The Winner Of The Blog Giveaway and Stuff I’m Craving


The winner of my 10th Month Blog Anniversary (I feel like such a teenager sometimes celebrating monthly, but it is more fun that way) is Cynthia! I love Cynthia over at Marcy Very Much. She is just the nicest girl. I met her a couple of months ago through blogging and her blog always makes me smile and laugh. Congratulations Cynthia!

Here are all of our words for the year 2014. They gave me goosebumps as I typed them all in. I just want everyone to get their word this year. I also can’t help but think together with all of our words, we would be unstoppable:

Calm 2
Healthy 5
Thankful 2
Grateful 3
Content 3
Forward 2
Health 2
Miley (her daughter’s name)
Successful 2

I would love to be almost all of those words (Of course, I can’t be Keiko’s daughter, although that would be fun) and my pregnancy time is long past (but, oh, this one I am so hopeful about Becky!). I also think some of the words are hard for me and to read them made me realize that I need to work on that aspect of myself. Like “unoffended.” Great word. Although spell check doesn’t think so. And “carefree.” I find both of those words to be difficult to do. I would love to be “grateful” every day as well. That is a good word to put things into perspective.

I also agree with Liana. Sometimes I get superstitious and do not want to voice my good hopes in case the universe reads it wrong. : ). “Pleasant” is a pretty good safe word.

I really hope we can all succeed in making our words a reality this year. I am lucky I have this blog to share on, but if you don’t have that option, you can always email me. My email address is on my “About Me” page. And you could vent. Or share. It usually takes me more time to respond to an email than a comment, but I will respond.

Thank you guys for entering and opening yourselves up by sharing your word. It made me so grateful for each of you. And hopeful for the future.

On To My Cravings:

I purchased four pairs of pants during the super sale Anthropologie had. And even though all four pants ended up being just a little more ($19) than full price would have been for just one pair, and I used my last gift card towards them, I am done shopping for the month. Sigh. It is also because I scored the Cultivar Boots on a popback. And the Ombra Shift dress for $30 instead of $200! But it means my shopping is over for the month. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Unless something pops back for $10 and then I have to buy it. I mean it would be a crime not to…right? ; )

Ahem. How many days until February?

Although I have to be even better in February because we are going on a trip to Las Vegas in March. My clothing budget will be obsolete. I do not really have any “Vegas” dresses. I am hoping to score a holiday party dress marked down 80-90% off retail price for the trip… A girl can dream can’t she?

And I am going to be honest. I am not really in love with anything new at Anthropologie right now. Well, except for two or three pieces:


The Savant Dress. I bought this (and used a gift card towards the purchase in December) in the black and white striped version. I adore it. The sleeves… I have a feeling with how popular this dress has been, Anthropologie is going to recreate the sleeves next season on everything. As they do. Then I will get tired of it. But for now, I love it. Hopefully, I will be able to buy the grey version one day.


The Bavay Dress is calling my name. I am ignoring her. I need her to be on sale. But she is lovely.


And speaking of cravings. I rushed home after getting my hair done last night and made chocolate chip cookies… For dinner. With wine (Yep. Feeling better!). But I only had one stick of butter. Who runs out of butter? I guess I do. And I was out of vanilla extract. Who runs… Oh, you get it. I need to get to the store. So, I substituted half of the caviar from a vanilla bean for the extract and just halved my recipe. Um, yum. I will definitely do that again!

Purchases I made in January:


I purchased these MiH Petite Casablanca Flares for $45 during the additional 25% off sale (at 11:30 the night they got discounted more). If these pants popback in your size, I highly recommend them. They are the perfect length for me and I am 5’6″. The color is a deep grey-purple. They are a stretchy velvet. I wore them today (Wednesday) and love them.


And these Citizens of Humanity Avedon Velvet Leggings in Antique Pink. I also purchased these as soon as they got discounted further that night while the 25% sale was still in effect. I have all ready worn them three times since I got them on Friday.

The pants were purchased in my usual size 29. And they both fit exactly how I would want them to.

By the way, both pictures of the pants are modeled by Anthropologie models. Not me. I can see how the similarity of our thighs could confuse you.

But their thighs aren’t clapping.

Yes. That is the only way to tell us apart.


Here is a picture of my Embroidered Ombra Shift Dress that I bought for 85% off. Woot! Woot!

What are your cravings lately? Do you give in? Last night I gave into my craving for chocolate chip cookies and wine. Two each, thank you! And well worth it.

I guess January isn’t so bad after all (knock on wood). Now that I can breathe. And think. And smile.

And drink… Wait… I all ready said that when I said, “smile.”

13 thoughts on “The Winner Of The Blog Giveaway and Stuff I’m Craving

  1. Lots of great words to live by. Great deals you got at Anthro! I was able to get a few really great deals on things on popback as well. I got the Comete cardigan in the delicious green during the tag sale, I just can’t decide if I should keep it or not. It is a huge, comfy sweater, but the bat arms means you can fit it in a coat and I am not sure if it is that flattering on me…but it is SO gorgeous. What is making the decision harder, is that cultivar boots are back in stock. I love them! But at first cut, they are a bit high for my budget still. Please review them when you get them, if you can. I am especially interested in the calf circumference. 🙂

    • Hi Alicia! Thank you! That sweater sounds beautiful. Are you in cold weather? How long do you wear a coat? I have only worn one trench coat during the night this year. We have had unseasonably warm weather. Hence the scary fires.

