Purple Dayz


Who doesn’t want an easy summer? The deeper into summer it gets, the less I want to wear. Nothing says, “easy,” like a maxi skirt. More comfortable than jeans. More covering than shorts.

The best part about a maxi is definitely the breeze around your legs.


I purchased this maxi skirt for a great sale price on Free People (they have a new version here) last year. I have worn it but have never gotten around to blogging about it.

Purple is my least favorite color, but I love the volume of this skirt. And it has grown on me.


I did not want to be bogged down with too many accessories so I simply paired it with my Anthropologie Necklace from earlier this year.

The sandals were a killer deal that I scored in December. The were originally around $130 and I paid $23. I usually wait for a sale on most of my clothing and accessories. In fact, this whole outfit head to toe was obtained for $128.


I plan on wearing this skirt a lot this summer. A good rule of thumb is to buy your summer clothes in the fall and your winter clothes in the spring. You will get the best deals that way.


Do you wear maxis or shorts in the summer? Are you with me on wearing less accessories in the heat?

These photos were edited using the App Afterlife’s Equinox Filter.

12 thoughts on “Purple Dayz

  1. You look beautiful in pastels, Jenni! We don’t really get to see you in pastels that often, do we? I’m so used to you in your blues and earth colours. Have you thought about pairing purple with green? That always looks really pretty. (Like, a certain green cardigan with this skirt. Hehe.)

    As for me, I wear both maxis AND shorts. And I’m definitely with you on the less accessories thing – that summer we went to Asia, I’d even have to leave my wedding ring in the hotel sometimes, and last summer in France, my silver necklace literally burned my neck! (Or am I just a wimp? Haha!)

    • Thank you Gwen! I was thinking about what you said. I think that is right. I do not wear pastels a lot. I need to get on that. ; ). I hope to finally wear a grey dress tomorrow that I have had since November and have never gotten around to wearing. I need something that will stay cool because I will be out in the heat for four hours tomorrow.

      Thanks for reminding me! I put my wedding ring in my ring snail and haven’t worn it all day. I had put sunscreen on my sun and it kept falling off. I haven’t worn it all year.

      Have a marvelous Monday!


  2. I like the little gnome! It looks “real” with your filter. I hope you and all your other little ones, human and fur, are doing well!

    • Thank you! I was wondering if anyone would notice him! We are doing well, thank you! Knock on wood! There is a picture of Ollie going up tomorrow. : )

      Have a happy Monday!


  3. What a fun skirt. I would buy maxi skirts all the time. I love them, but I rarely wear them when I have little, little kids. I tend to trip on them leaning down and so on. I would prefer to wear skirts in the summer, but mostly wear shorts due to the small children I have handing around 😉

    • Thank you Alicia. I just love maxis on you, but I get with your schedule not wearing them all of the time. You are busy! I really loved your post the other day where you walked us through your day. It was so interesting and well written.

      Have a lovely week!


  4. Pretty in Purple!
    I tend to wear knee length cotton skirts in the summer. I changed out of jeans today and put on a skirt so I would be cooler. I can’t believe how hot it has been this year. Usually around this time I am frustrated with the June Gloom. Where is the June Gloom this year?! Scary.

    • Thank you Cynthia! I am outside tomorrow from 1-5, so I am worried about the heat! It is crazy hot! It is scary. I miss the June gloom! I have always liked it. I just want rain. Oh my gosh, we need rain.

      Have a happy Monday!


  5. Purple is a good colour on you. I like how breezy and relaxed this outfit looks. Definitely a great summer outfit.

    Our summers never get too hot. Usually at most it’s 20-25 C (I think that’s 70-80 F?). And our summers are really short, so I try to wear my dresses and skirts as soon as I can. I think most of my dresses and skirts are just above the knee but there’s something really effortless about maxi dresses that I really like too.

    • Thank you Liana. I like a skirt that is easy. Your summers sound perfect. I wish ours were not so hot. It has been miserable. You look great in skirts the length you described. I can see why you wear them. I love that style and length on you!

      I hope your week has been going beautifully!


    • Thank you Jac! Dresses are good always. I am about to go shower and get into one. I promised the kids a trip to the library.

      Have a happy Wednesday!


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