Grey Neigh-bors


Okay. These aren’t my neighbors. But this ranch is about ten minutes from my house. I begged my husband to pull over so I could see the horses.

There was a baby!


The horses ran away from the fence as soon as I approached. I was wishing my hoarding situation allotted for apples to be constantly stocked in my car.


It did not deter me from trying to catch a peek.


They were so beautiful.


First, how weird is this picture?! How am I doing this?

I wore my pom pom sandals for the very first time. And guess what? I realized one pom pom had all ready fallen off! Sigh.


I bought this Joy Dress last year from Johnny Was during their Black Friday sale (slightly similar dress on sale at Nordstrom Rack right now. There is only one available in a size small). I had been nervous about wearing it. It is bohemian and flowy, but also surprisingly revealing. I do love the colors and the fact that it has three different kinds of material to the simple dress. But it is more clingy in certain areas than I would normally wear. Thankfully, I hung out with my friends at a winery and soon forgot about that.


Do you have an item in your closet you have been putting off wearing? I cannot wait to pair this dress with my favorite sweater vest in the winter. I think I will feel more comfortable with a little more coverage.


13 thoughts on “Grey Neigh-bors

  1. Pretty pics & a lovely dress on you! I love the color & the “flowyness”! But I totally understand about more coverage. Actually I thought the long sleeves were part of it until I looked again, so that shirt underneath looks great!

    • Thanks Rebecca. It is actually all one dress. I liked it because it had three different fabrics all incorporated into one piece. I think I might have shrunk it this weekend. I need to try it on to see.

      Thank you again!

      Have a terrific Tuesday!


  2. Love these photos! I hope you go back with some apples to entice those horses to come over!
    That dress will be a perfect layering dress for winter. You don’t look like you need any more covering up but I totally understand feeling awkward when I feel my clothes don’t cover me up quite as much as I want them too. Clingy clothes drive me crazy. It’s such a pretty gray color! The winery sounds like fun!

    • Thank you Cynthia! The winery is always fun! I hope to get to layer this this year, but I think I might have shrunk it. : (

      Sweet dreams!


  3. Great grey! I especially love when this sober monochromatic tone is paired with soft flowing romantic fabrics. gorgeous! I wouldn’t have known you had any layering going on besides what was meant to be- you are an expert at this!

    I finally realized this summer, driving around the idyllic roads of PEI, that I am compelled to cry out “Horsie!” every time I pass a field with even one critter of the equine persuasion. And I’ll cry out with even more excitement “pony!!” at the short fat ones. sigh. I wonder if I’ll ever grow up and not be ridiculous. 🙂 Or do I want to?

    • Thank you Sarah! I love grey. I would love to say I did the layering, but it is all the dress. It has three different fabrics sewn together to appear to be layered. That is what drew me to it. : )

      I love your horse and pony sighting calls! I would love to ride in a car with someone that does that!

      Have a lovely week!


  4. I love this dress and these photos. I love your pom pom sandals, but I am sad that one of them fell off. Were you able to find it?

    Re: thatdamngreendress’ comment above, my husband once snapped at me that my constant cries of: “Horsie!” “Snake river!” or whatever random thing I was excited about were going to make him drive off the road. Ha.

    • Thank you Liana! I would love to ride in a car with both you and Sarah (with a calm driver). : ). It sounds like fun!

      Have a lovely Thursday!


  5. Such a beautiful dress! I love it on you. The horses are beautiful…from a distance! They are so big! I am slightly scared of them, due to their size and power. But I do enjoy watching and looking…for that safe distance 🙂

    • Thank you Alicia. I have never been scared of horses. But my daughter wants to start taking riding lessons and I really do not want her to. I am scared for her. For now, my answer remains no. But they are pretty to look at. : )

      Have a great rest of the weekend!


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