      The Cultivar boots came last night. Of all of my boot purchases this year, they are one of my favorites. The back is just so cute. The calf circumference is pretty big. I believe someone said 15.5 inches. My calves are skinny. My thighs are wide. So, they are big on me around the calves. They do not slouch. At all. Really great purchase! I hope you can score some. They just slip on and are very comfortable. I was thinking I should have sized down 1/2 a size, but after wearing them half the day, I think my usual size 8 is perfect.

      I hope that helps! Have a fun evening!


      • Thanks, Jenni! I have large calves, so finding a largre circumference is surprisingly hard! I am glad you like them.

        We recently moved to MI from VA, so my winter wardrobe is definitely lacking, but coat wearing is a must. So that limits the use of the cardi to fall/spring and indoors.Here is a link of the cardi. It pretty much fits me like the model (in slouchiness. I look nothing like a model!)

        So, thanks for the advice…now to ponder…

      • I think that the cardigan is so pretty. I love the flow of it. I think it would look good on all body types (probably much better than the model). Okay, this might sound weird, but I am good at looking at a piece and knowing how it will look on someone. Just like I can eyeball a painting or a piece of furniture and know instantly where it will go and if it will fit. I bet the cardigan looks marvelous!

        And the boots will probably look better on you than me! Lucky girl! It is crazy the difference between my thighs and ankles. I have yet to measure either of them. Both body parts have simply forbidden it. ; )

        I hope your weekend is extended and peaceful!


  2. I totally get where you are coming from about Anthro’s current selection. I do really like the Windfall Shift and the Vernalis Maxi, but I don’t feel that deep yearning you get when you fall in love with a piece. Gosh, I sound so materialistic right now… LOL.

    I really loved your idea about the adjectives for the upcoming year. It was awesome to see them all put together in this post; it captured perfectly how we are all hopeful for such different things in 2014. I’m so jealous of the winner of the giveaway, but I’m glad it went to a blogger you follow and admire!

    And girl… those cookies look AWESOME. I’ve been on a pizza kick lately myself!

    • I agree Casey. It makes me sad. I wish everything did not look so similar. There is nothing exciting! No mushroom shirts. : (.

      I always battle with materialism and then realize, yep, I am. I am. Oh well. There are worse things to be. Sometimes I will go around singing the Madonna song just to mess with my husband. ; ). Like that. That is worse.

      I am hoping for a decent February, but with buying our hotel room and plane tickets (I bought our plane ticket there. I have yet to find a good deal back), I need to be good. I have been good all week. Yay!

      Now off to do laundry. Have a peaceful Friday!


  3. Awww… Jenni… thank you so much – for the kind words and the gift cert. to Anthro! So. Much. Fun. Thank you!!!

    I love that you posted all of the new year’s words. I got goosebumps too. The one that stood out the most to me was “Try”. I am changing my word from “successful” to “try”. I like that it is an action rather than a result.

    Chocolate chip cookies and wine are two of my favorites. Seriously. That is the best dinner ever.

    I am soooo glad you are feeling better!!!

    Thank you again!!


    • Thank you Cynthia! And you are welcome! I hope you get something good. Or put it towards something good. : )

      I just had one glass tonight. No calories for more. I love the word “try.” There were so many good ones. I thought, wait can I just pick all of these words and be this exact person? Because all of those words would make an ideal great person. It is a good list to look at and strive for. At least, that is what I think.

      Today I wrote a funny post for the blog and it is definitely going up tonight. But it is more risqué than my usual stuff. But it is more me. And I recently read a quote by Bill Cosby that says something like, “if you try to please everybody, you will please nobody.” So, my other goal this year is to be myself. I’m always me, but I hold back a little. I want to add more of my humor into the blog. And I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but maybe it will be someone’s.

      Anyway, long comment to say, I agree with both “try” and “successful” as being equally productive words.



      • Just read your story and it is fabulous. So funny. You are right to take Bill Cosby’s advice. And anyway – if someone doesn’t like a funny boob story then that is too bad for them! 😀

      • Thank you! I figured most people would not be offended by it, but some people might. Aw, well, you can’t win them all. And my family was fine with this story. Naked dream story. Not so much. It is requested that I run that one during summer break. I can do that!

        I hope your day is going great!


  4. Congrats to Cynthia. So glad you found the COH velvet leggings on sale; I remember we were lusting over them a few months ago, but not at their original price. Love all of your anthro sales finds. I just started an MBA program, so my budget and time are limited. Have a great weekend!

    • Congratulations on the MBA program! That is really a worthwhile endeavor. Definitely better than a pair of pants! I am actually wearing them right now. I am such a child when it comes to finding something I like. I end up wearing it a ridiculous amount of times!

      Thank you for your comment!

      Have a relaxing weekend! Hopefully not a lot of studying!


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