I can’t… I Just Can’t… Lace Study Dress

Something happened to me a few months ago. Something amazing. I have come to the realization that I can’t pay full price. I just cannot do it. It drives me crazy. It seems I no sooner buy something full price, then it goes on sale. Then I feel betrayed. By that piece of clothing. And I rarely wear it.

So without a gift card, I pretty much only purchase on sale. And it has to be a good sale, too. At least 50% off…


Wait! Oh! My! Gosh! Did you see that? Did. You. See. That? Did you see the new Byron Lars Lace Study Dress? Holy Wallet!



That was the sound of me falling on the floor after seeing that beauty.


That was the sound of my husband hitting the floor after he saw the price tag.


That was the sound of my pocket book being thrown down to scoop that beauty up for my husband’s birthday dinner and our anniversary trip to Las Vegas.

Now my pocket book sounds like this:

What you didn’t hear that? If you listen closely, you can very slightly hear the rustle of. The faint rumble. The breezy swooshing. Of…




Anyway, I have had two kids. I have a belly. Yes, I am totally going to blame my children for my protrusion and not my overeating or lack of exercise. It was the reason I had kids. Speaking of which, kids will take every sense of vanity from you. I remember very clearly my friend asking me at nineteen what my best body part was. I thought long and hard. Yes, this is when I had to actually think because there was more than one to choose from. Ahhh. Youth. Anyway, I chose my stomach. And the universe laughed at me. And my thighs clapped. Sigh.

My husband actually tells me he likes my stomach. Which is super sweet. And enabling.

My point being, that yes, even with a shaper underneath this dress, my body is not perfect. And that is okay. I still like the dress.

And I am okay with my belly. Shhh. Don’t tell it that. I don’t want it to think of it as a challenge.

But seriously, I did not have one piece of tight clothing in my closet besides pants before I purchased this dress. It filled a void in my wardrobe. It probably will be the only tight piece of clothing for a very long while.

My husband LOVES this dress. I mean loves. He wants me to wear it at every outing.

Enabler. ; )


Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yea. That I won’t pay full price. Yea. That’s right. Never again.

Wait! What’s that?…


Do you have a strict “sale only” philosophy?

I am in love with the Lace Study Dress. It’s the stuff sounds are made of… Pocket books die for…

And bellies proudly salute.

38 thoughts on “I can’t… I Just Can’t… Lace Study Dress

  1. Jenni- There are all different bodies and all different dresses and sometimes the two collide and you find a perfect fit! While this dress may not be for all, I think it looks terrific on you and fits great and for that worth full price. Yes you might have gotten it on sale either perfect or full of pulls (or not gotten it at all). You would have missed the enjoyment you have gotten already wearing it. Good choice – you are one of the lucky ones the Lace Study Dress really flatters – rejoice!

    • Thank you so much Shari! I was worried posting this dress after some of the reviews. I was thinking maybe it didn’t look like my husband said it did. I really appreciate the support and kind words. This dress is so fragile. I cannot imagine what it will look like by the time it hits sale. Even if one of those holes rips… It would all he over. So far, it has held up really well. I am happy I splurged. I have two more places to wear it in the next two months, so definitely worth it.

      Thank you again!

      Have a delightful weekend! : )


  2. When it’s something you loooooove, snap it up. Screw rules. 🙂 I’m bad for that, I don’t wait for sale as often as I should, because I’ve lost out on things I’ve loved because I waited. My rule is if I don’t love it enough to buy at full price, don’t buy it at all. If I can get it at sale price, score.
    Anyway, you look fantastic in this dress, and your stomach looks great. I have the belly pooch and I’ve never had children, so you’re ahead of me already!

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

      I have missed out on things waiting for sale. Or even a better sale. And it makes me sad, but I figure there will always be another item I want. My biggest regret is the Harlequin Sweatercoat from two years ago. I missed out on it. There is a woman in town with one and I am always envious of it. Thankfully, there really is nothing I am lusting for. Seriously. Nothing. Isn’t that weird?

      I hope you are staying warm! Have a super weekend!


      • First you look Fab in the Lace Study dress WOWZAAA. I didn’t have kids and have a pouch, which in my younger years my stomach was a thing of art, flat, flat, flat. Thank goodness for shape-wear.

        I Don’t necessarily wait for sale and normally agree if I didn’t want it FP, why pay sale? But sometimes the sale googles get in the way. I procrastinated about the Cammo cardigan and couldn’t pay FP for some reason. Reviews were good, not outstanding. Got marked down to the crazy holiday 1st cut which wasn’t the normal 1st cut amount. The addt’l 25% off made it normal first cut. Finally it got cut to $50 and it flew out the door. I was sad, but realized I had passed up opportunities to buy it. Believe it or not, while looking through the sale room a few weeks ago, there it was in my size hanging on the rack. It had been a return. I snapped it up and have been living in it..

        I remember that Harlequin Sweatercoat and still mad I missed that as well.

      • Thank you! I appreciate it!

