My Denim Dress

I purchased this Cloth & Stone’s Chambray Maxi Dress from Anthropologie as a popback in October. It was 68% off. It is so comfortable and soft. It is one of my favorite dresses in my closet.

It is strapless! Gulp!

This means I can only wear it in the fall and the winter. I have to wear a cardigan with it.



I first styled it with my little Angel of the North Pointelle Wisp Cardigan in olive that I bought for 74% off around the same time.



And recently I styled it with my Anthropologie Pooch Posse Cardigan I bought in the summertime when it hit sale. It has a bulldog on it! How could I resist?

I wore this to The Lazy Dog Cafe. ‘Cause I could. I cannot resist a theme.

How do you style a denim dress or skirt? So far, I have been boring with this dress and have only have paired it with cardigans. Any other ideas on how to style it without revealing that the dress is strapless?

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  1. Cute! How about just wearing a crewneck T-shirt under it? I was experimenting with finding ways to wear my own strapless dress, the one I wore for the play. (I call it my Jessica dress in my head, but I think the actual name was Shadeflower dress. Or Schadenfreude dress, perhaps?) and it turns out I own a blue log-sleeved tee that is exactly the same colour as the blue bits in the dress. Maybe a white tee would look nice and chic with the denim dress? Though it is mega cute with the cardigans – especially the Pooch one! And that beautiful star necklace! – I can see you wanting to branch out. Oh! Or you could wear it under a black blazer, with black flats. THAT would look cute, too! Maybe wear a belt and sort of loop some excess fabric over it, if that would make the dress too long to walk in?

    Well you know me, my favourite way of styling denim is Duggar style! 😉 I told my colleague about them a couple weeks ago – the one who liked my shoes. His mind boggled, I could watch it happening! 😉 But I dunno, denim is kind of like a blank canvas, you can pair almost anything with it… Though it always looks more polished if you wear it with something more fitted, like a blazer, right?

    • Oh – I like Gwen’s idea of putting a t-shirt underneath! And the black flats and black blazer would look really great too. I really like Cloth and Stone’s stuff. I have one of their shirts and it is sooo soft. I see them a lot at Marshalls.
      What is Duggar style? Should I be styling my denim this way? Do tell!!!

      • Hahaha! Oh, go google Jim Bob Duggar and prepare to be amazed. There is a picture online of all his daughters wearing matching midi denim skirts and pink sweaters. Jenni, Liz and I now refer to this style as Duggar chic – with a twinkle in our eye! 😉 I only found out about the Duggars when those two assured me I *didn’t* look like one in my own midi denim skirt.

      • Thanks Gwen! You’re being generous and sweet! I feel bad that I told you my husband would say that about the skirt! He says that about this dress, too. I should never have made the mistake of watching that show with him. Now every long skirt I wear, he thinks is “Duggar Style.” : )

        Have a sweet night!


      • Thanks Cynthia! I do not have a black blazer, but I like the black t-shirt idea. Thanks for that! I love all of these ideas! They are making me so happy. I really did not have one!

        Duggar style is the Duggar’s from Nineteen Kids And Counting. I actually LOVE that show. I find it is so calming. They don’t watch t.v. And they all do chores. It is almost like Little House On The Prairie. Except with more kids. A lot of people are upset about how many kids they have brought into this world, but they are a self made family. They take nothing from the system. And they give a lot back. They are harmless. Anyway, they wear a lot of denim skirts! : )

        Have sweet dreams!


    • Thanks for all of your ideas Gwen! : ). I never would have thought of pairing a simple t-shirt under it. Hmmm. I think I am going to try that. With a belt! Great idea. I also only have two blazers. My striped terry cloth one and my recent ruffled pink $10 popback blazer (although this one just came and I have not tried it on. It has very obviously been worn by someone else. But for $10 plus a dry cleaning bill, I have to decide if it will be worth it. But it is so gross, I kind of don’t want to try it on to even see if it fits before I clean it).

      I am going to be styling all afternoon (in-between the unfortunate cleaning I have to get to).

