Lemon Fields


Lemon wine
Thir-ty seven
A day without kids
I ate everything.

Isn’t that catchy? I think it is the next big hit.


Actually, I did not go to a lemon field. And I had neither lemon wine nor wore lemon or wine on this day, but I did visit a vineyard. I wore a lemon color and I drank enough wine to lead me to believe that this post should be entitled, “Lemon Wine” and then promptly changed my bleary mind. Does that count?


When my husband and I visited this vineyard, our children had embarked upon a weeklong camping trip with their grandparents. We were footloose and family free.

We ate so much I got sick.

I would say drank, but both the waiter and myself concurred that it must be the food and not the wine that had my head spinning. Who am I to argue with an expert?


Speaking of spinning, I spun through their gorgeous vineyard.


I had previously reviewed this skirt here, and I had dismissed it. But then Jessica from Breakfast at Gigi’s went and bought the skirt and I loved it so much on her, I decided to try it again. This time I ordered the Zocalo Maxi Skirt in a medium (it is sold out, but you might be able to call customer service and find it in a store). It was on sale and I loved pairing it with turquoise.


Another brilliant thing Jessica did was to iron the sides of the skirt closed. I contemplated doing this. And I eventually might go this route, but for now I simply paired my skirt with a lace slip. I like the extra dimension and coverage that it provides.


I cannot get enough of my Simply Livly’s Turquoise Necklace.


Who says romance is just for kids?

Wait. Does anybody say that? That is just wrong.

Either way, I definitely had a moment with that creme brรปlรฉe.

And nobody can tell me differently.

Have you spun through a vineyard? Or from a vineyard?

And who thinks lemon wine should be a thing?

Those strawberries are sweet and all, but lemons… they’ve got some tang.

P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

43 thoughts on “Lemon Fields

  1. Beautiful pics! I am a new fan of your blog. I am slightly obsessed with your decorating skills–especially your walls of art. As an SA at Anthro, I love to see how women wear the clothes–it inspires me and gives me great ideas for our customers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Melinda. I really appreciate that. Fifteen years ago, I was inspired by an Anthropologie catalog that came out and the woman was standing next to this wall with small paintings framed in gold. I desperately wanted to have a wall like that. It took many years and I am still not done! You made my day! : )

      Have a great weekend!


  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! Oh, how I miss wine. A good friend is having a wine tasting party today, and I am still going just for the food! She has promised these chocolate nachos that are to die for (chocolate, blue cheese and honey???). Sounds interesting….

    Thanks for the recommendation of the other blogger who is expecting. I enjoyed her site last night and have gotten a lot of good ideas. I just love how we can all get inspired by one another!

    • You must tell me how those nachos come out. They kind of scare me. I bet they are great though. What a fun outing for you! Girl outings are the very best, aren’t they? And I am so glad you like that other blogger. It is fun to meet other fashion bloggers that are doing pregnancy pics. One of my favorites, Tulle and Trinkets just did a pregnancy post today. You will like her. She is so sweet.

      Have a happy weekend and have fun at that get together! : )


  3. Lovely pictures! I am not a fan of wine, but I am a big fan of anything lemon! Lemon desserts are one of my favorites! Who knows, maybe I would like lemon wine, if there was such a thing!
    I love the color of the skirt on you. I can’t really wear yellow at all, but I do love to see it on others!

    • Thanks Alicia! I LOVE lemon desserts. I have a lemon bar recipe I should post soon. I keep tweaking it though, so I want it perfect before it goes up. The filling is great but I am experimenting with the bottom. I bet you would be gorgeous in yellow. I think yellow is a universal color (okay. I think all colors are universal. I think anyone can wear anything). That’s what I keep telling myself because I own every color! : )

      Have a fabulous weekend!


  4. My husband and I got lost while driving in Burgundy in France and wound up smack in the middle of a vineyard in the middle of the night. It was hilarious…but hard to drive out of. Their roads are so tiny we didn’t even notice that it had turned into a “trail” through the vineyard.

    I love these shots and the yellow skirt is glorious. It is such a pretty outfit, but good to know you can go out and eat lots and not worry about busting the seams : ) Birthday’s are all about excess and being the Queen for the day.

    I really liked you input on the comment on my blog about answering comments or not. It is true that often we only think of other bloggers, but there are just “normal” (LOL) readers out there that don’t have a blog.

    Have a lovely weekend Jenni!


    • That is funny. I probably would have panicked. Or looked for a barrel. ; )

      Thank you! I was worried about posting this outfit because my hips be a bit constrained in this skirt, but I really like it. I am at this very moment sitting on an outdoor couch watching my son and his friend splash in the pool. They are having so much fun. It is gearing up to be a busy day. I hope to end it with lots o’ wine, lemon or not. ; )

      I am glad my comment helped. I do think people come back and read the comments. I think a blog should be interactive. That is what makes me happiest. Arg! I still owe you that email! I am so behind! I will get on that while I wait and wait for the kids to get their hair cut today.

