Stripe Club

“The first rule of Stripe Club.

Never talk about Stripe Club.”

Still wanting more? Okay. I’ll play.

“Why do I wear stripes?”

“Because I don’t want to be spotted!” Joke courtesy of my daughter. Yep. There are two of us.

I have a thing for stripes. A serious problem. An addiction if you will. They are everywhere in my house. Mostly grey and white, but you can find other colors, too. I’m not picky.

I own about a zillion navy and white striped shirts. ‘Cause that’s not crazy.

I realized the other day that some of my photos of clothes recently contained stripes, so I decided to clump them together into one post.

Mostly so I could use the word clump.


With a gift card from Christmas firmly in hand, I used some of it towards the Savant Dress at Anthropologie. I foolishly purchased the small instead of the medium. But I stubbornly refused to exchange it.

Foolish and stubborn. That should have been the title of my post. Or the name on my birth certificate.

I paired it with my Paige Cords from Nordstrom Rack (of all of my cords, these are still the best). The necklace is the Heirloom Necklace sold awhile back from Anthropologie in the bee motif right after New Year’s.


And I really like the patches on the elbows.


Did I mention that I love the patches on the elbows?


Okay. This is getting embarrassing.



Quick, what’s this song lyric from? “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.”

This outfit started with my striped sweater recently purchased from Target. The cords are AG Stevies in turquoise. The necklace was care of Simply Livly on Etsy.

This outfit is innocent enough.

But wait for it…



More stripes. Stripes on stripes! This outfit makes me smile. It just shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t happen. But it did. And I like it. The cardigan/pullover is from Target as well.

Do you have a thing for stripes? What about stripes on stripes? What about stripes on stripes on stripes? Okay. I’ll stop now.

Library Fill A Bag


Recently, my family got in the car and headed to the city library. The library was doing fill-a-bag (plastic from the grocery story) with books for $3. It is an annual thing. I had not heard of it before. I checked the internet and it is something a lot of libraries do. Sometimes more than once a year! The prices vary per library, but you should definitely stop by your local library and see if they do this.

Because it is exhilarating.

It is fun.

It is a madhouse.

Perfect for yours truly.


You are crammed in a small room filled with books and the rustle of plastic bags. The energy is full of nervous excitement. And you just start grabbing and filling.

I saw people I knew there. But I was on a mission. No time to be polite. Or talk. Or nod. Or be human. There are books to be shoved in bags, people! Focus!

I was in a manic frenzy.

It was not pretty.

I am not proud of my actions.

But what happens in the library room stays in the library room.



We ended up filling 4 bags with books. Our total was $12. We scored 60 books (five are not shown in the pictures. They unbeknownst to me fell out of the bags into the car. I just discovered them!). That is .20 cents a book.


Look at all of our loot! I consider each book I picked up a story. An adventure. Cheap travel for the mind. Now we definitely need to get more bookcases. I will (knock on wood) never stop hoarding books. Each one is a new memory. An old friend.

Have you been to one of these fill-a-bag adventures? Did you check with your local library? Do they do this?

Having A Dream


So, I want to write a book.

But not just a book.

A great book.

Yep. No pressure.

No, that’s not me being sarcastic. That is the actual title of the book. I’m pretty sold on the “Yep.” part. I have some wiggle room on the “No Pressure.”

I all ready have my idea. I just need to get over my shyness, because my idea involves speaking to people.

This leads me to the best thing I have ever seen.

You know how when you were a child, maybe you dreamt of flying to the moon? Or becoming President? Or inventing a miniature unicorn that could live on the shelf above your bed that never pooped?


Well, I did. I dreamt of all of those things. Of course, I never did do any of them.

That darn unicorn’s poop would land on my head while I was sleeping. Hardly an accomplishment.

I learned to never be a mouth breather.

