Late Summer Love Dress


I know it is not really “late summer” yet. I would say we are smack dab in the middle of summer as far as time plotting goes. However, Late Summer Love is the name of this dress and since I spent hours minutes staring at these outfit pictures trying to come up with a title and nothing came to me. Well, we went with the name of the dress. And when I say “we”, I mean “I”. Just like when I say “late summer” I mean “middle summer”. Unless I actually mean late summer but at that point I would probably call it early fall.

We are a walking contradiction.

For instance, sometimes I will have to layer something underneath a short dress or I feel naked. Other times, I will leave the house in a dress my husband mistook for a shirt.


I do not know why some pieces of clothing garner different rules than others. It is a conundrum.


This is off topic (if we were ever really on one), but my son calls this pose my chicken pose. That makes me laugh. Or rather squawk.

We took these pictures the other day at my daddy’s apiary. In the second picture above this one, you can see some old hives. I grew up wandering these paths.


I love this picture. It is probably my favorite outfit picture my husband has ever taken. I am not sure why. But it is such a candid shot, because I did not know my husband had started shooting. I like that I am fixing my gnome. It reminds me of being a little girl on that very road.

Although my mother never would have let me wear a dress that short.


My husband agrees with her.

I will pair this dress with leggings, tights and maybe even jeans in the wintertime.


Back to my son’s earlier observation: What would happen if I made it to the other side of this road?


Whatever the answer, I hope I could get there without flashing anybody.


I love the lilac tones in this dress mixed with the yellow. I purchased this dress with my birthday discount and a gift card while it is on sale.

And although it is short, it has really cool sleeves.

That is important.


‘Cause when you’re marching to your own beat, it’s nice to be able to do it with a little flare, regardless of the name of the season or the stance of your pose.

Do you have odd rules about clothes? Do you ever contradict yourself?

I do not know why I do. Squawk!

19 thoughts on “Late Summer Love Dress

    • Thanks Dawn! : ). The chicken pose is universal right? ; ). I really appreciate your compliments! Thank you!

      Have a great day!


  1. Awesome dress! That style definitely suits you (I’m sure you know that bc you seem to be drawn to it)! Isn’t it funny how we gravitate towards certain styles or colors?! I think sometimes I have many versions of the same thing. I’m sure my husband would agree, but boys just don’t understand! Esp if you find something on sale. You buy a couple or three of them bc it’s so worth it, right?! 🙂

    Also so neat about where you shot these pics! Is that land he owns, or just kept hives on? Sorry, i don’t know much about bee keeping, but I think it’s so interesting & a neat, unique job! Fun fun fun you went there & I agree about your candid pic, those are certainly the best!
    – rebecca

    • Thank you Rebecca. Yes, I love owning things in more than one color. It just makes sense. : ). Those bees are on my dad’s land although he does put a lot of hives on other farms. It is a cool process. He processes the honey on his property, though. We had such a lovely day at his house. We heed to go back more often.

      Have a great Tuesday!


  2. Haha you make me laugh so much! First with the “chicken pose” and also because your mother wouldn’t let you wear a dress that short. Neither would mine. maybe that’s why I like to now? Some inner childhood rebellion still lingering!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my pregnancy announcement – I totally can’t wait to introduce my kids to Harry Potter! 🙂

    • Thank you Ashley! I agree. Definitely some inner child rebellion going on! : ). Or maybe finally wearing what I really wanted to. I am so excited about your pregnancy. It is fantastic news! And I just got a Harry Potter shirt on Etsy. I bet they have baby shirts, too!

      Have a great week!


    • Thank you Melodee. Kids are funny. I like that they just tell it how it is. And I had not thought of that before but now it makes me laugh.

      Have a beautiful Tuesday!


  3. What beautiful photos! I love your hair up in a ponytail too. Please tell you son that you are not just doing a chicken pose – you are doing a superhero chicken pose. Something about those photos makes me feel like you are on location in a film shoot – shooting a superhero movie. A superhero movie where the superheros are cool pretty chicks in great outfits saving the world. Love it!

    • Ooooh! A superhero chicken pose! I love it! I have gots to tell my son that when he wakes up. I will warn you, he is very factual so he will probably go into detail about why there is no way I could be a superhero. Sigh. He never lets me get away with anything! ; )

      Thank you for the sweet compliment! Have a super week! ; )


    • Thank you Deniz. I hated that ponytail at the time. I was surprised it photographed okay. Thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it!

      Have a happy week!


  4. That dress is so flowy and pretty, it is a little short, but really since you have nice legs, NOW is the time to show them off. Besides you’re right in the winter (or perhaps late fall!) you can always layer jeans and tights underneath.

    I can’t believe your dad has an Apiary (I had to look it up on google to understand what it was!) that is very cool. And I love the image of you as a little girl walking these same paths.

    • Thank you Angie! It is short, so I cannot wait to layer it. I love incorporating my dad’s honey into cooking now as an adult. I just saw an idea today on “The Chew” where they added honey butter over fried chicken. That is definitely something yummy! : )

      Have a sweet week!


  5. So sweet and funny! I see the “chicken” in the pose now, and it cannot be unseen! I do love that your answer to the all important epistemological question of “Why did the chicken cross the road”? is a deflection of the question itself and instead a paranoid hope you’re not flashing anyone. I love that humor. No sincere and direct answer to the question would have topped that!

    I love seeing you on a path you traversed as a child. Knowing that, it gives the hazy, bleached photos even more feelings of memory and nostalgia. That purple and pink print is such a lovely combination and pattern, too. “Late Summer” is the perfect way to describe it. You look completely content and dreamy and pretty wearing it. It suits you beautifully. I know we’re still in the throes of summer, but I find myself thinking about the transition into fall nonetheless: getting excited for tights, for layering, for deeper shades and more abstract prints…I’m ready for it!

    <3 Liz

    • “It cannot be unseen”. I love that! I am glad you saw my deflection. I really have no answer to it but I guess the answer is infinite. I like the name of the dress, too. I think it was because the dress came out at the end of summer last year, but hit final clearance at the beginning of this summer. Free People sometimes takes a little longer to make markdowns.

      Sweet dreams! And thank you for the compliments. : )


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