My March Purchases. Eep!

Thank you guys for all of the anniversary wishes. They were much appreciated! We just got home and I am working on responding to all of your sweet comments. I cannot wait to check out my favorite blogs and chat with everyone. We had a nice time, but being home feels so good. I will do a recap soon. I also did some Anthropologie reviews while I was there. (Spoiler: I did not buy anything and only added two of the fifteen items I tried on to my wishlist. And one of those items is a pair of jeans). I also was able to do some Free People reviews while I was in Vegas and I added everything I tried on except for one pair of shoes to my wishlist there. Curious to see what you think.

I had the following post ready before I left. I figured I would share what I purchased this month. Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal (knock on wood):

I am so boring this month. Well, not budget wise. Budget-wise I am weeping. That is because I went over this month. I was having the hardest month and to make myself feel better I shopped. Then I felt guilty. And worse. But I love the darn clothes. I need to slow my roll for April. I believe I say this every month… Hmmmm.


I purchased these fun Cala Pompom Sandals from Anthropologie. It is the first full price purchase I have made in a long time. The funny thing is, they had 15% off two weekends ago, so I got a price adjustment. I guess I can’t pay full price even when I try.


And I purchased this amazing hippie dress from Free People called Sweet Lady Maxi. And not so sweetly of me, I cropped the model’s head off. I did not like the hat she was wearing with the dress. It ruined it for me and is perhaps the reason this dress hit sale so soon. And also, maybe the shoes. But who am I to criticize? It is on sale from $108 to $50. I bought it in a small in the pink color and it fits perfectly. It needs a slip underneath, but that just makes it better, because it adds a fairy tale like feel. Post about this dress coming up next week!


You know what? This beheading of models thing is kind of addicting. Here I did it again. Nothing against the models, but I can picture things so much better when the dress is on a form. Anyway, I also got this Candela Heart Dress for 62% off which might be my new favorite thing. So, of course I have only been caressing it. I have been scared to wear it. I don’t want it to get hurt.


Here I left only two torsos. I am sick, man. Sick.

Marie Antoinette had nothing on me. Brahahahahah!

Forever 21 is selling these cute items that they call dresses and I call slips. The first one in coral is Backless Smock Dress for $15.80. The second one in blush is called Darling Babydoll Dress for $14.80. I bought the two different colored pink slips to layer in two different sizes so one will peek out from underneath the other. I plan on layering a fun cardigan over the pair.


I scored this Free People X Lydia Maxi Skirt from Nordstrom Rack. I wore it in Las Vegas. It is one of the few Las Vegas outfit photos I managed to capture.

This is my first photo here I did not mangle. It is me being a grown up.

Why is that so hard?


On top of all that I bought two vintage pieces (one being a belt that was featured last Thursday) from Modcloth when they did their bohemian vintage collection.


I think what we learned here is that I am secretly a homicidal ballerina princess who cannot stick to her budget.

Who knew?

Hey! I can see you raising your hand.

Have you been as bad as me this month? What is something that you purchased this month that you love? Or have you been so very good?

26 thoughts on “My March Purchases. Eep!

  1. Budgeting sucks, but an unfortunate necessity. 🙁 I think this month has been bad for me too, but it’s all a blur. I have a day off on Friday so I’m just going to sit down and take stock.

    Welcome back, and happy anniversary! (I don’t think I’ve said that yet. :))

  2. March seemed to get me as well. I ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes and two dresses plus a sweater off ebay! Yikes. I didnt think about it till you asked what I got:)
    I found an awesome pair of vintage new balance sneakers at dsw for $35 and the hubby told me to go for it…so I did! I also got a pair of patent leather black pumps, which I did not have and have needed for a very long time. I ordered a pair of sandals (the riverway sandals at anthro, but I got them from piperlime) but they were too small, I am waiting for them to restock to exchange them…so maybe they won’t count for march 🙂

    I was able to get some great deals from piperlime/banana republic with rewards points and discount codes…so that helps. I got this dress for 70% off because of all my codes/rewards and I just love it!

    Can’t wait to see pics from your trip!

    • Thank you Alicia for sharing! I love to hear about what people ended up getting. Those black patent pumps sound so cute! I will need a pair eventually, too, but my feet are protesting. High heels kill me. That dress is adorable! There are so many ways you can wear it. I love how the bottom is flounced. What a great deal!