      Have a lovely weekend!


  5. I just drank some lemon coconut water. Does that count?

    Such pretty pictures. I miss living near wine country sometimes.

    • Of course that counts! It will count more with vodka! : ). Thank you about the pictures. It was a pretty day. I went there the other day with some girlfriends but drank too much and got sick. I need to go back and do it in better moderation! : )

      I hope you had a great week and a wonderful weekend!


      • Ha! Ha! Of course, I would add the alcohol. ; ). Although all I want tonight is iced tea. That sounds divine.

        Have a happy week!


  6. This color of yellow always makes me smile. I love lemon yellow. I think if I ever have a house someday, I will paint lemon yellow on a wall. Mustard yellow looks better on me – as far as clothing is concerned – but I never thought of getting a lemon yellow skirt. What a great idea!
    And lemon wine sounds divine!

    • Thank you Cynthia! Mustard yellow is one of my favorites, too. I actually love so many colors. I can never get enough. Except, I really don’t like burgundy. When I first met my husband he decorated in all burgundy and forrest green. And I think my eyes got too much of it. : )

      Have a happy Sunday!


  7. That gnome candle is amazing. You’re not going to burn it, are you? If someone gives me a cute creature candle, I always feel a bit like a murderer when I burn it, haha.

    Anyway, you look gorgeous! Love the lemon yellow, it’s a great colour on you, and looks just lovely with the white and turquoise. I agree, by the way, lemon wine is something I’d definitely want to try, if it existed!

    • Ha! It would be murder! No, I will never burn him. He is too cute. Plus, he has no scent, so it really would be anticlimactic.

      And thank you! Lemon wine needs to happen, but in a sweet white variety. Although, to be honest, wouldn’t orange flavored be heavenly, too? Yum!

      Have a great week!


  8. Hi there! Found your lovely blog through Effortless Anthropologie. I love this skirt on you, it’s so bright and cheery! I’m going to try and hunt it down now..

    • Thank you Susannah. I love Effortless Anthropologie. Roxy is great! Thank you about the skirt! I hope you can find it. I bet you will! If not now, then in a few weeks when online orders from the tag sale start being returned. : )

      Have a lovely week!


  9. Love this series of photos. The second one could be a catalog shot. I was just saying to my husband that we should go to California and do a wine tour…

    Lemon wine sounds good. Maybe it’d be kind of like limoncello?

    • Thank you Liana! I love my wine! I have been trying to figure out how I can get to Harry Potter Land for butterbeer. I want to go there so badly! I want to go to Napa, too. But Harry Potter is my number one priority right now. : )

      I love limoncello. It is so good!

      Have a happy week!


  10. Such a great lemon chiffon shade! I also love the fit of the skirt and how it’s snug through the waist and hips, and then relaxes below the hips for a flowing, sweeping silhouette. Nothing says romantic like a billowing skirt in a vineyard! Kyle and I visit wineries and vineyards frequently. When we lived in Michigan, we lived just a short drive from a wine trail of several different wineries. We would take a Saturday and hit several, have a picnic at one, and stock up our wine rack. It definitely got us interested in food and drink pairings. While there aren’t as many wineries in Georgia or Tennessee, we do visit those too, along with breweries and distilleries. It’s all great fun!

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you! I love wineries. And wine! Do you know I am currently out of wine?! What is the world coming to? I have been so lazy about buying more. I need to make a trip out tomorrow to stock up. Your picnics sound heavenly. I loved your trip to the distillery a few weeks ago! What fun!

      Have a splendid day tomorrow!


  11. Jenni, I am in love with your skirt and I love how you styled it. I think Yellow+White always look so fresh. Good job. The pop of Turquoise was great too.

    I am doing a link-up featuring Summer Trends every day this week and one of those trends is the Statement Necklace. I’d love for you to join my link up with this outfit. If you do, please include a link back to my blog. Thanks girl.

    Happy Hump Day!! Ada. =)

    • Thank you Ada! I appreciate that. I do love that necklace. It is one of my favorites. In fact, I have given them as gifts. My good friend loves hers!

      Have a super week!


    • Thank you Audrey! It is such a romantic place. Gosh, it has been weeks since i wen on a date night. It needs to happen again soon!

      Have a happy Thursday!


    • Thank you Courtney. I really appreciate it! I will definitely stop by in the morning. I am playing catch up from being gone all day. : )

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Nicole! And thanks for stopping by. It is hard to do pictures in a vineyard after having partaken in its bounty. So, I appreciate your sweet word.

      Have a wonderful week!


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