It’s The Little Things: Girl Scout Cookies


The title of this post should really be called, “I’m a glutton.”

Or “How to gain ten pounds in ten days.”

But, it is time for a “littlest things” post and so it shall remain titled with what it is.

Only you and I and my ecstatic thighs (they love any old reason to clap) will know the truth.

Every year. Every single year I end up buying around thirty-five boxes of girl scout cookies. Oh, yes. You read that right. It is not a three. It is not a five. But rather a three and a five together to make a larger number. And a larger me. Coincidentally… Or not… one pound is created by eating thirty five hundred calories that your body did not burn off.


I cannot resist them. I primarily just buy the Thin Mint variety. I buy most of them from my sweet girlfriend’s little girl. Although I always buy a box from the little girls that stand outside of the grocery store, too. I cannot resist cookies and I cannot say, “no” to a hopeful child.


I actually have not eaten A cookie in a week. Because I cannot each A cookie. It ends up being A sleeve. Or A box.

I am A greedy monster. A cookie monster. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.

I have avoided looking at them for seven days.

Seven long days.


But I am taking pictures of them for you today.

I am staying strong. Deep breaths.


The Girl Scout Cookies are made at two different factories. The Thin Mints are packaged in either a clear cellophane wrapper or a foil enclosure depending on which factory they come from. No, I did not just look that up. I know way too much about Girl Scout Cookies.

I much prefer the foil wrapper. Thankfully that is what my girlfriend’s daughter’s troop receives.


The cookies usually last us until January of the next year. We freeze most of them. So it is not like we are eating them all at once. Being the slight hoarder that I am, I panic at the thought of running out of these cookies. They are only available once a year.

Do you stock up on Girl Scout Cookies? Which ones are your favorite? Do you like the foil or cellophane wrapped cookies better?

It’s The Little Things: hoarding a year-supply of a snack. Now that’s true craziness happiness!

Crinkle. Crinkle. Crinkle.

Nom. Nom. Nom.


Clap! Clap!


27 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Thin mints are my favorite too! I also order a bunch, and continue to stock up by buying more from the girls selling in front of grocery store, and freeze them for later. But I must not buy enough, because they don’t last until the next year!
    I have never received the kind in foil wrapper, only the clear sleeve. But even with this I notice that some boxes are not as “good” as others. I do think there is some difference in the taste depending on where/when they are made. I’m glad you notice it too, because my family thinks I’m crazy for thinking it.

    • Thanks Jen! The mints are the best! I actually heard a woman at the hair salon telling her stylist she did not like thin mints! Aaaaahhhhh! But that she had bought a box for her family and now could not find them. She could not figure out where they went! I have a few guesses! ; )

      I am glad I am not the only one who hoards her thin mints! I also stash them in my dresser drawers so the kids won’t eat them all!

      Have a yummy Friday! : )


  2. I did not buy any this year as I did not think the ones I got last year were that good (the mints). Now I know it is because I got the ones in the clear liners (maybe that is what us East Coasters get). Bummerโ€ฆ..Not that I need 10 more lbs on my hips anywayโ€ฆ.

    • You are so good! I cannot resist. I thought it was an East Coast/West Coast thing before, too. But then I bought a box of cookies from a little girl in San Diego last year and they were clear. So, I think it depends on the troop. I will not buy as many of the clear. That is why I first place an order for fifteen and then if they are foil, I order more. I hope you can try the foil ones. I wish I had a box of clear to show. They even look slightly different and the inside is lighter. It is weird that the recipe is slightly different at both factories. I also read that one factory has lactose in their cookies, the other does not. Anyway, I find it weirdly fascinating. : )

      Have a fabulous Friday!


  3. Oh yum! I agree, it’s hard when certain things are only offered once a year. We (Kellogg’s) owns Keebler and actually manufacture the cookies for the Girl Scouts! If you try the Keebler mint cookies, they are just like the Thin Mints. I think the peanut butter ones are the same too. I hear ya though, willpower is hard!

    • Thanks Heather. Willpower is SO hard! I gained three pounds these last two weeks, so I am being very strict now. No Girl Scout cookies for me this week! : (. I love the Keebler cookies. I just always have the Girl Scout cookies available year round. The cookie I wish someone would make again is the little wafers that Mother’s used to make that came in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry with the frosting inside!!! Yum! I would rather have cookies than any other dessert. There is just something about them!

      Have a happy day!


  4. In Canada, we have Girl Guides and they only sell thin mints (sometimes vanilla/chocolate sandwich cookies). The Girl Scout cookies you have in the U.S. sound amazing.

    • They are really good. But I cannot tell if it is just because we all grew up on them? If we weren’t used to them or if they were not such a rarity I do not know if they would be as popular.

      But I LOVE them! I wonder if your thin mints come from the factories here?

      I am way too obsessed with these cookies!

      Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


  5. I was laughing through this whole post! I LOVE girl scout cookies too, by my faves are the samoas. I cannot resist them. I don’t think I could ever buy that many boxes because there is no way they would last until January. They’s be gone in a month. And I had no idea about the different wrapping of thin mints. I think I’ve only had the ones in the clear wrapping. Now I’m curious to try the other ones.