        I love that you found your Cammo Cardigan! I love when things like that happen. It was definitely meant to be. And it is nice that you found it while you still had plenty of time to still use it. Lucky! The Christmas first cuts threw me for a loop, too. I just was not sure how the sale was going to go. I only bought one sale top for that promotion. Oh! And the Arslan Sweater (which I have only worn once in California. But my sweet friend went to Canada last week and took it with her. I am glad it got used!).

        Maybe one day we will both find that Harlequin Sweatercoat. For $10! A girl’s gotta dream. : )

        Have a fantastic Sunday!


  3. Seriously gorgeous in that dress! I used to think I’d give up my flat stomach for less wide hips. After birthing 2 children I now have that belly…and wider hips..,sigh.

    • Thank you so much Lyn. Isn’t that the truth? Me, too. Bigger hips, that is. I actually like hips. I have bigger hips and I wouldn’t mind even bigger ones. My husband is a hip-man. Now, my belly. I would not mind that smaller. ; )

      Thank you again! Enjoy your weekend! I hope it is delightful!


  4. That dress looks lovely on you! I adore the teal necklace you added! It really adds a great pop of color. I can see why your husband like it. It fits to perfection!
    I am usually a sale only shopper, especially at Anthro. I usually have a very limited budget, so I like to get the most bang for my buck. I have bought anthro full price only a couple times, and they were shirts that I knew I would wear for the 5 months it takes for them to go one sale! If I had more of a budget, I would totally pay full price for a special dress. It is hard to not think about what you would have saved if you waited…but you will have two very special occasion, so well worth it!

    • Thank you Alicia. I am pretty much only a sale shopper, too. I would say 95% of the time I wait for sale. A really good sale. It is nice to splurge once in awhile. Although, I always feel guilty. Especially spending so much on one dress. Thankfully, I have a ton of places to wear it to this year. So, it will definitely get used. But I do have a hard time watching something hit sale and not thinking about money wasted. For instance, I am about to get ready to drive across town to do some couponing. I will get two loaves of french bread for .65 cents each. Nutella for $1.60. And hopefully get some clearance meat. And I just negotiated our cable down $25 a month. I hate wasting even a dollar. I am so frugal in other areas, it is hard not to be with clothes, too.

      Thank you about the teal necklace, too! I think I like it that way the best and will wear it in Vegas!

      Have a beautiful weekend!


  5. That dress looks amaaaaazing on you,Jenni…a definite keeper. When I saw that dress a few weeks ago in my store I nearly fell over too. (Have not purchased yet though.)

    • Thank you Kara! You made me smile. I really appreciate it. The details on the dress are just so pretty and interesting. I am glad I am not the only one that had a reaction to the dress. I probably would not have purchased if I did not have a wedding in two months to attend and Vegas in a month. I wanted something tight but still me for our getaway. I also got the Scalloped Shift Dress on the recent clearance price to wear during our stay there. So excited!

      Thank you again! Have a fabulous weekend!


  6. Jenni, this dress was made for you. You look amazing! And it sounds like you’re getting lots of use out of it. Honestly, I didn’t look twice at your stomach until you mentioned it, and I still don’t see it.

    • Ahhhh. Thank you Liana. I appreciate that. I will get a ton of use out of it. I just have to be able to keep fitting in it. So no chocolate tonight. : (. But that is okay. I had lasagna for dinner!

      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  7. This dress is wonderfully flattering. I know everyone is commenting on the shape of the dress, and that is beautiful on you but i have to say that the COLORING of the dress looks really really outstanding with your own! Even though the skirt isn’t next to your hair and face, it reflects, it flatters, it is just the right tones and of course the ivory top is beautiful above! Congrats on meeting your dress! May you have many happy years together! Unless you wear it out doing as your husband says and wearing it all the time!

    • Thank you Maggie May! I did not think of it that way! I met my dress! Yay! I love thinking of it that way. And thank you for the compliments. I love the colors, but I did not think to see what the dress looks like with my complexion, because the pattern is on the bottom. But now I love it even more!

      Thank you again! I hope you have a Happy Sunday! : )


  8. Girlfriend You Look Good! It is always a good idea to be responsible and buy things on sale or second hand when possible, but the reason to shop within or below one’s budget the majority of the time is so that when something looks that good, is that wonderful, or is an emergency, you will have a little extra saved for it. Twenty years later, I am still overjoyed I chose to spend most of a work trip’s spending money to ride horses on the beach. (Bucket list item -check)

    Have fun wearing your beautiful dress on your trip and at your festivities. I hope you blog a little bit about your trip. I have always wanted to see Vegas.

    • Thank you so much! Isn’t that true when you don’t splurge all of the time, when you do it is all the more special. I like your reminder of that. I also really like your example. Riding horses on the beach sounds magical.

      I will definitely blog about Vegas! I am very excited. We were married there fifteen years ago, so we are going back. Not to renew our vows or anything, just to have fun.

      I thought of you last night when I went to turn the lights off and I saw Ollie in one of my nice chairs. He knows he is not supposed to sit there. I took a picture of him, but he was so ashamed he would not even look at me. I am posting the picture on Monday!

      Thank you again!

      Have a relaxing Sunday!


      • Bullies are so smart. They know when they are bad and do it anyway. Murphy seems a little sneaky too though. They ate both cute. I will look forward to seeing Ollie’s picture Monday and hearing about your trip.

