How To Deflect A Curse


It was a typical Monday morning. My husband and I were lounging in bed. Kelly and Michael were chatting it up on the t.v. My coffee was all ready growing cold.

The phone rang.

I answered it.

And I heard the dreaded silence. Which I should know by now is the stalking silence of the telemarketer. But for some odd reason, I did not hang up.

And I heard a male voice. It mispronounced my name.

It made my heart drop.

I listened to the speech.

And then I kindly asked him to remove my name from his calling list.

This usually works. Legally they have to do it.

Most of the time, the phone is just hung up on their end. Sometimes there will be a huffy, “good bye.” Other times a more polite one.

I started hearing whispering from his side of the phone.

I waited.

I could not understand what I was hearing.

But then it registered.

In a rhythmic chant, the man was chanting quickly at me over and over again into the phone. I could not understand the jumbled words. It gave me chills. I quickly hung up.

I turned to my husband in a panic, “I’ve been cursed!”

He looked at me blankly. I explained what had happened. He said, “Why didn’t you hand me the phone? I would have loved to hear that!”

I looked at him aghast. “Because I did not want the whole curse to come through the phone.”


My heart was thumping loudly in my chest.

I quickly began plotting my next move in my head.

I did what any sane person would do. I looked up , “how to deflect a curse,” on the internet.

Well, first I looked up telemarketers cursing people through the phone. However, it ended up being not the cursing I was looking for.

So, I looked up, “how to deflect a curse.”

I found a page. I began digesting the words. Yes! This is exactly what I need, I thought.

I quickly skimmed the website. It spoke of deflecting curses back to enemies. Blocking curses. Ancient prayer books.

Check. Check. Check.

60% deflection rate?!

Oh my gosh! Marvelous. I added the 60% to the fact that the curse had not actually gotten all the way through the phone in my hasty hang up. I thought surely that will get me to 100%.

I just needed the words.

I read further.

What are the words?

I started laughing.

The page I was looking at was a video game strategy page.

Not exactly what I was looking for.

But it did bring me back down to reality. Or at least, my reality.

However, just in case, does anyone know how to deflect a curse?

A curious girl not interested in solar or refinancing would like to know.

8 thoughts on “How To Deflect A Curse

  1. Yes, Jenni, I know how to deflect a curse. Now in order for it to work, you have to believe and have faith in what I’m about to tell you. Will you? Do you? There’s nothing elaborate about it, it is quite simple, as most good thing are, but don’t let this simplicity detract from its power. Ok, here it is… You must not put stock in, or believe anyone having the ability to curse you. That’s not to say that a bad or misguided person won’t try. As long as you know, truly believe, that you cannot be harmed by that curse, it cannot touch you! If you are on a higher frequency, you cannot be touched. On the other hand, if you believe in that curse, you lower yourself to it, and give it power. YOU do it. No one else. Here’s an affirmation you can say to yourself to help you. “I am loved, I am protected, I am safe. Only good comes to me.” Say it over and over again when you are in fear. Have faith in the light, not in the dark and you will always be protected. Go on now, powerful woman of light, do your thang!!

    • Thanks Jess! You are so sweet to write that up for me. I do believe in the power of good. This happened in October. I was trying to write a funny story, so I hope I didn’t scare anyone. I did not put much stock in his scary chanting. Although, we did have to go to the emergency room the next day. ; )

      The man was pretty scary on the phone. But I have not heard from him again. Hopefully I never will!

      Thanks again! I will definitely use it if I ever have that happen again. I do make my husband answer the phone most of the time now. Let him take his chances!

      Have a great week! I can’t wait to see you Saturday!


  2. Not sure how to deflect a curse, but this might work – and you do it anyway probably everyday. Do a random act of kindness for someone each day for seven days. I think that should do the trick, I really do.

    • You know, Jill. I do believe in kindness begetting kindness. And this is the time of the year when I like to spread the cheer the most. I plan on doing a lot of it tomorrow!

      Thank you for the reply! Have a beautiful day! : )


  3. If it was someone thinking they were cursing you – well – that is just not nice. Although, it probably wasn’t meant for you and was a wrong number. Maybe it was a mentally ill person just dialing random numbers?

    • Hi Cynthia!

      He started doing it after I told him to remove my name from his list. I definitely think it was for me. Here is the funny thing. I told him I was my husband, so in essence, I got my husband cursed. ; )

      In reality, I am not too concerned about it. I just thought it was a funny story. Odd things seem to follow me around.

      But I just try to be good and hope that that attracts goodness.

      Hopefully it never happens again! : )

      I actually have my air conditioner on. In December! Crazy weather! I hope you are fairing okay.

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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