Bohemian Black Lace


I never quite understood the allure of a little black dress until I bought this one.


What is it about wearing black that makes one feel different?


I hardly ever wear black, because I like a lot of color in my wardrobe.


I am thinking that was a poor decision.


Because what was preventing me from just adding a pop of color? I received this beaded necklace for my birthday. I love it paired with the black lace.


This Free People Lorettas Dress was a steal with my birthday discount combined with the sale price. Unfortunately, I snagged the last one (see title of post). I think this one is very similar.


I forgot my gnome, so I made one with some rocks and twigs.

But who’s looking at the gnome?

Because, those shoes?!

They were the best sale popback I have ever scored at Anthropologie (they were more than 75% off). They are Chie Mihara’s Corridor Booties. I am in love.


My husband said to me, “Um, I think that dress is see-through.”

To which I smiled. Because, yes, it is see-through, but it came with a beige slip underneath that you cannot really see because it kind of matches my skin tone.


I didn’t tell him that, though. Gotta keep him on his toes.


He eventually figured it out. Just like I have now figured out I need more black clothes in my wardrobe.


Do you own a lot of black clothing? Do you have a little black dress?


Because I loved the feeling this dress gave me, I now own five.

P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

37 thoughts on “Bohemian Black Lace

  1. Wow, this is so stunning! My mouth literally dropped open when I saw this. That dress was just made for you. You don’t even need the black Bermeja now, this is like 100 times better!! And black looks awesome with your pretty skin and blonde hair. Five LBD’s sounds like a good move to me! 😉

    You’ve also given me amazing styling ideas for my Bermeja dress; thank you so much for that! Ankle boots, bright necklace, and not the least, a beige slip, hehe. I’ve been kind of stuck on the “Crescent moon” way of wearing that dress, so I love the fresh inspiration!

    I’ve had numerous black dresses over the years, but usually only one or two at a time – like you, I’m just way too fond of colour! 😉 Right now I have the black Bermeja and a hand-me-down slinky little velvety black dress from my friend Kaz. That one, I love because it’s from a friend; the first one I love because it makes me your evil twin, muahaha!

    • Thank you Gwen! I still love the Bermeja Dress but I am good on black dresses for now. A slinky little hand me down dress sounds perfect. I love clothes handed down from friends, too. I got the Crescent Moon Necklace on a popback for $10! But I have not received it yet so hopefully it is not broken! I loved it so much on you, I had to have it too! : )

      Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I love, love, love everything about this post. Stunning pictures, stunning outfit, stunning girl. Your husband should make himself a little desk calendar for next year using these pictures for each month. Or maybe you could make him one as a gift.

    • Thank you Brynne! I had not thought of turning these into a calendar for my husband but that is a great idea. These are his favorite pictures. So, I love that idea! : ). Thank you! I will definitely be doing that.

      Have a gorgeous weekend!


  3. So pretty Jenni – I love everything! What an awesome score with those boots! I don’t own any Chie Mihara’s, but I hope to someday. I just love your rustic setting for these pictures!

    • Thank you Heather! I love those booties. They sit on my entertainment center away from the other shoes so they do not get dirty. I would be so upset if something happened to them! That is my dad’s property. It used to be a cattle ranch so it has tons of cool old buildings on it. I would be devastated if he ever tore them down!

      Sweet dreams!


    • Thank you Sarah! I was just writing Sarah that that is my dad’s property, because it used to be an old cattle farm. I love those old barns. The car was my dad’s when he was a teenager! My cousin who is a year older than I am bought it from him long ago but never collected it.

      Have a super weekend!


  4. What a score on those booties!!! Seriously. Kind of like winning the lottery. I am so jealous.

    The dress looks wonderful. Dreamy hippie : ) You are right that when you wear black you can bling out your accessories.

    This is such a different look for you but I love it.


    • Thank you Suzanne. I seriously felt like I won the lottery when they a actually shipped and arrived without a scratch on them! It is definitely different than what I usually wear but perfect for a date night!

      Have a fabulous weekend!


  5. Love that black lace dress on you, looks so good! I have a similar one, but sleeveless, and now I have some more ideas for styling it (last time I wore it, it went overboard with the 80s, haha I wore it with an acid washed jean coat and black lace gloves! What can I say, it was a girls night…love the boots, you are indeed very lucky with popbacks, how do you do it? I have been trying for ages for a popbacks on the chanda column dress, but only itty bitty sizes ever seem to come back…

    • Thank you Barbara! That look actually sounds awesome! : ). I just bought a dress today because it reminded me of the nineties! : )

      I put items in my wishlist when they first come out in the size that I want. They often sell out. When I am in hunting mode, I check my wishlist several times (probably 5-6) times a day to see if anything pops back. Sometimes something will from years before. Sometimes months. Usually days. I just have to be patient and diligent about checking. If it is a popback it will show up in my backordered items.

