Keepin’ It Real March 2014

My brain seems to have turned to mush in the month of March. Is that how the saying for March goes? “March Madness” or March Mushiness”? I keep making foolish mistakes in my posts. I have been catching them before they actually go up (hopefully). But, for example, in two posts, I found these two sentences:

“The hotel also sent up a sweet gift of chocolate covered strawberries for are anniversary.”

” I thought this was the picture that best depicted the link of the skirt.”

I brought a $10 bill to dinner when I thought I had grabbed a $100. I have been making silly blunders. Everywhere in life. It is odd and I hope it ends in April!

In my Keepin’ It Real posts, I like to share things that went on in the month that I never got around to posting about. Or photo snafus. It is my monthly random (or at least, more random than usual) post:


I love the nail color I painted my nails this month. It is a gel nail finish. I will have to get them redone this Friday.



Photo outtakes.


A Murphy photo outtake.


Okay. Here is another one. He deserves it. He is quite ornery.


I have been reading this romantic fantasy book series as a wonderful escape.


I thought this was a funny item waiting in our hotel room bathroom at The Wynn hotel.


If I were to describe March in a sentence, I would say it was the month I became obsessed with Nutella.


Trader Joe’s has super cheap daffodils right now.


I was at a club with my friends and had to take a picture of the tile around the toilet. It was so unexpected and pretty. I want to do this in my master bathroom as the toilet is in a separate stall.


Have you tried a hamburger from The Habit? Oh. My. Gosh. Yum! : )


Found a new italian restaurant in town that makes their pasta from scratch. Mmmm. So good!


We have an authentic wood burning Italian pizza place right around the corner from us. The pizza is amazing. My son and husband have started adding french fries to half of their pizza and declared it the best thing ever. I tried it and it is surprisingly good. Have you tried french fries on your pizza?


My son is a gentle soul. We have long since learned that rough sports are not for him. He also did not like the yelling involved in martial arts. So, we found his thing in golf.

I love to go with him to his lessons. It is so peaceful. I thought this tree branch looked like an evil hand trying to pluck the hawk from the sky.


Have you ever read Jenny from The Bloggess’ recount of the time she purchased a five foot tall rusty rooster? If not, here it is. She does curse. This does not bother me. But I thought I should add that before you click over. However, she is the funniest person. Ever.

Anyway, in honor of her, I had to snap a picture of this huge rusty rooster I found whilst driving around. Again, there are so many people in this world I must meet!

What was something cool you saw or tried this month? Please share!

23 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real March 2014

    • I know! She is great! I have a post coming up soon in regards to her book. She is the coolest and so relatable! : ). I would love to meet that girl!

      Have a beautiful day!


  1. So funny to see this post with your outfit photo bloopers after I just responded to your comment on my blog about the same thing. I love that you post them. They make me feel more human in that I’m not the only one with super awkward snapshots! I’mobsessed with strawberry, banana, nutella crepes, if you haven’t tried that recipe yet. Good breakfast AND dessert!

    <3 Liz

    • I have yet to post all of my pictures where my eyes look like demons. I am not that brave yet! ; ).

      I meant to tell you I love your hair straightened. It is so pretty. But, you are always pretty, so I like it both ways.

      Mmmmm. Nutella, strawberry, banana crepes? I have had Nutella banana crepes, but not with added strawberries. Oh, yum! I love Nutella so much! Now I want more! Yes, more. I all ready had some today! : )

      Have a delightful week!


  2. haha, love your pix and March happenings…ahhhhh nutella….we love that around here! love that your son is interested in golfing, what a fun thing to learn! happy almost April 🙂

    • Thank you Melodee. I do think golf is a good thing to learn. Hopefully it will serve him well as an adult!

      Aw, Nutella. My heart is in that jar! : )

      Have a great evening!


  3. That is so sweet to hear that your son is a gentle soul. I wish we had more people like him in the world.
    I really like that tile in the bathroom. And the emergency toilet paper. Couldn’t stop laughing about that one! I sure do love some bathroom humor! Freddy finds this a little alarming about me but… hey… it’s funny!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I love bathroom humor, too. Have you ever seen Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers? They are trivia books for the bathroom. Too funny!

      My son is a sweetie. I am so proud of him. : )

      Have a gorgeous week!


  4. Always take time to play with the cute babies. I enjoyed seeing both puppies. I too have been loving the Trader Joe daffodils. They bloom so beautifully. They make me smile. The metal chicken story by The Bloggess made me laugh until I cried. My husband kept trying to take her book away from me when I was reading it before bed because I was making too much noise (laughing too hard) reading it and keeping him awake.

    • Right? The dogs are so cute. Although lately, Murphy has been so odd. I need to figure out what is going on with him. Oh my gosh! That book. No story will ever compare to her squirrel story. That squirrel story had me laughing so hard I was gasping and crying!

      I have a review of that book going up soon!

      Have a fun week!


  5. That is an awesome toilet! And such a nice nail colour for you! if you ever want to downgrade to regular polish, Essie has a shade called Mint Candy Apple that looks really similar. And yes, that branch is absolutely an evil claw hand. Fries on pizza though? Uh, I’m not sure I have the nerve to try that one out for myself – but I’m going to try to make turkey poutine (sp?) – it’s that Canadian greasy fries and cheese dish – tomorrow so I guess that’s my cholesterol taken care of for the rest of the week…;)

    • Oh! I have always wanted to try that Canadian dish! Yum! Tell me how it ends up. We ate at a diner for lunch today and the portions were ginormous. So, our dinner was so small. And now all I want is to eat every sweet treat in the house!

      I usually just have plain nails. I got them done for Vegas. The gel destroys my nails, so I will get them done one more time and then just let them go. In fact, I might just do a regular manicure this week (I have to be there anyway to pay them to take off the gel polish). Then start with regukar nail polish.

      Thanks for the tip! I love this color!

      Have sweet dreams!


  6. Hi! Lots of things: in your last post I thought you looked great in shorts!!! I know what you mean about not many people looking good in them. I have no choice but to wear them here in AZ’s 115 avg temp summer days! I’m also 5’10”, so maybe that helps, but I still think my legs are “thicker” than I’d like them to be! Lol! :). Yours did not look thick to me, seriously! 🙂

    I’ve been in love with Nutella since I first tasted it in France 14 yrs ago! I introduced it to my husband & he’s obsessed too!

    I’m not a lover of meats, but do eat chicken & I love Habit burger’s grilled cx salad w/ balsamic dressing! It’s an awesome salad w/ good veggies, yummy cx, & I love their balsamic! Try it sometime bc I think it’s pretty healthy!

    I’m afraid to try fries on pizza bc I love both of them!!

    I think I may have over used the phrase ” I love” in this comment! 🙂

    Have a great night friend!
    – Rebecca

    • Oh man! I will have to try that chicken salad. I have wanted nothing except for chicken salads lately. In fact, that is what I am making for us soon.

      Thank you for the shorts comment. They were so short, I know I would never feel comfortable in them. At 5′ 10″, you would look lovely in shorts. Lucky girl! I saw my legs in jeans in a picture today and just about cried. It was not good. I need to start exercising. That must have just been a good picture. : )

      You have a great night, too! I am going to read a romance book for an hour!


  7. Loved your food pictures. And your dog outtakes… I have hundreds of photos like that! I’ll have to look for that fantasy romance series too… looks like a great light read.

    • Thank you Liana! I am going to read the last book for one hour tonight! I have skimmed through a lot of the other four. So, I am not sure about recommending the whole series. But the gist of it is good. Please let me know if you do try it! : )

      Sweet dreams!


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