Easy Christmas DIY Ideas

These Christmas projects I have completed around my house are so incredibly simple anyone can do them.

I see you are still skeptical.

Well, let me introduce myself.

“Hello. I’m Anyone.”

And if I can do these crafts, you can, too. I use the word “craft” very loosely here.



First up, instead of spending money on flowers during the holidays, I load my vases with giant paper pom pom flowers. This is a fun project to do with tissue paper. I purchased mine from a seller on Etsy. However, I have also made my own by cutting tissue paper. Martha Stewart also sells a fun and easy kit.

I usually use red and pink during Christmastime. But this year I needed something more peaceful. I chose the taupe and white. I have reused all of my paper pom poms for years. I had these leftover from my sister’s baby shower. No, I never throw anything away. Yes, it’s a problem. Just don’t tell Anyone.



I saw this project in a woman’s home many years ago in Country Living Magazine. It is just a cheap felted red tree skirt you can purchase anywhere. I believe I bought mine during an after Christmas sale for $2. Just take a black sharpie and trace your kid’s handprints on it every year. The first year will look pretty sad. But each year the skirt gets better and better. I have done this for four years and it is so much fun to see how they have grown. Make sure you put the name and age of the child under the handprints.

This could also be a fun couple’s project. Just trace your husband’s and your own handprints each year with the date.

When the children are grown and out of the house, I plan to embroider around each handprint. I’ll have more time then, right?



I like twine. A lot. I kind of want to use it on everything. I see my kids running now.

Any time I see a set of ornaments all the same, I think garland. The owl and little bird garlands both started out as cheap ornament packages. I just cut the strings on the ornaments and tied them onto the twine. Then I made a loop at each end. Hang these wherever you desire. And done! This is such an inexpensive project.


I have even made a mushroom garland for my little tree.

What are your fun and easy projects you have done during the holiday season? I would love to get some new ideas. I still have to make two gingerbread houses with the kids tomorrow. I hope your week is as peaceful as it can be.

And if you feel you are overwhelmed, well, you are not alone:

“Time stays long enough for Anyone who will use it.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

I hope that is true.

I could really use a visit from the temperamental fellow.

P.S. I shared this on My Romantic Home.

10 thoughts on “Easy Christmas DIY Ideas

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets stressed out this time of year. Thank you for sharing that. I love the garland idea! I grew up on a farm where twine was king so I get a twine obsession. It’s like the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Now, I like red and white or green and white twisted cord. I wish you and your family a peaceful holiday.

    • Yes, this is an overwhelming holiday season. It truly snuck up on me. I haven’t even wrapped any of my neighbor’s gifts, yet. I have been avoiding my doorbell all day. I need to get it together for tomorrow!

      And you so much! I hope you have a beautiful holiday, too. I love the twisted cord, too. I also really like the baker’s twine with the different colors. I have some, but I hoard it. Ollie was so bad this week. Has Mukha gotten into anything? I cannot keep up with my naughty boy. I am so scared he is going to get hurt eating something he shouldn’t!

      Have a marvelous Monday!

  2. We have taken those cheap plastic animals from the dollar store & covered them in glitter for the past 2 years. The antelope, flamingo, elephant & tiger look quite festive walking along our mantle 😉

    • That is such a great idea! I will have to try that! The gnomes would love to be zookeepers, too! So cool! My kids will love this, too. Do you use spray glue?

      Have a super week!


      • I just used watered down Elmer’s glue & cheapo glitter from Michael’s. They would probably work better with spray glue & a finer glitter though! I have a hard time not keeping them out all year! They stayiut at least til New years!

      • I have Elmer’s glue. I always buy it for a penny during those back to school sales. And I would much rather use cheap glitter than expensive! It is all shiny! Okay. Watered down Elmer’s glue it is! Thanks for getting back to me! I am so excited to try this with the kids next week. We’ll get a jump on them so next year we actually will have them. I never have time to do the crafts during Christmastime. I can barely get my wrapping done!

        Have a great holiday!


        P.S. I will let you know how they turn out.

    • Thank you Cynthia! I feel bad, because I just told my sister about the tree skirt last night. And my nephew is going to be three! Wasted years of handprints! But she is going to do it this year.

      Merry Christmas to you, too!


  3. Yes! I can’t wait to see what yours end up like! We unexpectedly had some friends & their daughters over for lunch today. We haven’t seen them since their wedding 8 yrs ago (they live in Wyoming), and they brought the kids a tube full of mini horses! Ohhh, they will be glittered! Oh yes they will! Merry Christmas!

    • Oh my gosh! That is awesome! And I bet the kids will love to glitter them. I cannot wait to do mine! Probably Friday. I want to get them done so I can wrap them up with the rest of the decorations.

      I hope your day was beautiful! Mine was super relaxing.

      Have a super rest of the week!


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