      I am all shopped out for March and I am not in the mood to shop right now. So, April is looking good! Right now I am working on getting all of the laundry done from the trip. No fun! : )

      Have a lovely evening!


  3. Happy Belated Anniversary! It’s a good idea to crop out the heads, models always pose with this weird vacant look in their eyes, have no idea why!

    • Thank you Maggie! We had a good time.

      I did not notice the models. I was distracted by the hats. They drive me crazy. So, until that trend passes, I like to look at it this way! : )

      Have a beautiful week!


  4. I like your purchases! Those pom pom sandals are amazing.

    I did pretty well with my budget in February (perhaps because for 8 days of it, I was in the backcountry with no internet access). I’m a bit over for March, but not terribly so.

    I have an app on my phone called Mint that tracks expenses, and you can set budget limits for different categories. I try to check it every few days and that helps. It also sends email alerts if you have high spending in a category.

    • Thank you for that app recommendation! I love that! I will definitely check it out. Right now I set a budget and manually write everything in. But it would be fun to graph it. I love anything that allows the mundane to be less so. Especially mundane tasks! I do not know about email alerts, though! I can imagine my husband’s reaction to that! Ha! That would be fun. Um, not. ; )

      But I will definitely check it out! Thanks again!

      Have a happy week!


  5. Welcome back Jenni! Can’t wait to hear about the trip. Nordstom Rack was able to find the skirt for me, so I am patiently waiting for it to come in the mail! In the meantime, an order from Anthropologie arrived today. I splurged on a full price dress, and a skirt that I was hoping would get cut further. I was almost hoping that the pieces wouldn’t fit so I could return them without regret, but they both fit great! Maybe the skirt will get a second cut in time for me to get a price adjustment…… Although, a tulle skirt has been on my wishlist for a long time so I shouldn’t feel bad about it. Hope to blog about these newbies soon!

    • And, I should say that I sold a dress on eBay that wasn’t getting much love anymore and that money cancels out the full price dress purchase. That makes me feel better.

      • That is awesome! I have so many pieces I have set aside to sell on eBay. I have been lazy about it lately. You saying that is the motivation I need to get myself into gear and just do it all ready! Seriously, I have about forty pieces I have been waiting on. Time to do it!

        Thank you for the reminder!


    • Thank you Heather! So glad you were able to get the skirt. I ended up wearing mine in Vegas and I got a lot of compliments on it. It is a fun piece. I cannot wait to see how you style it! I also cannot wait to see your fun pieces! I hope they get to you soon so I can see pictures! I love how you style all of your clothes. And I am intrigued by your tulle skirt. I have three and I am always looking for other ways to style them.

      Thank you for sharing! It made me happy to imagine what you got!

      Have a delightful evening!


  6. Sounds like you had a good time in Vegas, I’m so glad! 🙂
    That rainbow patch skirt is SO you, I can’t wait to see it on you – out of all these things, that’s got to be my favourite. I realise this might sound kinda blasphemous, but after a while, those Free People dresses all start to look kind of similar… or is it just me? They are still beautiful though, don’t get me wrong, haha!
    I was kind of under the illusion that I’d been very good in March, and then I realised I’d actually bought a Madewell top, the Crescent necklace at Anthro, and then three things from the recent Anthro sale (the UK finally got one!) – including the Briarwood pullover and my very first peplum top! (Like my very first Barbie, only more awesome, haha.)

    • La. La. La. La. La. I can’t hear you. Yes. Totally blasphemous! And, no they do not look alike. Can you not see that the one set of sleeves is one inch longer than the other? The pink on one the shade of an ostrich’s mouth, while the other the shade of the underneath of its toenails. One has lace. The other only dreams of it. In the light, if you stand next to a lily and turn to the left while facing the sun and standing on one foot, one of the dresses will tell you the future. I won’t tell you which one. Different, I tell ya. So very, very differently the same. ; )

      We did have a good time, but now we are exhausted. It is hard to get back into the routine of things.

      I love that vintage skirt. It ended up fitting me perfectly. So excited! I have all ready worn it ince and plan on doing so many more times. It is one of my favorites!

      Your pieces all sound amazing! I cannot wait to see them on you! : )

      Have a great day!


