My Favorite Posts Of The Year

My blog just turned one! I am so happy about its birthday!

I set out to create a blog that was fun. A blog that was a chaotic mess of everything I was passionate about. I wanted to renew my love for writing. I wanted to find people with interests similar to my own and have a connection. Make new friends. Create. A blog. An imperfect blog so that I could be my complete imperfect self. I was, for the first time in my life, optimistic.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to read it.

Who has stopped by to touch my soul.

Thank you.

I wanted to share my favorite twenty posts over the year. Some of which I feel have been buried in the archives. And maybe you have not seen them before. These posts are the ones I remember. The ones I am proud of, or I thought they were funny, or informative, or just represented my blog the best.

In random order:


1. Hulk Hands

2. Dear Children: Hating Me

3. We’re Painting The Blanket Pink

4. Come In…


5. I Paid $40 For Closure With Sean Astin

6. Ten Cents

7. Dear Children: Doll Skirt

8. My Very First Post


9. Grandma

10. Happy Birthday “Honey”

11. Country Girl

12. Meatball Sliders


13. Rainbow vest

14. Shapeshifter Me

15. A Lion Of A Lie

16. My Library Ladder


17. Chicken Pot Pie and Tuna Pie

18. Eye Shawl

19. My Husband’s Secret

20. Dear Children: Halfway


21. “Say What?!” Darn! I forgot about this one! And it makes me giggle. Is it against the rules to add it? Hmmm. Well, since I made the rules, I am gonna let it in. The same way I am gonna use the word “gonna” three times in this paragraph. I love my rules! : )

Thank you for all of your support! As I was deciding what my favorite posts were I could not help but reflect on how much fun this last year has been for me. It is so nice to have this little creative outlet.

I know I can be wacky and a bit much. I appreciate you beyond words for sticking by this crazy blog. It has been so wonderful meeting all of you this past year.

Thank you!

18 thoughts on “My Favorite Posts Of The Year

  1. Happy birthday gnome lover!!! I have so enjoyed getting to “know” you through this lovely blog over the past few months. Dedicated GL fan 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah! That means so much to me. Especially with how busy I know you are right now. I have been thinking about you all of the time. Thank you so much for the kind words!

      I hope your week is soothing and sweet!


  2. Yeah, happy blog birthday! My faves out of all your posts are, in no particular order, “Husband’s Secret Ipod”, “Hulk Hands”, “Closure with Sean Astin”, and “Nice Boots!” But really, I like them all. You rock, girlfriend! 🙂

    • Thank you Gwen! That is so sweet. And thank you for letting me know your favorites. It really does help. Well, actually you always help! I appreciate our friendship! My son got sick in the middle of the lesson I spoke to you about last weekend. So, that was a good time. ; ). Will write more details soon!

      Thank you again! Have a delightful week!


  3. Oh the post about your grandmother and that great smile is and will probably always be my favorite.

    Favorite eye candy post is you on the library ladder. I can see why Free People used it. It and you are lovely.

    Happy one year Bl-irthday.

    • Thank you so much Brynne! You have always been so supportive. I appreciate your support and you so much. And thank you for the sweet comment on my grandma. That makes my heart so happy.

      Thank you again! I hope your week is happy!


  4. oh I just love looking at your posts! your house is so stinkin’ cute!!!!!! are your tan boots vintage or something like frye? love all of your posts:)

    • Thank you Melodee! I am so glad you like my house! : ). It makes me want to clean it! ; )

      The boots are vintage from the flea market. They are not Frye. They just say Made In America. I have found them on ebay before by looking for vintage campus made in america boots! I paid $50 for mine. I hope that helps! Or just go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I have scored all three pairs of my vintage bots (one Frye) there. Although, the last two times have been slim pickings.

      Thank you again! Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Lyn! That is so nice of you! I appreciate it. I had such a good time with that experience and then writing it. I am so glad it shined through!

      Thank you for making me smile this night!

      Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  5. I’m looking forward to catching up on some of these! I think “Say What?” was my absolute favorite post – so hilarious, so something that might happen to me! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Brynne! “Happy Birthday Honey” is a similar vein to that one. : ). I am so glad you liked that post. It was one of my favorites. Although it was embarrassing at the time. As all good stories are! ; )

      Thank you again! Have a great week! I cannot wait for your thrift store post tomorrow! I love those!


  6. Happy One Year! Love love love the wacky! And you are never too much. We want much much more.
    Fantastic post picks. My favorites out of the ones you picked are your Grandma and Husband’s Secret. Has your daughter figured it out yet? lol

    • Thank you! Thank you Cynthia! I appreciate that! Those are probably two of my three (Shapeshifter Me) favorite posts of the year, too. That one with my husband makes me laugh so hard. Thankfully, it is his favorite post. He thinks it is hilarious, too. I have not brought myself to reread the post about my grandma. It makes me too sad. But one day I will. It is just nice knowing it is there.

      Oh. I have part two coming up. The answer is yes. It was kind of awesome! : )

      Thank you for always being so supportive! You’re the best!

      I hope you have sweet dreams!


    • Thank you Suzanne!

      I thought so. : ). I am glad you did, too. I try to always find the humor in life.

      Have a delightful week! Jamaica!!!


  7. Happy blog birthday. I love that you take risks with some of your writing and are so dedicated. You post everyday and they are not little posts either! I look forward to reading some of your first posts. I myself feel bad about some of my favorite posts being lost in the archives. I think it’s great that you did this birthday post and listed your favorites. I loved that Sean Astin one!
    Thanks for sharing these,

    • Thank you so much Stacey. It is a lot of work! But I have enjoyed it so much. When it gets to be too much, I will definitely slow down. But so far, I have loved posting everyday! I am so glad you like it. I appreciate that. The Sean Astin meeting was amazing. I would do it again in a heartbeat! : )

      Thank you again! Have a fabulous week!


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