An Artist Made of Honeycomb


I am not an artist.

My outfit is not made of actual honeycomb.

And yet, I would love it if both of these falsehoods were truths.

I imagine an artist wearing this top. It is so cool. So many different colors paired with an intricate eyelet pattern shaped like honeycombs and a centralized stabilizing mustard stripe.


I told my husband, “Hey, honey, don’t I look like an artist in this?”

And he said, “Well, you look like you are wearing an art project.”

I’ll take it.


I know I have mentioned it before, but I miss my Grandma. She was very proud of our beekeeping family. She incorporated a bee into pretty much every single one of her outfits. I have taken to wearing more bee items since she has passed. It makes me feel closer to her. So, I wore this top with my Modcloth Honeycomb Earrings and bee wrap bracelet.


I first tried on this Gabo Eyelet Tee in one of my review posts back in the spring (found here). I waited patiently for it to go on sale and I was able to grab it in August during Anthropologie’s extra 20% off sale price, sale.


It is a tricky top, because it is so boxy. I paired it with a long tank top to add an extra layer as it is see-through. This is not my favorite shape for a top, but I had to have it based on the honeycomb eyelet and multicolors.

Do you ever dress in a shape you do not love but wear because of a pattern or a color? Do you wear something to remember a loved one by?

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16 thoughts on “An Artist Made of Honeycomb

  1. It is hummingbirds for me in remeberence of my Nana. She often leaves ‘pennies from heaven’ on the ground for me to find. About four years ago, my two cousins and I were in Kohl’s. We were all raised in the same neighborhood in Portland and we are more like sisters than cousins and Nana was a huge influence in our lives. While in Kohls, I found three pennies stacked on top of each other on a shelf end cap from her…one for the each of us.

    • I love that story, Brynne. I hope each of you still has their penny. That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing and giving me a smile today.

      Have a great week!


  2. I bought a knit tunic dress to wear over leggings or pants which I normally would have never even tried on but it reminds me of my grandmother’s favorite dress so much that it makes me very happy and feel comfortable to wear it.

    • Gosh, that is just so cool! I love that you were able to find that dress to remind you of your grandmother. I hope you get to wear it this upcoming season. : )

      Have a wonderful week!


  3. I love this top with the long tank….I can see you pairing this with a long sleeved top in the winter and some of your cute boots! I have a few pieces I love like this but the shape is off….one is a wrap dress from anthro with little pom pom balls…I just actually changed it into a skirt because the top was too weird on me! I love your beekeeping family stories….

    • That is a great idea to wear it with a long sleeve top. I honestly had not thought of that. I will definitely do that. I would love to see that dress (or skirt now). I love Pom poms!

      Thank you for the sweet words! : )

      Have a gorgeous week!


  4. I saw this top at the store this weekend… loved the colours. I regret not trying it on now.

    I have an embroidered silk and fur short vest that belonged to my grandmother. I am not a fur person. It is the wrong size. But I still wear it sometimes, and it’s the one thing that I made my husband rescue from the basement when our house flooded.

    • Honestly, I read this earlier and thought about it for hours. I just love that you saved the vest from the flooding. I am so so glad that you wear it. What a beautiful memory. I hope you wear it on your blog one day.

      And thank you about the top. It is fun!

      Have a super week!


  5. Whenever I wear purple, I think about my grandma. She loved that color. I inherited a few of her jewelry pieces. Nothing expensive, mostly costume stuff, but I love it and wear it often.
    I love that top on you. Sometime it is nice to break form and wear something bright and colorful, even if it is not your usual shape!

    • That is sweet. You are lucky to have that jewelry. I have a bunch of Polish pottery from my grandmother that I am terrified is going to break. I am so glad you wear your pieces, too.

      I loved your story and others today. They made me smile. Thank you for sharing.

      And thank you about the top. It is definitely something my grandma would have loved. : )

      Sweet dreams!


  6. Yes! I think my fondness for military jackets is because one of my first memories is of my dad in one. Thank goodness he is still here and I hope to have him here for a loooong time!

    (thank you so much for entering my giveaway. i am not sure if you noticed but I got and the wording of the dates from you! yes. i was a copycat. thank you for providing the guidelines even though you did not know you were providing them. it was strangely a little stressful putting the whole thing together and using your blog as a resource really really really helped! xoxo)

    • Oh, I am glad you added the part about him still being here. I was sad for a moment. Military jackets are the best! I wonder what happened to my husband’s? We tend to lose things quickly over here.

      I love your giveaway. I did not notice about the dates, etc. but I am glad to have helped! : )

      Have a lovely Wednesday!


  7. Love this top on you. So pretty. Have you ever read the book the Beekeepers Ball by Susan Wiggs? It is Romantic fiction and is a very nice story. There are honey recipes all through the book. Check it out! Have a wonderful day.

    • Thank you so much, Janet! I have not read that book, but now I am going to go look it up on Amazon. It sounds amazing! Thank you so much for the recommendation!

      Have a gorgeous Wednesday!


  8. Here in Hong Kong, they have a phrase to exclaim when a pretty lady walks by – “Leng lui!” I’m telepathically shouting that to you right now. Sorry for any resulting headaches.;-P
    I think this top is very “you” – “art teacher” was actually what I thought! Have you thought of wearing it over a plain coloured dress, and then belting it? I’m definitely someone who might wear something for the pattern – I lucked out w the Moonphase blouse, which I thought would_be super boxy, but I’ve had less successful ventures, haha! Love how you’re remembering your grandmother – I’m more about wearing stuff the person gave me, but since my dad gave me jewellery I was allergic to and a tie-dye t-shirt that makes me look ver-ry ahem, “alternative”, I might give your method a try instead! 😉

    • Awww. That is so sweet. Thank you Gwen! I love the idea of wearing it over a plain dress. I have the perfect grey one in mind. Thank you for the suggestion! I love it.

      Too funny about the tie dyed shirt and jewelry. I definitely would try another method. : )

      I wanted that Moonphase top so badly. It popped back for $30, but I am on a shopping ban this month so I had to watch it fade away. Maybe it will pop back again another month.

      Have a lovely week!


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