It’s The Little Things: Waterlogue App


I love a fun app! I have all ready done a post about another app I love here. But there is always room in my heart for more.

I first learned about this app from the blog One Can’t Get Over The Habit Of Being A Little Girl All At Once. It intrigued me. For $3 you can change your photos into watercolors. How awesome is that?

The app is called Waterlogue. It has quite a few different settings to choose from to change your pictures into dreamlike creations. My favorite picture settings in Waterlogue are Bold and Travelogue. Although, I really like them all.


Here is a picture of a tree I took.


Here is the picture Waterlogued.




Some outfit posts made more fun with the app.



My dogs turned into paintings!


This app is highly addicting. As an insomniac, I love it!

I may or may not also be spending my nights turning pictures of David Beckham into “art.” And he may or may not be in a certain state of dress. And I may or may not post this weird paragraph.

Is over-sharing a thing?

It’s the little things: making memories even more fun and special!

Have you tried this app yet? Isn’t it so cool? Do you have any other app recommendations?

20 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Waterlogue App

  1. That is such a great discovery!! I am going to get it now as I have far too many photos. You should use it in some of your future posts. I’m glad to see that water-colour Jenni has just as cool outfits and the real thing.

    Hmm, I don’t know about Mr. Beckham and those tattoos. I am sure Beyonce or Cheryl Cole will look just fine though 🙂

    • Ha! I haven’t done girls yet. Well, besides me and my daughter. You will have to tell me how those turn out. : )

      I hope you love the app! It is so much fun! I will definitely use it for future posts. I love the dreamlike quality it gives pictures.

      I hope you are doing well!

      Have a lovely weekend!


    • Thank you Heather! Darn! I do not like calling the stores. It scares me. I rarely do it. Plus, getting a price adjustment is such a pain. A lot of the stores will not do it over the phone. That is why I do most of my shopping online. But one still might popback. This has been the best week for popbacks I have ever seen!

      Have a super Friday! : )


  2. OMG Jenni! I haven’t even downloaded the app yet and I can tell you for sure that I am going to be addicted. I see my weekend slipping away. I love the photos of your dogs. So cute. Great find. I will try that David Beckham thing……..sounds intriguing. Love you.

    • Thanks Liz! It is addicting. Especially when you do your kids’ photos. They turn out so cool! I sent one of my nephew to my brother-in-law (I cannot find my own sister’s email address). Remember that dream I had about Mr. Beckham? Well, the reason I have been changing his picture is because I made a funny split screen of him pulling the door-handle in one of his underwear ads and me pulling it in another direction. With funny captions. And no one will ever even get to see it because I don’t want to get sued. : (

      Way. Too. Much. Time…

      I hope your week has been wonderful and your weekend is relaxing!


      • I am dying laughing at that and absolutely MUST see that photo. How does your husband sleep with you giggling over photos all night long. I tried it with a photo of myself yesterday and could not believe how making myself look cartoonish would make my nose look like an entity of its own!! I think i picked the wrong picture. I am going to try again today with some pics of the kids. I will send them to you over the weekend. FYI I am off all week next week! I will give you a call. Try to remember to turn on your phone hee hee

      • He sleeps through anything. Except lights on. He hates lights on. So, I stay in the dark making funny pictures of me and David Beckham. Which sounds creepier than it is. Or maybe it is exactly as creepy as it sounds.

        Yes call me! I am 99% sure I will have my phone. Or not. Or it will be charged. Or not.

        But I will try! Thanks for the pic today! It made my day!

        I love you!


  3. These pictures are adorable! Victor has a similar app called Paper Artist, it also lets you turn things into sketches and so on. He’s made a few “portraits” of me and our friends! But yeah, you should print out and frame a couple of these – definitely the one of Ollie!

    The app I am addicted to at the moment is Instagram. Soooo addicted. You should join too, you have an iphone, don’t you? I looked for you on there already, but I couldn’t find you!

    • Thank you Gwen for the recommendation! I will have to check it out! The Paper Artists one. I am terrified of Instagram. I don’t know why, but I do not think I want to start with it. It seems scary somehow to me. I am so not tech savvy. My friends keep telling me I need to do it, but I am not an instant girl. I like to mull things over. Take my time. I don’t want regrets. : )

      Good luck on your interview tomorrow (or is it today all ready your time?).


    • Thank you! It is a fun little app. I do not know why it insists on editing out one of my eyes from every picture, but what can ya do? : )

      I hope you enjoy it! Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. This is so incredible. I am going to download it immediately. I wonder if you can animate the pics or use it on video? OMG – so excited! Thank you, Jenni! This is a great find!!

    • Thanks Cynthia! I have no idea in regards to your questions, but that would be awesome if you could do either of those things! Please let me know if you ever find out! That would be rad! : )

      Have a wonderful weekend!


      • I’ll let you know. I have an idea about what I want to do but no idea if it will work or if I am crazy. Oh my gosh, I just realized I used the word rad in my newest post. Now the question is did I read it on your blog recently or is it in the atmosphere lately? So interesting how that happens.

      • I was just about to go read your post. And now I can’t stop laughing. I never used that word before last year when my husband’s older brother came to visit. He says it all. Of. The. Time. And it wore off on me! Ha! Sorry about that! ; )

        Have a rad weekend!

        Still laughing!


  5. WOW! Thanks for sharing this. It is really neat. All the pictures look amazing. I like both dogs but the app picture of Ollie makes him look a lot like my little bully.

    • Thank you! He does look like your baby in that picture. Oh my gosh! You should have seen him yesterday. He loves to go to the groomers. I mean loves. So when he sees me get the car keys and the leash he barrels towards the door. She loves him, too. Yesterday she asked me what his bark sounds like, because he is always so sweet and quiet. I told her he sounds like a big dog. I guess that is a lame answer. ; )

      Anyway, he got groomed and now it rained. And my whole house smells like wet dog! But he is so cute!

      Have a wonderful weekend!


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