    • Thank you! My husband loves the Samoas (called Caramel Delites in the different packaging). I think the clear ones are flakier. The foil ones thicker. And richer. With more mint flavor. But I really think it depends on what you are used to. You might prefer the clear ones. I know people who do. They are both so different. Weird!

      I hope you get to try the foil ones! I hope I get to, too after I lose these three pounds I gained in the last two weeks. I am sure it had nothing to do with the release of these cookies. ; )

      Have a relaxing evening!


  6. Damn, I really want a thin mint right now. I haven’t had one in ages! Also, I can’t hoard cookies like that because I would eat them ALL AT ONCE. Maybe not 32 packages, but at least one package at once. Don’t judge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Ha! I would never judge. I seriously did that last week. Only I left one in the box. One. To show myself I had self control. Yea. That is what I would call it. ; )

      Have a cozy evening!


  7. I m absolutely a Thin Mint girl. No other cookies compare. I was supposed to get some from one of my piano students this year, but she sold MY COOKIES to someone else. #stillbitter. I need to find some adorable girl scouts selling them at the grocery store!

    • Aaaahhhh! How could she sell your cookies to someone else?! I do not think you can understand how upsetting I find this. I would have laid my head down on the piano and cried! I hope you get some soon!

      Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


  8. My cookies should be coming from the little girl down the street any day now and I can’t wait! Thin Mints have always been my favorite but have you noticed that they are not as minty as they used to be? It could just be my taste buds have become more sophisticated with age. I have moved from lighter chocolate to more dark as an example. I have only seen the foil wrapper with the Thin Mints. Now I wonder if there is one plant that uses more mint? Or should I say Mint Flavor number 8? Now I want to know if they use real mint.
    Have a great Valentines Day,

    • Oh! I hope you get your cookies soon! Years ago, I thought they were not as minty. But this year, they taste exactly what I remember them to taste like. Yummy! I do think the foil version is mintier. The other ones kind of crumble. They are not as substantial. I love milk and dark chocolate, but if I had to choose, I would choose dark. I like the richness of it.

      Enjoy your cookies! I hope they taste yummy!

      Happy Valentine’s Day!


  9. While I love Tag-a-longs (or Peanut butter patties), we have boxes in our freezer from about 3 years ago. I only buy about 3 to 5 a year from the neighbor, we don’t get them all eaten. So I refrained from buying this year!

    • I can see why. I would not buy any either. That is actually great. You are probably much healthier than I am! : ). I need to be better! Although, I still have not had any in a week. The kids are definitely going to be the ones that get to enjoy them the most! Plus, your cookies that you make look so good. You don’t need to buy any!

      Happy Valentine’s Day!


  10. Thin Mints are my favorite too! I can’t buy them. I eat one sleeve and then a few hours later I eat the other sleeve. I panic when I see the Girl Scouts at the grocery store and do my best to avoid them. I’ll go in the second entrance or walk in/out with a group of people or behind someone else. LOL I sound like a crazy person! But seriously – All 35 of your boxes would be gone in 2 weeks if they were around me!!

    • That is hilarious! I was seriously sitting here laughing at the picture that you presented. So funny! Good for you for resisting!

      I also am laughing at the commentary Marcy would make if she witnessed you doing that! I love it!

      I have been so darn good. I have not had one today. Or yesterday. All week! It is so hard! I think I must like to torture myself!

      Have a romantic Valentine’s Day! : )


  11. Hi Jenni. I love me some thin mints too! I also freeze them but it’s hard not to eat a whole sleeve when you open it. I think they do that on purpose. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I never knew that they came in a clear sleeve. I just ordered some from a new neighbor so I’ll see what she gives me. Either way it’s all good. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Kristi!

      I agree they are all good! You know, it is hard not to eat a whole sleeve when you open it. I never thought of it that way. It rips and then they won’t go back inside. Hmmmm. Tricky! I hope you get to enjoy yours soon! : ).

      Thank you for commenting. I really like your blog. It is good to meet you!

      Happy Valentine’s Day!


  12. I just realized that since we moved, I can’t order Girl Scout cookies from my co-workers daughters!! AND I have not seen a single girl scout anywhere! ( But seriously, it is a high of 18 today. It would be child abuse to set up a table outside anywhere) This is sad. Enjoy those cookies! Maybe Michigan people don’t DO Girl Scout cookies?!! Horrors. Tag-a -longs are my very fav. I like the thin mints a lot, but my hubby hates HATES mint. ( I know. I know. I barely married him for this fault ๐Ÿ˜‰ so I really would have to eat the whole thing…

    • That is a travesty! No Girl Scout Cookies! I haven’t thought of the troops in the snow areas. And there are a lot of those areas. I wonder if this weather has affected sales across the country. And I do not think that is a fault. I would be overjoyed if my whole entire family disliked mint. More for me! : ). I take sharing food very seriously. As in, I don’t like to!

      I hope you find some Tagalongs soon!

      Have a great long weekend!


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