      Have a tremendous Thursday!


      • Jenni, honey – I think you kinda answered your own question there. May I recommend you send the blazer back, with flames, and then go treat yourself to a nice black blazer instead? Even Target and Old Navy carry them.They are magical and awesome, and totally dress up any outfit. Though your terrycloth one would look lovely with this dress, too! But you deserve better than some disgusting blazer full of other peoples’ sweat and body odors! *waves fist*

      • You are right Gwen. I put it in my go-back pile. I am going to ask for my shipping back, too. It is too gross to keep. I buy so many fabulous popbacks. This is my very first item I have gotten that is not good. It is a shame that people return worn items. And that it slipped by the shipping department.

        Thanks for the support. I definitely need to hear it!


      • Oh! Okay! now I know what you’re talking about. LOL You guys crack me up!

        Jenni – I haven’t seen the show but I promise to check it out with an open mind! It sounds interesting that they are self made.

        Bummer about the blazer. I agree with Gwen – send it back. Major eeewwwww factor.


      • Thanks Cynthia! My husband hates the show so… It is not super interesting. Just their life. I have literally nothing in common with them except I like denim skirts, but I just enjoy their easy way with each other.

        Anyway, I am sitting here eating a snack bag of Doritos in my car for lunch while I wait to pick up the kids! This can’t be good for me. : )

        I have the blazer in the go-back pile which at this moment has four items. And I keep having to prevent myself from just washing the darn thing. It smells too. But it is so cute!

        Hope your day is going great!


  2. I found the pointelle wisp caridgan in the sale room after Christmas for $10! I can’t wait to wear it this summer with some of my strapless/strappy maxi dresses, like you did. I ended up getting the cream, as the olive was a one size too small, but I sure did love it.

    You could always throw a button down on top of it. Plaid, colored, graphic, doesn’t matter, since your denim is like a blank canvas! You could knot it at the waist, or just button a few buttons at the waist. Some long necklaces would be fun with it as well. Any blazers would be cute, but I have a problem with blazers…I always graviate towards them and have quite a few!

    • Thank you Alicia!

      $10! I paid $20 and I thought that was a steal. Jealous of your price. I really wanted the cream, too. It is such an easy little sweater. But they did not have it at my store.

      I like the idea of a button down. I am going to go try all of these awesome ideas out in just a sec!

      Thanks for your help! I love your ideas!

      I hope your day has been warm and cozy!


  3. Too cute! I adore the softness of Cloth & Stone’s pieces as well. I agree with Gwen – I have worn a shirt under my strapless dresses before. And I too was thinking a belt.

    • Thank you Heather. I will definitely try that. I honestly never would have thought of it. I cannot picture it in my head. But I will play around with it tonight.

      Thanks again!

      Have a fantastic rest of the week!


    • : ). And I think I read it on another post this week. It really is perfect. And you look great in it!

      Have a yummy dinner!


  4. No help here, I only wear strapless with cardigans. 😛 It’s really cute though, and it looks so summery. It’s too cold here to wear my strapless summer dresses, even with cardgians… 🙁

    • Thank you Rachel! I agree! It is too cold where you are for this dress! Brrrrrr! Cardigans are so easy. And there are so many fun ones. I like how this dress acts as a blank canvas for the plain dress, but I am going to experiment with this dress some more.

      Have a phenomenal day tomorrow!


    • Thank you Sarah! I just would never be able to bring myself to leave the house without something over (or under) a strapless dress. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable that would make me feel!

      Thank you again!

      Have a relaxing evening!


    • Thank you Brynne. Those words were perfect! : ). I completely understand what you are describing! I used to have one of those, but it is a 3X, so I had to give it away. I am still on the hunt for one exactly like it because it was so fabulous!

      Have a lovely evening!