  9. Smokin’ HOT.

    Wowza, Jenni! No wonder your husband wants you to wear it all the time. You should not feel one ounce of guilt for paying full price for this dress. It looks like a haute couture dress on you.

    Just gorgeous!!!

  10. Gorgeous dress! I can agree with wanting to get sales prices, but I will justify it if it is a special occassion or if I think an item is going to sell out before sale.

    I know my belly is not benefitting from all of the sugar I have been recently eating, in addition to giving birth! And I hate wearing the shapewear because it is so uncomfortable. I recently bought 2 body hugging dresses (not the norm for me). The aztec one and a peacock print one that I couldn’t pass up. I am just going to embrace the curves!

    I will be on the lookout for gnome cards for you! I was at Target today to get a baby shower gift, and I saw a lone black/white poncho cardi that I snagged. I can see why you bought it – it is so soft and it will go with so much. I know I will get a lot of wear out of it!

    • Thank you Heather!

      It is a sugar kind of month. First with the weather and then with Valentine’s Day. I just bought some clearance holiday chocolate today and I want to go eat the whole bag! Or bags!

      Thanks for keeping a lookout for me. I am so happy you got that striped poncho. I think it goes with so many things. It is right at this moment hanging on my canopy bed waiting to be worn. Now it just needs to stop being ninety degrees here! The whole United States is having the craziest weather!

      Enjoy your Sunday! I hope it is fun and peaceful!


    • Thank you. When we were stenciling the bathroom, we moved all of my vintage crewel embroidery collection into the living room. Now that it is done, the pieces are hanging up there again. The other blob is my shower curtain! I got all of my pieces off of Etsy. There are some really fun pieces to be had!

      Have a great remainder of the weekend!


  11. AHGGGGG!!! You bought the dress I wanted!!!

    I couldn’t possibly pay that price. It just made me sad. I had to leave quickly without trying it on or looking at it too much.

    How I love that dress though. I can see why you fell for it.

    You look AMAZING!!!!!

    Where is this belly you speak of? I don’t see it!

    It is a rare day when I pay full price for anything at Anthro. My girlfriend almost always buys me a gift for my birthday and Christmas there and that is almost the only time I will agree to full price. She bought me a blouse last week actually. (one I could see you wearing!)

    Except of course if I absolutely fall head-over-heels for a piece. I have to be able to justify its cost per wear ratio though.

    As a little note, that owl bag you liked so much…here is the story…

    A quick little story about that bag. I spotted it in Beverly Hills Anthropologie store, quite a few years back. I LOVED it. It was the first time I’d been into an Anthropologie store and was totally overwhelmed. It was quite expensive, over $250 I think, so I didn’t buy it.

    I got back home to Canada and realized I’d made a big mistake. That bag hadn’t left my thoughts. So I called the store and tried to get them to ship it. They won’t ship anything to Canada.

    So then I called a girlfriend of mine in the States and had her try to find it at a store near her. They called around and found one for an amazing $35!!! The price had come down that much.

    She then shipped it to me.

    I have used this bag non-stop. I love it : )

    They have since closed that lovely Beverly Hills Anthropologie location and moved it elsewhere.

    That is the little story on that bag.

    • Thank you Suzanne! I appreciate that so much. You will look amazing in that dress. I hope you are able to get it on sale. It has mixed reviews, unlike his pieces that keep getting restocked, so it might get discounted sooner than those.

      I love your story of that awesome bag. It is so much better than if you had purchased it full price. And the price you ended up getting it for?! So jealous! It is so great!

      Thank you again! I hope you are staying warm and your hubby is home soon (if not all ready)!


  12. That dress looks so pretty on you. I love it with the traditional pumps and your hair is gorgeous. It’s funny because when you mentioned your stomach, I went back and strained my eyes to see what in the heck you were talking about. Since you bought this dress for a special event, you don’t have to feel guilty at all!
    Enjoy your dress,

    • Thanks Stacey! Especially the part about my stomach! : ). And not feeling guilty! I am glad you told me which shoes you liked best also. I like to know which ones are best for next time I wear the dress. Thank you for all of your sweet words! You made me smile so big tonight!

      Have a jubilant week!


  13. Love this dress and it looks fantastic on you!! It has been on my wish list, and hope I can at least get a chance to try it on next time I am in Anthro. Looks like it is worth every penny!!

    • Thank you Barbara! My recommendation is to bring whatever undergarments you are going to be wearing with the dress with you to try on. A lot of women did not like it because of the tightness. I made sure I tried it on with what I would be wearing with it so I could really see what it would look like when I went out. I hope you enjoy it!

      Thank you for all of the sweet words! You are so nice.

      Have a lovely day!


  14. you know, you are absolutely beautiful. your beauty comes from within and you let it out often and share it with us. you have NOTHING to be ashamed or embarrassed about as far as i am concerned, when it comes to body issues. you are lovely and you look amazing in this dress–from any angle! never forget that! 🙂

    • You are so nice. Thank you! I very much appreciate that. I also appreciate the no body issue part. Thanks. : )

      Have a fabulous Thursday!


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