It’s The Little Things: All Wrapped Up


I am going to just come out and say it: I don’t like the typical holiday wrapping paper.

Oh no! I am beginning to sound like Scrooge! First the poor elf, now cute paper? What’s next? Santa’s suit?


Just kidding. His suit is perfection.

Anyway, back to the cutesy paper: That is not to say it does not end up in our house. Santa Claus has an affection for the stuff and he loves to give the kids their gifts covered in outlandish cartoon wrapping paper.

But for my presents under the tree, I like to keep it streamlined.

Usually this = a disaster.

Years and years ago, I wrapped all of my presents in brown kraft paper. It was so pretty under the tree. But then it happened… Presents started being exposed left and right as the tape popped off of the heavy paper.

I learned my lesson.

Or did I?

After that came the year of the all-white wrapping paper. Again, pretty, but very expensive.

Then there was the year of the fabric. Combine all of the problems I had with the brown kraft paper and the expense of the white paper and imagine this headache.

So, I caved. I bought the wrapping paper that I did not like. And I endured.



But this year I had an idea. I stole into my daughter’s room and I snatched her giant roll of white drawing paper from Ikea off of her desk (if you have not used something in our house within a year, it becomes fair game. Meaning: it reverts back to being Mommy’s. Seems fair, right? Oh, and this rule does not in any way apply to Mommy). I began to wrap presents in it.

It still needed something.


Every year I buy rolls of beautiful ribbon from Costco. They come in rolls of 50 yards for $7. This is an unbelievably fantastic price.


I wrapped my presents in different colored bows.

And I was happy.

For the larger presents (like the ice cream maker I purchased for myself my husband because I he always wanted one), I am using gold and silver wrapping paper.

It’s the little things: beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.

Now, if only I could get someone to wrap them for me.

Any takers?

I think I know of an elf who might be available.


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18 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: All Wrapped Up

  1. Dude, these are freaking gorgeous! So elegant and pretty. I did something sliiightly similar last year because I’m no fan of buying cheesy holiday paper either. Being a comics nerd, I’d bought this huge manga thing at the Japan Center (the monthly Zero Sum anthology, to be exact) so I could look at a chapter of a manga I like and try to work out what the heck was going on. I ripped out that chapter and kept it (damned if I could figure out the plot, though), then I tore out all the other pages and stuck them together with pretty floral washi tape and then caaarefully wrapped the presents in that. And put ribbon on. The result was kind of unique, and since I’m pretty well known for being a dork it even added a personal touch. Those anthologies are enormous, so I could wrap pretty much every single present like this. Score! 😉

    • My daughter would LOVE that so much. She is obsessed with Manga. All she wants for Christmas is Japanese items. I am trying hard to appease her.

      Right now I am moving box after box (delivery) into my bedroom. I just want my living room clean! Then tomorrow, I will tackle the boxes and my bedroom. That is my plan, anyway. I hope it works! I have tons more gifts to wrap. I even “adopted” an elderly person and some needy kids. Seriously, it is overwhelming.

      My son is just stacking boxes next to my bed right now and I just want to cry. I really do need that elf!

      I love your wrapping idea! I wish I was that creative! Have a better night than me!


  2. First of all, your gifts look incredible! Your family is so lucky to be getting such beautiful packages this year!

    And I had to laugh at your experiences with the brown paper because the same thing happened to me one year. When scrapbooking was all the rage, I thought it would be cute to use little stamps and decorate the paper myself. BAD IDEA. Everyone knew what they were getting before they even had the presents in their hands. LOL

    • Thanks Casey! Ha! I did a year of the stamps, too. It never does look like what I picture in my head. I really do like this Ikea paper, though. It was very inexpensive and I should be able to get all of our small presents wrapped in it. But I desperately need to create a better system!

      Have a fabulous Friday!


