It’s The Little Things: Magazines


There is nothing… And I mean nothing… Better than getting a new magazine in the mail. I used to receive many. Now my magazine choices have been narrowed down to four-five.

Here is the crazy part. There are no fashion magazines in the mix.


I just have not gotten into them. I could never afford to purchase most of the things in the magazine. I get that it is about ideas and pretty pictures, but there are so many fashion blogs showing me the same concept for less, I don’t buy them.

Lately I have been bombarded with medical bills from both of my children’s recent ER visits. Getting a magazine mixed in with the crazy treatment costs has helped ease the pain.

A little.

I purchase most of my magazines from Amazon. Here is what you need to be careful of: do not check the automatic renewal price, if you do not want to automatically renew for the next year. I just purchased Elle Decor last night, because I had a magazine credit to use up. It was $10 for a year, but at first the button was checked for auto-renewal. I checked the simple one year subscription box instead, for the same price. I dislike auto-renewal. I want to decide if I will continue receiving something I am paying for…or not.


I store all of my magazines in this antique Moroccan fabric chest.


My favorite magazine of all time is Anthology Magazine. It is expensive at $38 for a one year subscription (four magazines). I treat these magazines like books. They are so beautiful. The pages are thick, almost like card-stock. I love the different people and artists they feature. It is mostly a home decor magazine. It features funky different houses. I get so many amazing ideas from this magazine. Getting one in the mail is like finding treasure.

They feature a lot of people that buy or work for Anthropologie. They also feature some of the contributing artists. They have the neatest collections.


I have subscribed to Country Living Magazine for as long as I can remember. This ain’t the country style people fear. Oh, wait. Is that just me? It is fun. Lots of bright colors and ideas. Very inexpensive magazine. I think I paid $20 for a 2 year subscription.


National Geographic. Okay. I admit it. Most of the time these magazines will stay in their plastic pouches for a solid couple of weeks before I get to them. But I love history. I love stories from around the globe. There are a few writers that are amazing in their story-telling for this circulation. I love being transported to a different place. Amazon has some fantastic deals on magazines sporadically throughout the year. I got my subscription for $15.


And House Beautiful. You know how I don’t buy the fashion magazines because I cannot afford anything in them? In my contrary way, the same could be said about the items and homes in this publication. However, because I have spent longer decorating than styling, I am more comfortable relating ideas from this magazine into my home than I am clothing onto my body. Perhaps as the years go by, I will find the fashion magazines less boring and intimidating, too. Plus, this magazine was $8-10 for a year’s subscription (I cannot quite remember exactly the small price I paid).

It’s The Little Things: Paying a small price to send yourself something fun instead of an endless supply of bills? Sign me up.

What magazines do you subscribe to? Do you receive any of the same ones I do?

6 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Magazines

  1. i looooove magazines! i mostly subscribe to cooking mags (even though i don’t cook much anymore!!), and i also get real simple, parents (i think it was free or like $3 or something), women’s running, and experience life mag. i find most of the dedicated fashion mags a little too . . . fashion-y for me 🙂 you need to start an anthro-inspired style magazine!

    • Thanks for sharing Sarah! I love all of your magazines you listed. I used to get Real Simple. I do not know why I stopped subscribing. The best advice I ever received was from that magazine regarding insurance. I might have to try it again. Thanks for the reminder. : )

      Have a great week!


  2. I used to get most of the fashion magazines but stopped a few years ago. I think the internet replaced them for me. I just don’t get the same thrill looking at them as I used to.

    • Thanks for replying Cynthia! I agree. I just like to get fashion free on the internet. So easy! I have a stack of fun magazines I keep meaning to get to. One day…

      Have a marvelous Monday!


  3. Thanks for this post, and for the links – you’ve inspired me to track down a copy of Anthology now – there are actually two places in London that are supposed to stock it! After reading about it here, I’ve got to give it a try! 🙂 Oh and as for interior design inspiration, have you tried the Edition Paumes books? They are beautiful interior books from Japan – obviously I cannot read them but I can look at the pretty pictures and coo. They basically feature peoples’ homes or ateliers by theme – Lovers’ Apartments in Paris, Family Houses in Belgium, Girls’ Ateliers in Tokyo, that kind of thing. I repainted my old bedroom, now the guestroom, in my mum’s house inspired by the Belgium book – mint green walls with bright red piping. And man, does she get compliments on that room. 🙂 Every time we are in Asia, or in any place that has a Kinokunya or Maruzen bookshop (Japantown in San Francisco has a huge one) I have to dive in and search for these – I search by the promotional sleeve on the cover, those always have SHUNFUNTOMOSHA written down the spine in Western writing – hah!

    • Oh my gosh, Gwen! Now I must find those! That sounds amazing! I wonder if they sell them in the states? Do you think Kinokunya would have them? I have only been there in New York. We do have two Japanese stores in our town. But I do not think they carry books or magazines. Maybe Amazon?

      Thanks for the info! Super excited!

      Have a gorgeous week!


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