  5. I wear a lot of long sleeved tee shirts under my strapless and sleeveless summer dresses to winterize them! Then I wear a sweater vest (like your ruffled sweater vest!) or a fur vest or down vest over for warmth 🙂 A leather jacket would be fun! A plaid flannel shirt would be really cute too! (Or layer the flannel and leather jacket together!) That is a fun dress…I like it!! :0) ♥

    p.s. If you have some extra time, would you mind emailing me the name of the hotel you wrote about in Seattle by Pike’s Place? I’m spending spring break there and have yet to find a place to stay 🙂

    • Thank you for the ideas! I love the thought of my ruffled sweater vest with it! I will have to try it. I wish I had a leather jacket. I can never find a good enough deal on one! But I do like the idea of a flannel!

      I sent you an email about Seattle. I hope you have fun!

      Thanks again!


  6. A little shrug would be cute in warmer weather. You could also take a scarf or shawl, drape it across your shoulders then pull and tie the ends behind you, across your back. It will stay on that way. Orange would make that blue pop!

    • So smart! Thank you! I love that shawl idea. I never buy them, because I never know what to do with them. Now I cannot wait to get one and tie it in the back like you suggest. I also like the orange idea, as well!

      Thanks again! Have a terrific Thursday!


  7. I really love the idea of a tee or shirt under this and then belted.

    I too am scared of strapless.

    This is a great dress though.

    I had the best boho/flower child dress on in a consignment shop the other day and thought of you.


    • Thank you Suzanne. I am definitely going to try the t-shirt idea. And belting it. It is such a comfortable dress. I love wearing it.

      I would have loved to have seen that dress. Thank you for thinking of me! That is so sweet. You always find the best stuff. If we lived closer, I would be begging you to help me coordinate! : )

      I hope your day was peaceful and tomorrow is even better!


  8. I LOVE your romantic, easy-breezy style in these dresses, and this one is no exception! With those awesome leather boots, I would style it with a similar color, wide belt, and earth-tones shawl/over sized scarf around the shoulder you can let slip down one shoulder after a glass of wine. And for a pop of color, some turquoise or red coral, chandelier earrings. Cest magnefique!

    • Ooohhhh! I love your descriptions, Jess! Especially with the shawl slipping off the shoulder after a glass of wine. You know me too well! : ). Thank you for the compliment and styling ideas! I cannot wait to see you in the morning!

      Get a good rest! And I hope your Thursday is fantastic!


    • Thank you so much! I always love your cardigans, too! The dog cardigan has a special place in my heart because it has a bulldog right in the center of the back.

      Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


  9. I think you look so good in this dress. I especially like it with the dog cardigan! You look like you should be hanging out with Joni Mitchell and the hot guy from Crosby, Stills and Nash, ” Graham Nash.
    Very cute,

    • Thank you so much Stacey! That would be awesome if all of those scenarios were realities! So cool! I wish I was that rad in real life! : )

      Thank you again! I hope your Friday is fantastic!


    • Brynne! You’re a genius! That is a brilliant idea. I will do that for my Littlest Things post next week! : ). Each piece does have a story!

      Thank you for the great idea!

      Have a happy Valentine’s Day!


      • Sweet! I have been curious about them since you first started blogging and I just KNEW, knowing you….that each piece had a story behind it. Can’t wait.

    • Thank you Pamela. I like denim, too. And I rarely wear jeans. I am glad you like this dress! It is so comfy!

      Thank you for commenting! Have a delightful day!


  10. I’ve never owned a denim dress but yours does look very comfy indeed! You could also wear a t-shirt over it and tie it at the bottom or even a button-up shirt and wear it cowboy style with just a knot or button a few buttons first! You don’t have to just wear a cardigan!
    Visiting from the WIWW link up 🙂
    Exploring My Style

    • Thank you! See, this is why I need help. It did not occur to me to wear a shirt tied over it. I love that idea! : )

      Thank you again! Have a terrific week!


    • Thank you! I just love that idea. I really really need to try that. I actually dreamt about this dress last night and wearing it over a t-shirt. It was awesome. My dreams are deep. ; ).

      Thanks for commenting! Have a gorgeous day! : )


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