Mushroom Dressing

I sense a theme this week. First gnomes. Now mushrooms. I am nothing if not obsessive predictable.

I purchased this Toadstool Blouse back in September from Anthropologie. I just realized I never really posted about it after I bought it. It is one of my favorite purchases. I love gnomes. Everyone knows gnomes live in mushroom houses. So, it stands to reason that I would love mushrooms. On clothing. Just not to eat. Never to eat. Shudder.

Would you eat your house?
Or just wear it on a blouse?

Sorry. I’m tired.

Anyway, I think this blouse is now almost sold out (there are still some petite sizes available as of this posting), but there might be popbacks of it in different sizes.


A few months ago, I paired it with my green flounce skirt purchased last year at Anthropologie. This is my favorite way to wear it. I kind of showed this picture in my Overheard in October post. But not really. It was mostly a funny story about a man who wanted to use the mushrooms on my shirt for some groovy dreams.


Two weeks ago, I scored the AG Stevie Cords from Anthropologie during their after Christmas sale. I was not sure about them, but I love the color. I could not believe that these turquoise cords are the same exact color as the Toadstool Blouse.


I also paired it with my Ruffled Hem Sweater Vest. I am not sure about this look. What do you think?

Did you get anything during Anthropologie’s huge sale? Do you have any other ideas for me on how to wear this shirt? Do you wear the things you collect? Am I the only one?

* Also, I tried different filters with this post using the Afterlife App. Yay or nay? Thank you!

29 thoughts on “Mushroom Dressing

  1. Love this blouse too! I got mine during the Black Friday sale. I was afraid it was going to sell out if I didn’t jump then. I love all the ways you paired it. So far, I have worn mine with my red jeans, but I will have to see if my mint jeans match as well.

    • Thanks Heather! I bought mine during the customer appreciation day for the 15% off. Again, you got a better price than me! ; )

      Red jeans are a great idea! I do not have any. I used to have a pair in size 30, but those no longer fit. : (. I am on the hunt, but I think I will get some at Old Navy. I love their Rock Star Skinny pants. And they can be gotten for such a good price.

      Have a great day!


  2. Love the way you have styled this blouse!! I purchased it (at full price because I was afraid it would be sold out and I love the print). I have paired it with high waisted dark grey slacks and high waisted dark brown slacks.

    • Thank you Barbara! High waisted pants are a fabulous idea! I have my eye on a couple of pairs, but I need them to go to 75% off. Surprisingly this usually happens. Fingers crossed! I love the idea of the high waisted flares with this top. Thank you for the idea! : )

      Have a lovely day!


  3. First off, I really love the filter you used on your photos. Some filters completely change the colors of an outfit, but this one seems to just make them look more crisp! I love you styled the blouse in so many different ways. I love them all!

    I had no need for the things I really loved in this particular sale. For example, I love this mushroom blouse, but I have so many gauzy blouses like this one already that I don’t wear enough! 😉

    I totally thought this post was going to be a recipe for a mushroom dressing, so it’s funny that you find mushrooms to be so detestable. I like fresh mushrooms in stir-fry or on pizza, but I CANNOT eat it from a can. Blech!!

    • Thanks Casey! I did not even know mushrooms came in a can. Seriously. One more thing to add to my list of things I won’t eat. : ). I did try to use a play on words. Plus, I wrote the whole post at 10:30 last night. I had a different one scheduled, but decided to out together an outfit post instead (because I have so many outfit photos backlogged).

      You are probably smart to wait. I had one pair of cords and no leggings except for the $8 pair from Target, so I purchased four pairs of pants during the sale. It was so exciting! I have never been a pants girl. But in losing weight, I have found I actually like wearing pants. Who knew?!

      Have a terrific Thursday!


      • Oh, they definitely come in a can with lots of icky gray juice- lol. If you can’t handle them fresh, you would positively GAG at canned mushrooms.

        That’s so awesome that losing weight has opened up new style possibilities for you! I have so many pairs of pants that I would have looked like a hoarder had I purchased that many- LOL. It’s weird how you go through periods of your life when you have WAY too many clothes, and then at other times, your closet is almost completely bare. I love living through your buys when I’m not in need of anything, as we all know how much I love Anthro, so keep it up. 😉

  4. I remember seeing and loving this blouse in Anthro! It looks perfect with the turquoise pants.

    I hate eating mushrooms, but I love how they look…. so much so that we have a mushroom print hung in our kitchen 🙂

    • Thank you! I appreciate that.

      Isn’t that funny how that works? I have mushrooms all over my house, too. And I have tried. Oh, how I have tried, but I just cannot do the mushrooms. To me they taste like I am eating chewy old dirt. ; )

      Have a great week!


