Keepin’ It Real January 2014

January is just about over. How can this possibly be? This is my monthly post where I share outfit outtakes, random musings, and stuff I could probably share if I ever got myself an Instagram account.

Instead we get this:


My massive amount of laundry I had to fold in the background. There is nothing I hate more than putting laundry away. How about you? Thankfully, I am all caught up now, but…ugh!


Picture of an outfit I have worn twice (once with the vest and once without) and have yet to get a “real” picture of.


One night I was making sandwiches for the kids’ lunches for the next day. I realized I only had three slices of bread. So, the kids each had 3/4 of a sandwich one day. They probably never even noticed.

Outfit Outtakes:



I do not want to know what is going on here. Perhaps I am trying to become one with the ostrich.


My son was sick. I had to call the school to let them know. This makes me nervous. I always mess up. Usually, I make my husband do it. But Monday I was feeling brave.

This is how the message I left went (with obvious name changes):

“This is your child’s school. At the beep, please leave the name of your child, your name, your relationship to the child, the date, and the reason they are calling in sick.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.


“Um, hi, this is Mrs. Gnomelover. I am calling my son, Little Gnome in sick today.”

I couldn’t remember the date, so I said, “Today is Monday.”

Then I decided to add in a little extra help. You know in case they couldn’t find his name. Even though at this point, I am sure they have my name memorized from the caller i.d. after all of the crazy things I have called about over the years.

So, I added, “he is in Mrs. Pepper’s class.”

I hung up the phone. Breathed a sigh of relief. It had gone better than expected.

I looked to my left. My husband was laughing at me. “What?”

“He’s not in Mrs. Pepper’s class!”

That is when I kind of woke up. Oh, yea! Mrs. Pepper was his teacher from two years ago.

I called back. Listened to the message.


“Hi. It’s me.” I wasn’t going to go through the nonsense of pretending they did not know who it was. Or that this call would not be added to my tally for “Kookiest Mother of the Year.” I know I’m winning. It isn’t even close.

And then I started laughing so hard I was crying.

So I half sobbed and half shrieked into the phone, “He doesn’t have Mrs. Pepper! He has Mrs. Lemon! Bwahahahaha! Thank you. Brawahabyehaha!”

I hung up.

Then I realized I forgot to add what he was sick with. I didn’t call back. I figured I didn’t need to. I am sure they figured he might have caught my illness. It is quite catching hereditary made up.



One of the good things about living in Southern California is barbecuing in January. Yum!


I don’t foresee many changes occurring in February with this blog. I am going to see how two outfit posts a week go over in February. And more stories.

Here are some posts that will be coming up in February:

My Husband’s Secret
Dear Children: Being a Stick-In-The-Mud
Chocolate Cake
Reading: Eleanor and Park
Next week there are two outfit posts: Classy Lady and From My Closet

And many more stories I have written lately!
I can’t wait!

What is a “real” moment you have had lately?

Here are December’s and November’s Keepin’ It Real posts in case you missed them or just like looking at bad pictures of me.

10 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real January 2014

  1. I love that ostrich outfit too! And I seriously just had this conversation on facebook with an old friend from high school. When I call the dr I always forget my kids birthdates. I have to write them down before I call or I draw a blank. This has also happened when I need to leave our address or phone #. If I don’t write down I just start giggling!!!

    • Thank you Lyn. That is funny. My husband does that, too. And I always mess up on their ages when someone asks me within three months of their birthdays. I think it is genius to write it down beforehand. I am definitely going to do that next time I have to call them in sick! Thanks for that suggestion!

      Have a lovely weekend!


    • Thank you so much! I have to do more loads tomorrow. It truly is never done. I cannot imagine anyone really likes it. And there are worse things. But not as far as household chores. Bathroom cleaning does not even rank as high as laundry on my list of chores I dislike.

      With that pleasant thought, ; ), have a marvelous weekend!


  2. Oh I understand your phone fear on this one. I actually get nervous having to call people even when it is not a scary official call. I will put off calls forever to the dentist, insurance company, airline. I swear I lose the power to speak English or form a coherent sentence sometimes.
    Love your outtakes!
    And, I have to say that I really like to do laundry. It is the only chore I will willingly do. Dusting and vacuuming I hate hate hate. But, laundry I do love. Weird, hunh?

    • Oh my gosh! Me, too! I hate calling anyone! My husband does all of that for me. I get nervous talking on the phone. Not even telemarketers ever since that one that was so creepy!

      I love vacuuming and dusting. Well, love is stretching it. But I don’t mind it. And I don’t mind dishes either. You are so lucky to like the laundry! I have three loads to,fold tomorrow! I will be doing it during the Superbowl! I am also making a giant spread for my husband. I premade the brownies, pistachio pudding pie, and chili. Tomorrow I will make chili cheese fries, homemade salsa and guacamole with chips, pizza dip, and chicken strips. I love Super Bowl food! It is so bad and good!

      I hope your trip is going smoothly!


  3. i loved this post! keeping it real means you are a real person with a real family with real issues and problems! i love it! first off, everyone has laundry. i have no problems seeing it. you look lovely in all the outfits–even the outtakes. very cool. candid shots are the best sometimes. the food looks yummy and the whole “it’s me again” made me laugh. you are awesome for sharing it all. you are quickly becoming one of my fave blogs to check out! 🙂

    • Awww. Thank you so much. I do a post like this it at the end of every month. The next one is coming up! I am a firm believer in showing a not perfect life. I do not read blogs that have beautiful pictures but no substance. No flaws. Flaws interest me. I am glad you like this post. It is nice to hear!

      Have an awesome weekend!


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