Heeeeey! Classy Lady


Nothing is more exciting than a date night. I have worn this dress for a date night before, but forgot to take a picture. That was a few months ago. This time, I remembered.


I have never been called that word. I just like saying it. But you have to always say it like Jack Nicholson and give it some jazz hands.


That makes it classier. Trust me on this.


This dress is Anthropologie’s Lace Alhouette Dress. I bought mine in November during that great sale on sale dresses promotion. It is sold out, but you might be able to score a popback or still find one in a store.


My husband loves this dress. Which is why I bought it. I knew he would. It is a fit and flare. A man’s favorite.


The belt. Oh that belt. It is the Kissing Bunnies Belt by Anthropolgie. I am wearing a small. The belt may not scream demure. But I have never really been that word. So bring on the bunnies! And I had forgotten to clasp the belt at the top, so my bunnies were not kissing. Poor guys. I did fix it before we left on our date, but not for the pictures.


I also paired it with my pink trench coat. I think I bought this eight to ten years ago at Anthropologie. It is really old. But it is my favorite jacket to pair over dresses.

We went to a sweet little restaurant in town for burgers and fries.

Cause we’re…


What is your favorite date night dress to wear?

26 thoughts on “Heeeeey! Classy Lady

  1. What a pretty dress! I rarely wear dresses for date (I very rarely get a date! New city and new baby does not equal many dates!) I really should next time. What a fun little date, even if it was just for burgers and fries.

    • Thanks Alicia! I completely understand what you are saying. When we first moved to our town eleven years ago, my daughter was six months old. It took me until she was two and a half to leave her with a babysitter, and that was only because the mom was right across the street. Now that my daughter is fourteen, it is so much easier to go out. But I miss the baby years.

      This month, I have really spent my money on evening wear (because I only had one other dress). Since we are going to Vegas in a month, I needed some grown up night clothes. If I did not have that coming, I probably never would have looked at date night dresses!

      Have a beautiful day hugging your precious baby girl!


  2. I love your outfit! I remember that Idra coat from Anthropologie I think from 2008. I wanted it so badly but didn’t buy it. Glad to see it styled. You look great!

    • Thank you! So that is when I bought it?! I could not remember. I only knew it was hugely discounted and the only one in the sales rack. This was before I was savvy about Anthropologie. So, I did not know anything about the coat. Thanks for the info! I love that coat!

      Have a delightful evening!


    • Hi Liana! I have seen this dress popback twice in the last three weeks. I will keep my eyes peeled for you. You would be an XS, right? At least, that is what I am remembering from your reviews. I will let you know if I spot it.

      Have a marvelous evening!


    • Thank you Andrea! I love those boots with dresses. They just do not work with long skirts or pants. But I do like them. We must have very similar tastes! : ). I often wear that dress with a little tulle underskirt to make it poofier. I didn’t for that night, but I think it gives the dress more structure that way.

      Have a terrific evening!


  3. I couldn’t quit staring at your picture….total girl crush! You look stunning, glowing, beautiful! Also, with my love of bunnies since childhood, I can’t believe I don’t have this belt.

    • You are so sweet. You had me blushing. I never feel that way, so thank you. Truly! And I completely thought of you when I bought the belt. It is so awesome! Bunnies! I am so glad they are “in” this year!

      Thank you again! : )

      Have a terrific Tuesday!


    • Thank you Melodee! I did buy quite a few sale boots this year. They are the only type of shoes I feel any sort of passion for. I am glad you like them! I think they are fun! : )

      Thank you again! I hope your week is marvelous!


  4. Sooooo pretty! Your dress and trench are soooo pretty!
    I always think that I am going to get gussied up for a date night but then I always end up wearing my old standby- jeans and a blazer.
    From now on the only way I will say the “classy” is with jazz hands. (smiley face)

    • Thank you Cynthia! I love dressing up for date nights! It is half of the fun! Plus, my husband loves dresses, so I wear them a lot for him. Gotta be “classy.” ; )

      I hope your week is exciting in a great way!


  5. Hey, you *do* look classy! Super classy! That’s one of those dresses I never looked at twice, but on you – BAM! And it looks nice and loose to fit a burger under, too! 😉 And that belt… damn I have belt envy now!

    My favourite dress for date nights right now is my big yellow sweaterdress – because that’s the only dress I can wear after the sun goes down in this $%&*£ cold weather we’re having right now! Under more ideal weather conditions, probably the Brushed Terra Dress. 🙂

    • Thanks Gwen! That is so sweet! The dress is nice and roomy! Perfect for a burger and fries! I am sorry about the weather you are having! Bummer! That is not fun. I will have to look up both of those dresses, because I cannot remember dress names. I bet you look lovely in both of them!

      I hope your week is going great and your work week is happy!


    • Thank you Jessica! That belt is one of my favorites. I had a butterfly one from last year and it is too big now. But my daughter wears it as a slouchy hip belt. So, it all worked out… For her! ; ).

      Thanks again! Have a whimsical Wednesday!


  6. So “classy” is your fashion word that you aspire to? I love your boho-chic, Renaissance-esque, free spirited fashion sense! But I understand that sometimes it’s fun to dress up like a different sort of woman. My fashion aspiration is “glamazon.” I’ve certainly never been called that, and I fear I never will. It evokes a tall, dark, handsome (glamorous) woman. You know the type. And I’m not it. lol That body-con navy blue dress I have is probably the closest I’m going to get.

    But I think you’ve done classy very well here. It’s all in the trench coat, I think. You just can’t go wrong. You’re going to look classic and ladylike and polished in a trench. It’s sophisticated fashion magic. But underneath, there’s that sweet, whimsical Jenni (who kept things “classy” in black and white). I loved that dress when I saw it online. I never saw it in person, so I didn’t order it, but it’s exactly the sort of thing I’d love to wear. But I would not, however, have thought to pair it with the gold bunny belt. It’s the perfect twee touch to offset the classy with just the right amount of whimsy. Now I can’t picture a better way to style it.

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you so much Liz! I never really know what I aspire to be. When I was younger I read a book called, “A Spell For Chameleon.” I loved that there was a woman in the book who could change constantly. Be witty and smart than alluring and dumb (not that I want to be dumb), ugly and beautiful. The book struck a chord in my child-self that I never have to be just one thing. And I definitely will never stick to just one look. I cannot imagine how stifling that would be. Or maybe that is just how I perceive it. Although, I do love boho best. It has my heart. And my wallet.

      Did you ever read the Xanth books (“A Spell For Chameleon” is the first one)? I think you have to come into them as a preteen or teenager. But they were my absolute favorite growing up. The reason I ask is because you love Harry Potter as much as I do.

      Your comments were so sweet! I am glad you liked that outfit. I am trying for “sexy” this weekend. That word makes me want to run screaming for the hills. Maybe it needs some jazz hands. ; )

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thanks Brynne! I checked it out! That is awesome! Thanks for the link.

      I hope your weekend was wonderful and your week even better!


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