This leads me to my other dream. I like to keep tabs on a certain gentleman by the name of Patrick Rothfuss. This year he auctioned off him reading your manuscript and critiquing it for you, on eBay. How amazing would it be to get writing advice from someone I believe to be the most beautiful writer of our generation? Can you imagine it?

Of course, I could never afford it.

Okay. I could afford it if I cancelled my husband and my fifteenth wedding anniversary trip in March. But I would never do that. As much as I would have loved the opportunity, my husband will always come first. Because our time together is sacred and unpredictable.

But I still dreamed that I might bid in it.

When I told my husband Patrick Rothfuss was doing an auction critiquing a manuscript and that I would like to bid on it, he scoffed.

Do you know what he said?

You’re not going to believe it. It’s kind of outrageous.

He said, “You don’t have a manuscript.”

Um, yet. I don’t have a manuscript…yet.

But I will.

He looked at me dubiously.

Next he’s going to tell me that my unicorn isn’t real either.

Well, honey, those aren’t brown Tic Tacs.

I watched the auction end and I cried. Just a little. Okay, a lot. I cannot imagine an experience I could have wanted more. It sold to some very lucky individual.

I consoled myself with the fact that there is always next year.

Yes, next year.

Well, next year, Patrick Rothfuss might do this auction again.

I hope to be ready.

Manuscript in hand.

How much do you think unicorn poop would sell for on eBay?

I only have a year to muck up my dreams.

Do you have a dream this year? A pet unicorn? An aversion to Tic Tacs now?


P.S. Patrick Rothfuss is still collecting money for his charity, World Builders. World Builders donates their money to Heifer International. For every $10 that you donate before the deadline, you get a chance to win some really cool prizes. More information can be obtained on Patrick Rothfuss’s beautiful blog.

My Homage to Gwen Via Grey & Pink

When I saw Gwen of London Preppy sporting pink and grey together so swimmingly, I knew I had to try it. I literally tore through my closet and yanked anything I had in those two colors. Then I looked at my mess, got overwhelmed and shoved it all back. But the obsession was still in the back of my mind. As it always is with Gwen. I adore her. : )


In the meantime, the Citizens of Humanity Avedon Velvet Leggings got discounted 68% (I received the additional 25% that is no longer going on). I had been stalking them for months in the antique pink color. I quickly used my last gift card on them and the MiH Casablanca petite flares. I ordered my typical size 29. I usually size down to a 28 in leggings and stretchy pants, but based on the other reviews I stuck with my usual size and I am glad I did.

The top left picture in the foursome is from the Anthropologie website. The pants seems to take on both hues.

Anyway, I love them. I could serenade them all day on this blog, but that is not what this post is about. However, I do want to mention that they are the best pants I bought this season in case you are on the fence.



So, I paired them with my grey Puckered Placket Turtleneck I scored last year for $20. And my Ruffled Sweater Vest (I told you I wear this all of the time). Then I topped it off with some tiny fox earrings from H & M. And my Faye Boots from Christmas.

I feel so thirty-six in this outfit. You know. My age. Except for the whimsical earrings, this outfit does not feel like me. But I love it. Isn’t great to have more than one personality?



Then I had an idea for my Chiara Chemise. Why not pair it with some pink tights? Hmmm. Why not? Eh? Why not? I still can’t hear you. Let me turn down my thighs.

The Pom Pom Necklace is from Fable And Lore on Etsy.



Is there time for one more? I scooped up these grey Pilcro Ankle Zip Cords when they went half off and then another 25%. So I believe they were $37. I have one pink top in my closet (previously worn here). I did not know how it would look together, but I figured I would try it.

I wasn’t sure. So, I plopped my black Ruffle Sweater Vest over it. Ahhhh. Much better.

Thank you again Gwen for the outfit inspiration! Keep ’em coming. I need all of the help I can get over here!

Have you paired pink and grey together? What is your favorite color combo to wear? I need ideas!

* P.S. Eye shared this on The Pleated Poppy!