It’s The Little Things: Vanilla Beans


I had a different post ready. But you should always blog about what you are most excited. And I am most excited about these vanilla beans.


Vanilla beans can be expensive. However these beans from Beanilla via Amazon * are very reasonable. They are $5.98 for five pods.


I tried them the other day with my chocolate chip cookies. I just added half of the caviar from one bean to my cookies. Oh my gosh! You guys! These cookies are knee-weakening. They melt in your mouth. It ends up being just sixty cents extra to add these to your cookies. It is so worth it.


To get the caviar for the cookies, simply cut the pod in half.


Slice the pod open. With the back of the knife, scrape the vanilla bean all the way down. Add the caviar to the cookies at the same time you add the vanilla extract.


Have you used vanilla bean seeds in your chocolate chips cookies? What did you think? I have used the caviar from the pods in creme brûlée as well. What else have you used vanilla beans in?

It’s the little things: making your baked treats taste better. Yum!

* I am not being compensated for this post. This is my experience with this company. Your experience may be different. I just wanted to share where I like to get my beans. : )

18 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Vanilla Beans

  1. I agree they are worth it! I use them in puddings, and ice cream as well.. the children are initially suspicious of the little black specks.. but then won over. King Arthur company sells a vanilla bean paste product, which I have been using instead lately… it’s all the little seeds in a thick syrup… if you don’t want to mess with cutting the beans.. Have you shared your chocolate chip recipe before? I lost my favorite one.. and have yet to find one we love..

    • Thanks Lora. I might have to do a comparison experiment to see which is more flavorful: extract, beans or paste. I love to do that sort of thing. My cookie recipe is actually highlighted on this post. If you click the highlighted part, it will take you to my cookie recipe. I think I will make some more tonight. I did not like the mini chips in it that I made here. So that was a let down.

      Have a lovely day!


  2. I’ve never used real vanilla beans, but have been wanting to get some to make my own extract! This is the second post I’ve read this morning about chocolate chip cookies … I think it’s a sign I need to make some this weekend!

    • Thank you! It is a sign. And you saying it is a sign is also a sign I need to make more. I love the beans. I just recently got into them. I love discovering a new product!

      Have a cozy baking weekend!


  3. ooooh, love vanilla beans! what I want to know is who was the first to decide this weird little plant looked like it tasted good? haha! I was reading your other reader’s post, about the paste….I see that called for in so many recipes, sounds easy to use! happy baking 🙂

    • Thank you Melodee. I had never heard of the paste. I am going to try it and maybe do three different blind taste tests. Because seriously that sounds like great fun to me. I love experiments!

      Have a fantastic Friday!


  4. That’s a great deal! I’ve bought them from Trader Joe’s before, but not at that price! I’ve never tried them in cookies, but I have put them in banana smoothies. OMG – so delicious. They have a depth of flavor that the liquid extract just can’t beat! It’s one of those things where I didn’t know what I was missing until I tried them. Now I know, and I can’t go back!

    <3 Liz

    • Thanks Liz for letting me know about Trader Joe’s. I had been curious to see how their prices compared. I am weird. I only like plain bananas. I do not like them altered in any way. But my husband would love that. He likes bananas on everything. So he might have to try that.

      I hope your day is fabulous! Or evening, rather. : )


    • Ha! At least you have chocolate cookie dough in the freezer. That is genius! I ate thirteen Girl Scout cookies last night and gained .6 pounds this week so no indulging tonight. But tomorrow, oh yeah! : )

      Enjoy! So jealous! Have a beautiful day!


  5. Mmmmm…..cookies….

    The first time I saw vanilla beans so very long ago was in NY at a fancy restaurant and I ordered a creme brûlée. It was full of what looked like specs of dirt. Little did I know that was vanilla beans and the best dang creme brûlée I’d ever had. After that I was a convert. You need to use them right away too otherwise they’ll dry out.

    Did you know you should save the empty beans in your sugar? They will flavour your sugar bowl. : )


    • Thank you for all the tips Suzanne! I love the sugar suggestion. I want to try making my own vanilla extract, too. The possibilities are endless. : ). And the hungrier that I am, the more I want to try vanilla in everything!

      Have a lovely Friday!


  6. This is awesome! How delicious sounding! I never even thought of doing this. I am always learning something new from your blog!

    • Thank you Cynthia. I recently discovered these and wanted to share. For some reason, it was not a technique anyone used growing up. Probably because there was not as fast of shipping. Or maybe they had not perfected sealing the bean? Either way, I am grateful for it now.

      I hope you are having a fantastic time. Marcy must be missing you so much. Although, she won’t ever let you know it. : )

      Have a fun Friday!


  7. That’s a great idea, I never thought about using actual vanilla beans in chocolate chip cookies. I loooove chocolate chip cookies and I absolutely love the smell of brown sugar and vanilla. Next time I make cookies (which will be a while, I’m on sugar lockdown for a bit), I will definitely try that!

    • Thanks Rachel. I hope you like it when you try it. Chocolate chip cookies are my downfall. Actually, all cookies. I would rather have a cookie than any other treat. So, I try to make sure I have enough calories for one when I do. But that meant I could not make them tonight. : (

      I hope you have a fantastic Saturday!


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