Shades Of Grey

No. Just a variety of shades of grey. Not a numerical shade of grey.



I got this dress from Nordstrom Rack last year in April. It is a good layering piece for the winter, because I think it is too short without tights. Not think. Know. Maybe even too short with tights. I may or may not have tested this theory in the mirror only to discover a massive hole high up in these tights. You never know what you are going to find when you perform that test. It ain’t for the faint of heart.

The turquoise necklace is from the fabulous store Simply Livly on Etsy.

The sweater is Anthropologie’s Matinee sweater that I scored on a popback for $30. It is sold out, but it might popback again or be available in a store by calling customer service. The boots are Anthropologie’s Cultivar boots.


Okay, now that that is out of the way, let’s talk hair. I had some girlfriends over to my house this week. What this means is when they arrived on time, I, of course, was running late. I was wearing this outfit. I had not brushed my hair yet. But some of my girlfriends insisted that it looked good.

I believed them.

‘Cause that makes my lazy heart sing.

One less step in the morning? Um, yes please.


But do you like my hair better up?


Who am I kidding? I still did not brush it for these pictures either. In fact, I left my house with bed head. It felt naughty and fun.


So, what’s the verdict? Should I do this again? Or this a strike against the lazy? Don’t worry, I would only do this once in awhile. The next day, I had to brush my hair again. Day two was too much even for this lazy girl. I won’t be burning my hairbrushes just yet.

Have you ever not brushed your hair and left the house? Or dressed entirely in one of your favorite colors?

32 thoughts on “Shades Of Grey

  1. Hi Jenni- I don’t think the dress is too short at all, I think it looks adorable, especially with the tights. I love your hair up – so cute – in fact it inspires me to do the same (even though I am probably WAY to old to pull it off). Thanks for the inspiration and cute outfits! Kara

    • Thank you Kara! I appreciate that. I do really love the dress. And I definitely think any updo is timeless! Thanks for commenting! I love wearing my hair like that, but I never know if it is too much! : )

      Thank you again! Enjoy your evening!


  2. I like your hair down, I go days without brushing my hair! LOL I curl it then sleep with it high on my head to preserve the curls. One time I was on a flight and realized as I got off the flight that I had a rats nest in the back of my head! And because my hair had moved during the flight (haha) it was totally visible as I disembarked! Oops! Oh well, whatever!

    • Thanks Andrea! : ). I like your style. Exactly, “whatever.” That is a good idea to curl it and then just let it go. Whenever I curl my hair at night, I look like a clown in the morning. It curls TOO much! I am thinking of trying it on dry hair instead of wet so it won’t take as much, but I am scared to try!

      I hope your day is going great and your evening is even better! Thanks for sharing!


  3. very cute and the hair looks beach-y! perfect for California, yes you can get away with it! looks darling up or down! I think the dress is great with the tights… but I hear ya on the short length business, if only we were teens again, haha!

    • Thanks Melodee! I know! To be teenagers again! It is funny, because I am constantly on my teenager to not wear short things. I would let her wear this dress, but even teenagers have rules! I need to figure my hair out for tonight. It is Book Club. I want to wear my new coated jeans with a lacy top, but have yet to decide on a hair style. And I don’t want to wash it! And my cowlick is not so fantastic today. Hmmmm. Decisions! ; )

      Have a great evening! Isn’t this weekend’s weather AMAZING?! I cannot even have a tantrum about it being winter. It is so lovely!


  4. Great outfit! Your hair always looks so great! I am not so lucky with my long hair – it seems high maintenance for me. I am always trying to achieve that effortless messy look (like you see on the Anthro or FP sites) but I don’t feel like I can pull it off.

    • Thank you Heather! My hair always looks better after the second or third day from washing it. If I get it styled at the salon, the style will last two days max. But with my Iden Bee Propolis shampoo and conditioner (I get mine on Amazon), I go four days between washings without grease! It is very expensive, but I use less of it than I would other products. Anyway, I truly believe that is the secret.

