Bathroom Progress


My good friend, Jessica, has been at my house this week stenciling my bathroom with the Otomi design I had purchased from Etsy last year. I had a vision in my head and it is so exciting to see it coming to fruition.

This is our main bathroom. Our house only has two. So, I wanted it to be fun and have a bit of a wow factor in the small space.

I started the renovation last year with a new countertop and sink. I had my sweet contractor who installed our baseboards, add legs to the vanity and build and paint the green mirror. Our painter painted the vanity gun metal grey for us. He also painted the yellowing walls white. If you missed those updates, you can see them here.




This is halfway finished. Isn’t it looking awesome?


Jessica has a business called Bella Wall Designs. I am so lucky to have such a talented friend. There is no way I could have done this on my own. And the only help I gave was to sit in my bathroom while she stenciled and I drank wine. I’m really good at that. Jess, I’m available for hire!


Seriously though, thank you Jessica! It is looking amazing! Jessica’s specialty is Italian plastering, so if my design is too out there for you, she is a girl with many skills. I have seen her other work and it is beautiful.


Here is my inspirational Otomi piece. I purchased it with my family in Puerta Vallarta two years ago. It usually rests behind my couch. On that trip I brought home four Otomi pieces. I love the beautiful embroidery and whimsical creatures.


I have a slight rug dilemma. Ideally I wanted a 3 X 5 rag rug with a feed bag design on it. Just one to two red stripes. No more. It turns out that doesn’t really exist. I might look into making one. But, after the tablecloth debacle, it might be years before we create another family heirloom.


In the meantime, do you think those two rugs will work in the space? Keep in mind, my vintage crewel wall embroidery is going back up soon. And some pieces have burlap in them. I like it. But it might be too busy. Although my whole house would be considered too busy for many. : ). The rugs were $11.99 each after a coupon at World Market. So the price is right, too.

Have you done anything fun in your home recently? I really love Brynne from The Gathered Home’s new Ikea desk revision.


Jessica finished the stenciling on Saturday evening while I was on a date. Is she awesome or what? Here is a sneak peak at the finished project. I still have to layer it with my embroidered pieces and a towel or two.

I am beyond in love. It is like she pulled a dream from my head and brought it into reality. Thank you Jessica!

* Since this post was written, I have completed the project. To see the finished project, click here.

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27 thoughts on “Bathroom Progress

  1. Wow! That is amazing – I love it! In being in the market for a house recently, they say kitchens and bathrooms are the big sellers. I would totally want to have that bathroom!

    • Thank you Heather! After being through two kitchen remodels, I can agree with that. It is kind of a nightmare to redo.i am so glad you like it. I just finished hanging the embroidered pieces in the bathroom. I am not sure about them. I need to play with them a bit. Good luck house hunting!

      Have a peaceful, warm week!


    • Thank you Lyn! Jess did a great job. I probably never would have gotten around to it. I am glad you like the color! I tried to match it up to the original Otomi piece the best I could.

      Thanks again! Your cookies looked so good that you made the other day! : )

      Have a wonderful week


    • Thank you Judi. It took me ten years. And my house is twenty two years old, so I know all about waiting. : ). Eventually, I would like to do tile in the shower area, but our master bathroom needs to be gutted first. Oh. The pain! : )

      Thanks again!

      Have a delightful week!


  2. That stencil looks so good in your bathroom! Maybe look for a smaller scale pattern for the rug, like a delicate stripe. Then it won’t compete with the beautiful walls and they can really shine. You could even do something in that green to tie in the mirror. Just an idea, it’s looking really good though! 🙂

    • Thanks Jessica for the ideas! I will keep my eyes peeled. For now (cause I am unbelievably lazy), I am keeping the rugs. They were just too cheap to resist. But I will definitely watch for a different set or a bigger one that might work better.

      Thanks for the compliment, too. I will pass it on to Jess. She did all of the work. I only had the vision.

      Have a gorgeous week!


    • Thank you Brynne! Otomi would go great in your house. Although not as great as that INCREDIBLE couch of yours!

      I loved your Ikea desk so much. And the dark walls. I was so happy to share. It turned out great!

      Have a super week!


  3. I love the stencil design and your sink and the shower curtain! But from what I’ve seen, your whole house is basically decorated with my platonic ideal of decor. I also like the rugs.

    • Thank you Jess! That is so sweet. I know you and I share the same style. I really appreciate that! I like the rugs, too. Although, I just finished hanging my embroidery today and I am unsure about them. I cannot wait to take pictures and share. I hope it looks all right!

      Thank you again for the compliments. You made me smile.

      Have a happy week!


  4. This is just so awesome. I also really like your bright green mirror. I like the rugs. I think they go great with your decor.
    You have such a bright, happy house, Jenni!

    • Aw, thank you Cynthia! I try to make it a happy, fun place. I know I am happier with tons of color. I am glad you like the rugs. They are growing on me. I cannot tell if it is the price or if it is because they remind me of my benches from Target in my living room.

      Thank you again! Marcy would have a field day playing with the animals on the wall!

      Have a fun night!


  5. This is so beautiful! Holy Batman! Maybe you don’t want to put too many things in there, I’m just thinking it might distract from the amazing stencil. But then again, more is more, eh? I like the rugs, but they make me wonder if they’re slip-resistant – otherwise, they might be a bit unsafe…?

    Anyway. Your friend is one talented lady! And I’m sure you helped out loads – on a motivational level. 😉

    I have showercurtain envy now… XD

    • Thank you Gwen! I never thought about the rugs being slip resistant. Nobody uses that shower except overnight guests two weeks a year. I will change then when they come. For some reason we all use my master bathroom shower. I have absolutely no idea why. But it does keep that bathroom cleaner. I was worried about washing the rugs, but I am going to wash them in the washing machine and lay them flat to dry. And cross my fingers.

      Thanks again! Jess is great. You would love her. She is so down to earth and sweet.

      Have a calm and happy Wednesday!


    • Thank you so much Melodee! I purchased the sink for a great deal on Ebay! I love it, too. Although my daughter got nail polish on the edge and I have to get it off without ruining the sink!

      Thanks again! : )

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


    • Thank you Suzanne! I appreciate it! Jessica is a great friend. She is coming over in the morning to take finished pictures and have some coffee with me. I cannot wait to show the final reveal! : )

      Thanks again! Have a beautiful rest of the week!


    • Thank you, Brynne! I thought of you with the bunnies on the wall. I hoped you would like it! : ). Yay that you do!

      Have a happy day!


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  7. Enter your comment here…Good morning Jenni,
    Long time reader, first time commenter (heh).

    There are so many things about your home and style that I find delightful, I just had to tell you. I too love fantasy and sci-fi, bunnies and other woodland critters, color, my child, and my home. This bathroom stenciling is gorgeous! So whimsical!

    I clicked through your link to the Etsy shop and right away found some awesome and unusual stencils that just might work in my own space…not that it’s completely built yet, but there’s no harm in planning ahead, right?

    Anyway, love the varying topics in your blog, and wish you well in…every way.

    • You made my whole day. Thank you! : ). I love meeting fellow people with similar interests. Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know. I appreciate that beyond words. I am so glad you like that stencil. It is one of my favorite things in my home. I like it even better, because my good friend stenciled it for me. When I walk by that room I think of her and smile.

      Thank you so much for making my whole day better!

      Have a terrific week!


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