  3. ha- I think I’ve gone through some of these horrors myself. Notably one year when I wrapped everything in brightly coloured tissue paper and the cat licked holes through them everywhere. yuck. A couple of years ago I bought some rolls of wood-grain wrapping paper- they were amazing. I had to wrap a round present for my nephew and it looked just like a tree trunk!

    I haven’t decided on this years strategy yet. I suppose I should buy some presents first… 🙁

    I love the simplicity of the white paper, and the different coloured ribbons look extremely elegant!

    • Thank you, Sarah. Oh my gosh, the tissue paper with the cat tongue is so funny. I can just imagine it. I am just waiting for the day my dogs realize we have TREES from outside in our house. Um, I can imagine what they would do.

      I love the wood grain paper idea. That would be so cool! I purchased my son three rolls of Minecraft wrapping paper to wrap some fun items in. I figure if he doesn’t quite like the present, he will enjoy the experience!

      Have fun Christmas shopping! Be careful when shopping online. I thought I was golden, but three out of my four boxes had mistakes in them (even one from Anthro).

      Have a lucky Friday!


    • Thank you! I am glad I am not alone with the brown paper fiasco! Julie Andrews sang about it, so I thought nothing could go wrong. Of course, she also cured ailments with sugar.

      I am deciding if I would let the elf in, even if it was for him to help me. I am deciding “no.” Of course, my answer could change as it gets closer to crunch time and my presents are still stacked in a sad unwrapped pile in my bedroom.

      Let me know if he is any good!

      Have a great Friday!


  4. I love your fair use rule 🙂 Are you a good girl and can resist taking a sneaky peek at your presents before Christmas Day? Someone in my house, not me of course, gets so curious that I have had to hide wrapped up presents at work, in the trunk of the car or even at friends houses. It’s the little kid in her 🙂

      • I love that idea, too. Maybe next year! Stripes are my favorite. Brilliant! Thank you for the inspiration! Hopefully I can remember it next year!

        Have a fabulous Friday!


    • I love your wife! I am even worse. I buy my own presents. Usually my husband will surprise me with some small things, but it looks like he is not doing that this year. : (

      Too bad! I love surprises! But there are such good deals during the holidays, I need to snag them while I can and call them “gifts.”

      I would not perk at presents, only because I really do like surprises. That is cute that you hide her gifts. : )

      Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Thank you, Cynthia! I bet that would be Marcy’s favorite as well. ; ). In fact, that would probably suffice as her entire present!

      Have a splendid Friday!


  5. I used to try to coordinate my packages with my tree… but I usually buy paper after Christmas.. I love it at the time.. but then the year goes by.. and I end up doing a different color scheme on our tree.. and the packages clash… I am torn because I love wrapping.. but my “green” friend uses reusable bags and I’m wondering if I will do the same eventually… xoxo reading your blog makes me smile! so enjoyable!

    • Thank you so much, Lora. I really appreciate it. I have never heard of reusable wrapping bags. I should check that out. Although, I would inevitably lose them. And then I would be wrapping stuff in brown paper bags on Christmas Eve. I used to buy my wrapping paper after Christmas, too. 75% off! You can’t beat it. But last year I forgot. And now I had to go back to being creative, because there was no way I was paying full price. : )

      Have a awesome weekend!


      • Jenni, I love your blog. I’ve been reading for a while but this is my 1st comment.

        I’m known by friend and family for hating traditional wrapping paper too. I like using simple white paper as well. But because I’m nutty crafty, I like to individually glue small beads, small pom poms, buttons, etc. Of course the must be finished off w/a real ribbon.

        Just seeing my beautifully wrapped gifts makes me happy!

      • Thank you so much Lisa! I love the idea of glueing beads and pompoms. I might have to try that this weekend. I am glad you do nontraditional wrapping, too. I just think it is not only prettier, but more fun that way.

        Thank you so much for commenting! I really do appreciate it.

        My husband wrapped six presents today. I wrapped none. Tomorrow I have to play catch up!

        Have a terrific weekend!


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