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I try. I try to stay ahead of things, but inevitably I fall behind. I meant to take pictures of my home decorated for Christmas and post them weeks ago. You know. Before Christmas. Like all of the other bloggers who can manage to create a post on time.


And I am sure you are done with Christmas. Because…It was over a week ago. Over. Done. I have all ready packed it all away. I am sure you have, too. If you celebrate, that is. If not, then I am doubly sorry for this late post.

Selfishly, this is a lot for me. I always forget how the heck I have arranged things the year before. Now I can have it on record.

And, no, I have not all of a sudden become “on top of it.”


This is what my home looked like up until two days ago.

But let’s pretend for a moment that we did not see that. That packages have not been ripped open. That boxes and trash did not line every space upon my floor. That I didn’t find my dog humping a pile of wrapping paper and subsequently tripped over the hidden table and now have a bruise in the odd shape of a candy cane on my thigh.

These photos were taken before all of that. When I was in blissful ignorance of my houses’s demise. Of Ollie’s freaky new habbit. And my thighs were perfect.


Okay, but we are daydreaming here, so that sentence still stands.

Here is what my home looked like not a week before. It never knew what hit it:







Is your home put back together? When do you pack everything away? Do you keep a record of how you decorated? Do you have any candy cane shaped bruises to commemorate the day? Or a dog who likes Christmas a little too much?

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6 thoughts on “Decorating Christmas

  1. As you know, I barely do any decorating. I had my wreath with ornaments – a somewhat pathetic strand of lights – christmas cards – Anthro monogrammed coffee cups in place of stockings and – an xmas picture – all for the sake of my xmas loving husband and stepdaughter. The day after christmas i was rarin’ n ready to take it down but they whined that they wanted to keep it up. Now, my momentum is gone and I will probably have the stuff up there until February. … nope… taking it down …right now!

    • Ha! That was nice of you to leave it up there for them. It actually sounds cute and comfy. We used to not do stockings because I was terrified that my kids would pull on them and my stocking holders would fall onto their heads. I imagine you do not put them up because Marcy would tear them down. I bet Freddy and your stepdaughter loved it. I hope you got it down to feel better. We always take our stuff down on the 26th. This year we waited until the 2nd and it was driving me crazy.

      Sweet dreams!


  2. I LOVE all your plates that you have hung up in your kitchen area! SO cute! Anthro? Also, I LOVE the long pillow on your couch – LOOKS like Anthro, but wasn’t sure. I always take my decorations down on New Year’s Day – to start with a “clean slate”, so to speak. THIS year we strung white lights in a ficus tree in our living room and I decided I kind of like keeping those lights – kind of has a nice ambience with a candlelight dinner and all. (AKA – don’t feel like unraveling them from the ficus tree!)

    • Thank you Judi! The plates are actually from our four trips to Mexico. I buy some whenever we go. I have 9 more in other areas of the house. They are Talavera plates and I love them. The pillow is an Anthropologie one I scored in November for I believe 80% off! I love it. It is reversible and the blue and white striped side is the side I usually have displayed.

      The ficus tree sounds sweet and romantic. I am glad you kept it up. That sounds fun and whimsical.

      Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful week!


  3. That’s one thing I do love about the Anthro pillows – I might pay a pretty penny for them (most of the time I’m afraid) but I LOVE how you can usually use both sides of them, and then it makes you feel like you have new pillows! Love the plates! That inspires me to go looking for some to hang in my kitchen as well!

    • Thanks Judi! That is so true. I usually end up using the back side. I often find that that is the prettier side. But that is why they are worth it. I am glad I am not alone in thinking that! Watch out! Talavera is addicting! ; )

      Have sweet dreams!


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