Reading: The Husband’s Secret


My friend, Holli, had mentioned this book to me and since it was three days before I had to pick a book for our book club, I decided to research it.

It looked great. I liked the title.


I loved the title.

It made me giggle. Seriously, my heart is usually jostled at least once a week when it breaks into a rhythm of laughter I cannot control.

Because I just posted My Husband’s Secret a few days ago. And it still makes me giggle (stay tuned for part two) every time my husband pulls out his iPod.

Moving on to the review.


I ordered my copy from Amazon.

I usually always read the book I pick before I pick it for book club. But I was procrastinating. Actually, I was reading a fabulous fantasy series, but that would not be my book club’s cup of tea. I decided to spare them and pick a “chick lit.”

I read the book in two days. The end did make me cry. Just a bit. As all “what ifs” do. I don’t know about this book. It was a lot to process. Someone mentioned the book having ADHD in one of their reviews. That is a fair assessment.

I think I would give this book a 6.5 out of 10. It was not my favorite book (here I am being like those parents. “Now Jimmy, we don’t say we don’t like something. Just say it’s not your favorite.” Ahem). I was skeptical about this author because it seems she took every scenario in creative writing class and turned them into books. What if you got amnesia? What if you found a letter addressed to you? I do not know if I am being too critical. I never cared about any of the characters. I do not know why. She is very descriptive, but there is just an element of something missing that would have made me feel anything towards them.


You guys are all smart human beings. I am sure, you, like me, will guess the husband’s secret just by reading the back cover. Thankfully, there is another twist. Otherwise, the book would have gotten a three out of ten from me.

The book did reinforce my terror of children running into the road. It is a real and horrible thing.

And, there is a character in the book, Felicity. She used to be “fat” but has lost weight and is now beautiful. SIGH. The way she writes about this heavier girl made me tell my husband, “this author has never been heavy.” So, yea, hated (uh-oh! Look away Jimmy!) that part.

The ending was great, in my opinion. I did enjoy the quick flash forwards into the character’s lives. That was a nice touch. It was well done and well executed.

Most of the girls in book club gave this book a nine out of ten. It gets wonderful reviews on Amazon. I was just turned off by the Felicity character, the drawn out drama, and my lack of empathy for any of the characters.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Was I too harsh?

4 thoughts on “Reading: The Husband’s Secret

  1. First of all – Happy One Year Anniversary!!! woo hoo! I’m doing a little celebratory dance!

    Jenni – I love your blog. It makes me happy to come over here every day to see what you are up to. And, I am always moved – moved to dance – moved to cheer – to smile – to tears. You’ve got a unique voice and a generous spirit and you are also so funny. Thank you!!! And congratulations!

    As for the book. I am with you about how the audience has to care about the characters. Especially if they are doing and saying unlikable things. From what you are saying, it sounds like there is no emotional connection. Thank you for the review!

    • Thank you so much Cynthia. I really appreciate that. One of the best parts of this blog this year was meeting you. I think you are such a good person. I really admire all of the selfless things you do for the causes you believe in.

      Your comments are so sweet. They made my night! Thank you so much!

      Have a happy week!


  2. I double-dare you to take pick a fantasy novel for your next book club! There’s lots of “literary” fantasy these days, anyway, something like Jeff Vandermeer’s “City of Saints and Madmen,” for instance? Or just bring that series you were reading – one book each time you get to pick. 😉

    Anyway, I don’t think this book is for me. At all. I did quite like the sound of Eleanor and Park, though, that you reviewed a while ago. Because that book sounded like it has a heart. This one kind of sounds empty.

    • Thank you Gwen! Ha! I have picked a fantasy book before, but only two women read it. So, I want to pick somethin’ everyone will enjoy. I can understand not getting the genre. And there are some genres I hope they don’t pick. I think chick lit is an easy choice, because we all (in book club) enjoy it.

      This month’s book is pretty heavy. I have not gotten to it yet. I do not enjoy heavy books. Life is hard enough. ; ). So, I am putting it off. I admit it. Don’t tell! ; )

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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