      Your hair always looks great to me! It is beautiful. I really like your hair!

      Have a relaxing and happy evening! : )


  5. You know what, it’s literally a red-letter day when I brush my hair. I mean, I almost NEVER brush it. People can probably tell, but I just forget, and it doesn’t really knot itself up or anything. I guess my hair should just be grateful that I wash it regularly and don’t set it on fire or anything…

    You DO look cute with your tousled hair! Both pinned up and flowing freely. Your bohemian style just kind of lends itself naturally to that kind of hairstyle, it looks really effortless (but then, it was, eh? 😉 ) and super pretty.

    Love that you are taking risks with shorter skirt lengths! Honestly, you look lovely and really cute. If you were nervous about showing too much leg, I think there’s something called a slip-extender you can buy, and they come in many colours. But you look perfectly tasteful, and perfectly lovely. I’m also really into wearing greys right now, it’s such a soothing colour, isn’t it? Oh, and I USED to dress entirely in green. Insects used to come sit on me, thinking I was a big plant. And sometimes, I’d dress entirely in red, too – literally, my wardrobe used to be JUST red, green and black. How times have changed, eh? 😉

    • Thank you Gwen! Wow! I just learned some awesome facts about you! First, the hair thing. I think that is cool. I like that you can get away with that. I would never know. Second, all green?! I can’t picture it. I actually am trying hard to picture A green piece in your wardrobe. Where did it all go? And red?! This is blowing ma little mind. I can picture you in every color of the rainbow. Although fingers crossed soon you will be monotone for eight hours a day! I will think of you tomorrow (or rather dream of you) and wish good thoughts your way. And you can wear your fun colors on the weekend!

      Good luck! Have a wonderful day! : )


  6. I love to dress all in one color. I actually do it often depending on my mood and I do sometimes wear a hat or braid my hair instead of brushing it when I go out.

    You look great! Your friends were right. I even noticed how beautiful your long hair looked in your picture on Effortless Anthropologie. I was wondering what you had done to it and when I read this entry I was surprised to learn you hadn’t done anything.

    Have fun at Book Club. I will look forward to hearing what you are reading. I am reading The Happiness Project.

    • Thank you so much! I might do it again tomorrow! It is so easy, but I worry I might look a tad crazy and my husband and I are going to a nice lunch (I have a huge coupon I bought that is expiring soon). I would hate to look crazy for him. But he probably wouldn’t even notice! : )

      We read “The Husband’s Secret.” It was my book pick. I will review it soon. Most of the girls liked it. I gave it a 6.5 out of 10. I could not get into the characters and that made me mad. Sarah from the Shubox is doing The Happiness Project this year. It has been interesting reading her progress. Her baby was just born, so it might be a while for an update. But I am sure she is filled with happiness! I want to read that book. But I am scared of it, too. With my OCD, I worry I would go overboard with it.

      Have a lovely Monday! Thanks again! : )


  7. Love you in grey! And those boots are just awesome! How did you get your hair so high? I want my hair to go that high when I put it up. ( i am saying this in a whiny crybaby voice. wah) lol…

    • Thank you Cynthia! I just grab my hair onto the top of my head and then I wind it in a clockwise bun. I put a pony tail in it to hold the tight bun. Then I spread the hair and pull it until it fans at the top. I hope that makes sense. It is really easy. And actually stays for quite awhile. Maybe I should make a video of me doing it. Only, I hate my voice, so it would. Be a creepy silent video. And I would probably be creepily silently sobbing with laughter at the silence. Um, maybe that’s not such a good idea! ; )

      Have a delightful Monday!


      • : ). Maybe… I am not kidding! I am thinking about doing it! My kids tell me I need to start making videos. I guess it is flattering that they think I am funnier in “real life.” Or not. ; )

        Sweet dreams! I am off to take a much needed bath!


    • Thank you Alicia! I thought the same thing about my hair before my friends said something. And most days I still would never leave the house with my hair all messed up!

      I love those boots so much! Thank you!