      • …the shade of an ostrich’s mouth….!!! *dies laughing*

        Yes of course, my dear, I see it now. Completely and utterly different. 😛

      • Oh, good. I am glad. Now maybe you will get the fortune telling dress! ; )

        And you could predict how many dresses like those I can cram into my closet before my husband begins to notice that they are all so “different” too!


  7. So glad to have you back for reals. While I truly enjoyed each of your posts while you were gone, knowing you weren’t really there bummed me out. :-). No pressure ~~ really. LOL.
    So glad to hear you had a lovely anniversary. So nice that you were able to get away and have an adventure. Can’t wait to see pics.
    I was sad to read you had a stressful month. Here you were building me up and you were going through struggles yourself. Some cyber friend I am. Boo. XXOO


    • Thank you Brynne. It was fun. Not our best trip, but we are old enough to make the best of an imperfect situation.

      No worries! : ). It was just a rough beginning of March. I have high hopes that April will be better. It is really nice to be home right now. Of course, the kids got back this afternoon from camping. Now my clean house is littered with toys and dirty clothes. Five suitcases. So much to get to! I made spaghetti for dinner and the dirty dishes are waiting for me in the morning. I would not trade it for anything! : )

      I am glad to be back blogging! It was weird not doing it for so many days. I will need to figure out what I will do when we go on our family trip in June. I will probably just continue through it like I did last time. There seems to be more downtime for that sort of thing on a family vacation!

      Thank you for the sweet words. I hope your week is happy!


  8. I can’t wait to see you in the Heart Dress and vintage skirt!
    I have not bought anything in forever. Which is great for my finances of course. I think the trick is to have two gift certificates to Anthropologie burning a hole in my pocket. Seriously. It is crazy. It makes no sense!
    I think there is something in the air. I just referenced the French Revolution in a blog post I wrote this evening.

    • Thank you Cynthia! I have not worn the Heart Dress yet. I need to!

      And it makes total sense. I had given myself to buy one thing at Anthropologie while we were on vacation. But I tried on fifteen things and really only liked one thing. But it was too expensive at $248. So, I get it! I hope Anthropologie gets some good things in soon so I can add stuff to my wishlist. I am really liking Free People right now. And the vintage pieces on Etsy are awesome!

      Have a lovely Thursday!


  9. dude, I know what you mean. How could you say no to these (argh, and you do find such nice deals too!). In fact,I just found myself hovering over the washed out black version of that sweet lady maxi, wanting to buy it! It’s so cute, but I have something similar so I backed away (plus a super cute orange dress on sale sold out while I dithered). That bohemian maxi skirt is incredible- I kinda gasped when I saw the picture. Good find!

    I have been a little ‘bad’ this month- lured by the allure of the birthday discount (even though it’s such a small thing…) I picked up two black and white dresses (Pearl district dress and the Nightsnow tunic) and the bright sunny yellow cropped pointelle cardigan. But I was happy to treat myself. so there!

    • I love your splurges! Happy belated birthday! You deserve all of those nice things! And more! : )

      I, too, have been craving the washed out black version of that dress. I picked up a sweet yellow floral maxi slip in Vegas at Free People (the one thing I allowed myself to buy because I counted it as vacation underwear. See how sneaky I am?). I think it would be amazing under that black dress. But I have to wait until April. Too bad about that orange dress! It might popback. I see that happen all of the time.

      I want so much from Free People right now. They are making my soul clothes! It is hard being patient and waiting for sale! : (

      Thank you for sharing your items! I cannot wait to see how cooly you style them!

      Have a wonderful week!


  10. hahahaha! I always pretend to have a budget, then there is the secret “mad money” budget, then there is the “oh, I didn’t spend that at Costco” budget. it happened just yesterday when I spied a vintage green typewriter….at that moment I totally FORGOT about that thing called budget….what????haha! glad to hear you had fun and I LOVE your finds, those shoes, oh so cute!

    • I know exactly what you mean! Oh, our water bill is only $20 this month? A kid’s lesson was cancelled? A secret lightbulb goes off in my head! It all comes and goes from the same place. But I track every penny. This definitely keeps me sane!

      A vintage green typewriter?! Yep. I would have never heard of the word, “budget.” That sounds amazing! I hope you blog about it! I want to see it.

      And hold it.

      And just caress it.

      A little. ; )

      Have a happy Thursday!


    • Thank you Emily. I got mine from Nordstrom Rack. If you have one near you I highly recommend checking them out for great savings! : )

      Sweet dreams!


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