harry Potter? Have you been to the Wizarding World? I want to go there so badly (but without the crowds).

16 thoughts on ““Expecto Patronum!”

  1. You must get to Universal to see Harry Potter! It is really great! We have been several times (because we live in South Florida) and that is always the first stop in Islands of Adventure. I have read the books and seen the films. Love them.

    • I want to go! More than anything! They are building one here in Southern California but I am not sure how long it is going to take. Is it super crowded? That is my worry!

      I am so glad you like the books, too. They came out when I was an adult but they make me feel like a kid again.

      Have a magical Monday! : )


      • Yep. It is usually crowded, unless you go during a less-crowded time of the year. October in FL is usually a good time to go. Also, if you stay in the on-site hotels, you get priority to get in, so we always like to do that options (plus the hotels are very nice). I read the books as an adult as well. Tried to get my daughter into them, but they were not her thing (for reading), but she really enjoyed the movies.

      • Thank you for the information, Barbara! We have been to Florida in October and it was fantastic. I wish the kids were still little so we could pull them out of school without penalties. It was SOOOO much cheaper that time of the year, too. My daughter is the same way with the books, but she loves the movies. I like both. My son is the same as me and my husband could pass, although he has promised to always sit down with me when the kids leave to watch the movies.

        I want to try a butterbeer! : )

        Have a happy week!


  2. Ah, I have this cardi in the blue and in the maroon…and am always stumped on what to wear them with. My default is soooo boring-jeans and and off white cami. I adore how you wore it! So much more of a casual vibe.
    There’s an embarrassment of novelty tees in constant rotation in my wardrobe, split into categories: Transformers, snarky holiday, words, and superman/batman, plus a few outliers. Is it wrong to admit I check the Delias website from time to time for new ones?!?

    • Thank you! I love novelty tee, too. And when they become too old to wear out in public, they become pajamas because I cannot bear to get rid of them. Snarky holiday ones are my favorite. I have three, “Yep! I’m Jolly” tees. All pajamas now. : )

      Have a fun Monday!


    • “Don’t mind The Hobbit.” Arhhhgggguj. That is the sound of me choking on my tears. ; ). J/K. I love it all. Right now I am staying awake reading a book where the man just pulled up to the house with a cart being pulled by dragons! Good times!

      And thank you about the cardigan. It was a sweet gift!

      Have a gorgeous week!


  3. Ooooh! I love the cardigan on you!! So cute and perfect with that tee! Seeing this totally made my day. Now you guys *have* to come visit us in England, and take the Harry Potter tour of where they filmed on location… Oxford, for instance, they filmed at some of the colleges there, and that’s where you’d also find the Eagle and Child pub, where Tolkien and his friends used to go and discuss the books they were writing! (Best pub sign in the world – an Eagle carrying off a baby in a nappy!) There’s also a Harry Potter experience thing you can go to! I have to admit it’s not quite my jam any more, though I was very into it when the first movies were coming out. My friends and I were those dorks applauding in the cinema at the end credits!

    I have this Old Navy men’s size small T-shirt of the Sentinels from the X-Men sort of coming at you from the T-shirt with beams shooting out of their hands. It just cracks me up, and I’m always looking for inappropriate ways to style it, like with a pencil skirt or something. I’ve never quite had the nerve to blog it; maybe I should?

    Um, anyway, that last picture is pure, undiluted amazecakes. 🙂

    • Thank you for the sweater! I love it! My daughter loves it, too. I might have to put a spell on it so it won’t be stolen.

      That tour sounds awesome! And the pub! I am a Harry Potter fan forever. It was on every night this week on one of our tv channels. Whoo! Hoo! My husband is so lucky. ; )

      And yes, you need to blog your X-Men tee. I love X-Men! I just told my husband he looked like Wolverine when he got out of the shower with his hair sticking out in either direction. : ). A pencil skirt would be great with your tee! I bought a Labyrinth tee at Comic Con and I cannot find it anywhere. : (

      Have a fabulous day!


  4. Can you believe that I have never seen any of the HP movies and only read the first book?! Do I need to hide in shame now? I really liked the first book, but was in college and had no time for extra reading…than I didn’t want to see the movies till I read the books…and than I just never got them…. SO, maybe I need to make a date with the library and get a few.

    You look super cute in the tee…even though it means absolutely nothing to me (yet!)

    • No! I cannot believe it! I would wait to read them with your kids. I read the first few out loud with my son. He would read a few pages and then I would read a chapter. There is a lot of violence and death in the later books so you might want to read those yourself to decide if they would be appropriate. I love them. They just remind me of being young. The school is really great. And I love the Christmas scenes the best.

      And thank you about the tee! : ). It was a fun outfit to wear! I am going to pair it with the leather jacket next.

      Sweet dreams!


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