  5. Hi Jenni, I love that blouse, it’s not my style, but I did covet that sweater vest big time. I found a very similiar one for much less. Thank you for the inspiration! Jenn

    • Thanks Jenn! I remember reading your comment about your vest and being super curious and jealous all at once. I really want to see what it looks like! I am so glad you found it. Perseverance really does pay off! Literally! ; )

      Have a beautiful day!


    • Thank you Katie! My daughter didn’t like it. So it made me question it. I am glad it was okay!

      And oh mer gerd! That lamp! I heard music! So cool! I will be watching that one! Thanks for alerting me to its existence! : )

      Have a wonderful week!


  6. i looooove those pants. SO my color! eeeeeeee i can’t wait to wear normal clothes and shop again!!!! and toadstool is super cute. don’t tell humboldt – he might get jealous 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah! Oh! I cannot wait for you to shop again also. But selfishly it is because I want to see your gorgeous new baby! Time is flying! He will be here before you know it. And then maybe these pants will be an amazing price! So exciting to think about!

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Brynne. That is the way I wore it out, because I cannot stand wearing tight jeans without something covering my bum. Not gonna happen! : )

      And I am feeling so much better! Thank you for asking! I was so sick, I had let my house go. It was a disaster. Yesterday, I got both the main living areas cleaned, and the kitchen scrubbed. Today I made chocolate chip cookies and changed the kids’ sheets on their beds. It made me feel so much better to accomplish some tasks! And I had wine! Yay for that! : )

      I hope you are doing well! Have a beautiful day!


      • So glad to hear this. I found this bug just zaps the strength so. You start to wonder if you’ll ever have energy to do anything again and then the mind starts wondering if it’s really the illness or if I’ve lapsed over to laziness. Like you, I started feeling like doing things again today so I am ruling out total laziness and classifying it as only partial laziness. LOL.

      • Thanks Brynne. I am so glad you are feeling better. It does. It does zap every ounce of energy out of you. For awhile, I thought it was just my normal laziness, but than when I could not even drink wine, I knew it was bad. Which might be a different sickness to examine. ; )

        Keep feeling better! TGIF!


    • Thank you! I got those boots for a steal at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I love that they’re vintage.

      Thanks again! Have a sweet day!


  7. I like the filter. It adds a kind of moodiness or interest that I can’t really describe. Deepens the pic, maybe? Love the blouse with the vest. I am thinking navy blue pants or skirt would look good with the blouse but that just may be my limited imagination. I pair everything with navy blue or jeans.

    • Thank you Cynthia! Do you know I do not have any navy blue pants or skirts? Hmmmm. Something to work on! : ). I bet they would look good together. And thanks for your input on the filter. I like to try new things now and again. It is such a neat little app. I think it is fun to use!

      Have a spectacular Thursday!


  8. I love that in every outfit post you are trying to find ways to style that vest! Don’t you love when you find a piece like that and you want to wear it with everything?

    I, for one, will say that I adore this week’s theme of gnomes and toadstools. That gnome sweater from the other day is absolutely you. It’s playful and whimsical and imaginative, and this outfit is its older, more sophisticated sister. I like the pairing with the green skirt best. The pencil shape of the skirt with the flounce at the bottom is feminine, but the bold green color keeps it from being too sweet. I would absolutely wear this outfit!


    • Thank you Liz! Seriously, I do want to wear it with everything. I have a ruffled sweater vest addiction! Somebody get help! And I have two of them! That makes me want to combine everything twice! : ). I just think they pull every outfit together. And I have to cover my bum in tight pants. For myself and others.

      I love that green skirt, too. It makes me feel like a woman!

      Thanks again! Have a marvelous night!


  9. That blouse is one of my favorites! I agree with Liz that the green skirt is the best pairing. It’s fun to bring out the reds and rusty oranges of the mushrooms as well. I think the vest looks good, but what I don’t like is that it hides the mushrooms and the sequins. I love the sequin touch too.
    That sale was great. Oh man, the guilt I feel afterwards! I was lucky to get a price adjustment on the AG wine colored Stevie jeans and with the difference I bought the Curve Collar Cardigan. That helped with taking the sting out.
    One of the things I collect is costume jewelry and I love getting use out of it. It’s like double duty; a collectible and an accessory.
    Have a great day,


    • Thank you Stacey! I liked that pairing as well. It reminded me of “old school” Anthropologie. Which is and always will be my favorite. I had to look up your cardigan. I do not know why I never saw it before. It is really lovely. That is what I always do. Put the money from a price adjustment towards something else. It is what I am hoping will happen this week. I am hoping I will get some price adjustments. Fingers crossed!

      I love that necklace you were sporting on your blog this week. It was elegant and fun at the same time! Can’t wait to see your more of your jewelry. You have great taste!

      Have a fun Friday!


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