Sunset Skirt At Sunset


I am at Comic Con again today and so I decided to share some outfit pictures from our vacation to Maui that somehow never made the cut. I think it was because I was burnt out about talking about that trip.

By the way, this skirt is Free People’s Colorblock Skirt and I love it. I previously wore it here.





What did you do this weekend? Did it involve the beach? I am traversing around a convention center with giant blisters on my heels and looking for new art. Wish me luck! : )

P.S. I think the gnome hidden on this one is pretty tricky. Did you spot it?

*these photos were edited using the App Afterlife’s Bloom Filter.

22 thoughts on “Sunset Skirt At Sunset

    • Yay! You got it! : )

      That was a funny dream! Sorry girl, I had to leave ya for a donut. ; ). If it is any consolation, I would probably leave my husband too!

      We only got one thing to hang. But it was still fun. It just was way too crowded to think or to browse. I have never seen it so crowded!

      Have a gorgeous Monday!


    • Thank you Brynne! I have not tried it with a vest yet. I actually have not worn it since that picture. What is wrong with me?! ; )

      Have a wonderful week!


  1. What pretty pictures. Lovely, lovely.
    I did not go to a beach, but I did have a small birthday party for my second and we had a bog blow-up pirate ship pool…does that count?! 😉

    • Thank you Alicia! The birthday party definitely counted! Especially the pirate part! That sounds like so much fun! I bet he loved that. I am having to start planning my son’s party ASAP! I have not even sent invitations yet and it is soon!

      Have a beautiful week!


    • Hi Kristin! He is on the blanket hidden i my skirt. His hat is orange so he blends in but you can kind of see his blue shirt. He is a sneaky one! ; )

      Have a super week!


  2. Beautiful pictures, Jenni. I love this skirt on you. What size are you wearing?
    Yes, I can see the gnome in the blanket!

    Have a nice day,

    • Thank you Tatiana! I think I am wearing a size medium. I usually wear a small in Free People but I think I purchased the medium this time. I will update tomorrow. I cannot go check in the closet now because my husband is sleeping and I do not want to wake him up turning the light on and shuffling clothes. But I will definitely check tomorrow! : )

      That gnome is so silly! He keeps almost getting lost!

      Have a delightful Monday!


  3. Ah ha! I would recognize his blue shirt anywhere. Cheeky Gnome – trying to crawl up your skirt! Such pretty colors on that skirt. Hope you are having a blast at comic-con! Freddy and I went to a concert at the Ford on Friday night for our anniversary. It was great. Trio Ellas, The Blue Agave, and the Villalobos Brothers played. Such talent. Oh! And then on the shuttle bus to the parking lot, Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey came on the radio and everyone on the bust started singing it. It was like out of a movie. I thought I had captured it on my iphone but I found that I only caught a few seconds here and there. Ah well.

    • Thank you Cynthia! You are right! That gnome is cheeky! ; ). That night sounds like so much fun. I always love when big groups of people join together! One time I went on a wine tour and had the whole bus chanting “sausages”! That was fun! : ). I wish I could have been on your awesome singing bus. I would have had goosebumps!

      Sweet dreams!


  4. is he in the blanket? I love that skirt….I totally remember loving it in another post! hope you recover from the blisters soon. I am sure it was worth it!

    • Yes! He is in the blanket, that naughty silly creature! And thank you! : ). I wore bandaids on my blisters and did not feel them all day! I was worried and brought a pair of flip flops in my bag just in case but ended up not needing them.

      Have a wonderful week!


    • Thank you Stacey! That was such a relaxing day. My husband is turning into such a good photographer. : )

      Have a beautiful week!


  5. Oh my gosh, LUV those pics of you, so, so pretty! I’m serious you should frame the one of you twirling & looking around & of you looking down! They are perfect! I like to see pics of that of myself to remind me of a happy time, or happy place, and I think those would be that type for you! Put them in your bathroom, or do you have a bulletin board? I have one above my desk that houses lots of happy things for me! 🙂

    • Thank you Rebecca! With all of our art we actually do not have any real photos hanging up. They all get designated to the lower cabinets in the living room and the piano. And I am beyond awful about changing them. I should get a bulletin board in my bedroom. I am just never organized enough. : )

      Thank you for the suggestions and the nice things you said. I really appreciate them!

      Have a lovely week!


  6. You look so gorgeous in these photos! I’m so glad you decided to post this outfit! And I see that naughty gnome on the blanket there with you! Love to see you dancing on the beach, like something straight out of an Anthro catalogue!

    • Thank you Gwen! What you cannot see is my daughter leaping behind me in almost every shot completely photobombing. She was nuts that day! : ). I was lucky to get the few pictures that I did. She was naughtier than that gnome!

      Have a great day!


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