      I hope that helps!

      Good luck hunting! : )

      Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. my closet is color coded and the biggest chunk is black. haha. I am dying over how cute this dress is AND those booties…yikes! so cute! I am also loving your outdoor photo shoots….this place is so beautiful!

    • Thank you Melodee! That is my dad’s place. His actual house is ranch style and it is pretty but I love the old barns on the property. They have such a solid tangible historical feel to them. I would be so sad if he ever tears them down!

      Have a great Saturday!


  7. Yep, love the little black dress and own several. Don’t tend to wear a lot of black at this time of year, but come fall and winter I wear quite a bit. Love the pretty dress and those shoes are fab!!

    • Thank you Barbara! I am thinking in the fall I will wear a little more black. But I did wear a black dress today. I needed a dress that hid wrinkles and was long enough, that one fit the bill! : )

      Have a happy Saturday!


  8. I can see why this dress is your husband’s new favorite! It looks great! I started wearing more black when I first got pregnant, as I always have an enormous belly….and I never really stopped! I like that I can change it up with jewelry and add pops of colors with shoes and stuff. I have been seriously restraining myself to NOT buy the black stargazer maxi from Anthro. I have a few black maxi’s already (but non so pretty) and I can’t nurse in it… I am trying to hold out for another cut, but man, I love it. Black dresses are a slippery slope 🙂

    • Thank you Alicia! That Stargazer Maxi is so pretty. I bet it would be so pretty on you! I breastfed both of my kids for fifteen and thirteen months, so I completely understand the need for breastfeeding appropriate. Hopefully there are more cuts on Monday. That would make me so happy!

      Have a serene and beautiful Sunday!


  9. Beautiful dress on you & lovely pics! I have a blk lace dress too, but it’s blk underneath, w/3/4 sleeves so the skin shows through there. Ooh, also a short sleeved (Bobeau frm Nord rack I just a few months ago & never wore) w/ beige underneath. I think blk lace just makes one feel special! I think I do hav a lot of blk in my wardrobe, & grey, but in the last few yrs have been trying to buy brighter colors, or at least bright jewelry to wear. Look forward to seeing all your new blk dresses soon!
    🙂 rebecca

    • Thank you Rebecca! I like the dresses you described. I bet they are so pretty! I am with you. I love bright colors. They just make me happy. But I am trying to branch out. I am definitely good on black dresses for a good long while!

      Have a super rest of the weekend!


    • Ha! I had a different line there, but at the last minute I changed it. So, it felt weird and disjointed but I had to publish it and go to bed. I am so good on black dresses for now. In fact, I am good on everything right now. I have so many things I need to wear.

      Have a great Sunday!


  10. You look great! I love black. I went through an all black phase for a while. It was a good thing The Black Market wasn’t nearby. I have branched way out from that phase but I still love black. I have three black dresses and many, many black tshirts. I liked your nice and mean mommy photos in this dress too.

    • Thank you! It is a good thing Black Market isn’t nearby. I would have cleaned them out. : ). I only have two black shirts. A short sleeved black tee and a long sleeved one. I bet you get many uses out of yours. I wish I had more. : )

      Sweet dreams! I always think Saturday dreams are the best!


  11. You look like a rad, awesome she-devil indeed! This look is totally fierce and sexy and edgy and rock-and-roll princess all rolled into one! I really love this silhouette on you, too. I’ve noticed you wearing more of this shape and length, and it really works on you! Those booties though. I adore them. They are seriously the perfect shoe for this outfit and so many other pieces in your closet. They look rugged for summer but will carry you all the way into winter as well. I’ve never quite bought into the traditional LBD hype, either. I like mine to have a bit of something special: lace, a wrap style, flutter sleeves, something. Yours here certainly has loads of great, unique features to make it stand out but still function as the perfect LBD. Gorgeous outfit!

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz!

      Ha! I had wondered if the term she-devil had made it to the emails, because I had changed the title before it posted. Now I am thinking it did. Too funny! I have found that that shape fits my body the best. I really like the swing dress. I fell in love with one Anthropologie is selling right now. And actually gave in to temptation. : (

      I love those shoes. I am hoping to wear them again this week. They are my favorites (although I still adore my gladiators).

      I think you are like me with color. We just love it so much. I am always drawn to it more than neutrals.

      I appreciate all of the kind words! Thank you! : )

      Have a beautiful week!


  12. WOW I am in love with that lace LBD Jenni. The booties and necklace are perfect for it.

    I miss hearing from you. Hope you have had a relaxing Summer. Ada. =)

    • Thanks Ada. I am such a flake. I will definitely get back to commenting when these kids go back to school. I can barely think. : ).

      Have a super week!


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