The Creeper

I was cleaning up for the night, when I glanced at the window. That is when I saw it.

I had a stalker.


It was staring at me through the window.


It was a Praying Mantis.


My heart raced.


Praying Mantises scare me. I mean sc-a-a-re me. Their heads turn and watch you. They are so quick. So smart. I remember as a little girl one living on our bookcase. Now, keep in mind this is the memory of a child. It was probably really only there for one day. But this is my memory and so it lived there. Terrifying me with its presence.


Argh! You don’t think this could be the same one, do you?

10 thoughts on “The Creeper

  1. Noooo! Don’t be scared… they are wonderful for your gardens! I think they hang out around windows occasionally to clear away the other insects looking for a way into your home… I think having one on my bookcase would freak me out more than slightly though.. that is not a good place : )

    • Hi Lora!

      I thunk they look like aliens. And theirs heads will turn to watch what you are doing. So scary!

      But last year, we had some hatch all over our pool fence. The babies were incredibly cute. In fact, I made sure no one who came over hurt them. This was probably one of the babies checking up on me. I would never hurt one, but I also would never willingly go near one, either!

      There is just something about them. Shudder.

      I hope your weekend has been going great!


  2. Just think of it as a bug ballerina, like having one of the nutcracker dancers in your window. Because in its own creepy way, it does resemble an elegant dancer.

    • I am trying. I am trying so hard to picture a dancer. But, aaaahhhh! Those eyes! It is a pretty green color, though. But I shudder every time one is near me. It is my own little dance. : )

      Have a super Sunday!


  3. They scare me too. Well, all bugs do. A friend saw one on her deck recently and it’s an Urban Legend that to kill then is against the law in NJ. Like how would the police or law enforcement know?

    Funny, not sure of their life span, but could be……J/K

    • I had to look it up after you said that. You are right! It is an urban legend. Funny. I had never heard that before. I cannot imagine killing it. I think it would attack me first. I have seen videos of them attacking people when they got too close.

      Aaaah! I am too scared to look up their life span. ; )

      Have a great week!


    • I do not like spiders either. Wait, I like most spiders. I just don’t want them crawling on me. Thankfully my husband is not scared of them even a little bit. So, he takes care of them for me.

      Sweet dreams!


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