      Have a wonderful week!


  8. Bed head is amazing, go with it. I like both ways, I probably prefer down but up is a nice change sometimes (I pretty much never wear my hair up, but maybe I’ll start :)). Also, I looove your outfit. I love grey and the pop of turquoise is right up my alley.

    I’ll admit that I’ve gone out without brushing my hair. In fact, in the winter, I’ve been known to throw my winter coat and pyjamas over my pyjamas and go out like that. (I wear leggings to bed and my coat is long, so no one will ever know I’m not wearing a bra, right? :))

    • Thank you Rachel! It can go either way! Like today. No way! Hair everywhere! I appreciate the compliments! : )

      I go out in my pajamas quite a bit. They are my favorite outfits! I always try to hide it under big coats or cardigans. But who knows if I am really fooling anyone! I am glad you do the same. It is fun, isn’t?!

      Have a beautiful week!


    • Thank you so much! I was planning on wearing a messy bun tomorrow, but it will have to wait until Wednesday. I very much appreciate all of the compliments! I am going to bed smiling! Thank you!

      Have a sweet week!


  9. Ha! “Not a numerical shade of gray.” I was kind of hoping it would be! I wasn’t quite sure what was in store for me with this post!

    What you’re doing here with the varying shades of gray always intimidates me. I worry that the shades are just a little off or too matchy-matchy or drab. But you’ve nailed it here, so I think I’m willing to give it another shot. I think the print on the tunic (dress? lol) helps because you’re not working with all solids. I think the different textures of the tunic, and then the tights, and the sweater works too because it lends a bohemian, casual vibe to the entire look. And with brown boots? I never would have thought to pair gray and brown, but I’m going to give it a shot! Brown boots just have such a different feel than black ones. I’m starting to piece the outfit together in my mind now. Grays and brown boots – watch out for my OOTD post coming your way soon! lol

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you so much Liz! You always inspire me with your outfits! And you know so much more about fashion than I do. That is such a huge compliment. I completely took your advice the other day with the neon and went bold. I will post it soon. My husband picked the shoes. I am not sure about them. But either way, I had a blast in the outfit!

      Thank you so much for the compliments! I hope your week is terrific!


    • Thank you so much Lauren! Hopefully I can master it again tomorrow! : ). I am trying to recreate a picture and it has to have that hair! Oh the pressure! ; ). I am so glad I found your blog. It is a delight!

      Have a fantastic week!


  10. I am a little jealous of your hair, as it is so pretty, and like it both up and down. The messy look is great, and gives more fullness (I remember you said you lost volume when you lost weight).

    The brown boots you are wearing are awesome with this outfit. I’m a huge boot fan ~ I own um….like 7 pairs I think? Bed|Stu and Frye are my favorites these days, but I’m open to new relationships, LOL. Anyway, I very often wear different shades of a color together, and so love the outfit. The brown goes super well, which surprises me a little ~

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate that. I did lose a lot of hair with weight loss. And I am hoping one day it will grow back. But I do not think that is a real possibility. I love boots, too. I cannot wait to wear them again. And my vests! But in the meantime, I got a pair of tall gladiator sandals. Have you seen those? They are like sandal boots. Although, my husband told me today, “those don’t look like boots.” So, I am possibly wrong. ; ).

      Thank you again! Have a joyful week!


  11. Oops! Hit enter by accident 😛

    As I was saying, the brown goes well, and as another commenter said, has a completely different vibe than black, and I love it! I am definitely going to check out the look for myself.

    My own little blog doesn’t cover my “fashion” so I don’t often post pictures of myself, except maybe a goofy one or two, but my coloring is really similar to yours, so when you try different outfits I get ideas for myself, which is so fun. I sorta wish I could post outfit pics, but it would be *really* out of place. Oh, well!

    • Thank you! My own blog is full of randomness (like me). I wonder if you could fit it in somewhere. You do have your hands full with that awesome house you are building. It is so cool! So creative!

      Have a happy day!


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