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Am I the only one with an ornament hoarding problem? I hope not! I cannot resist a cute ornament. It is beginning to be a problem. In fact, we now have so many ornaments, we have had to get not one, but two Christmas trees each year. The second tree is very small (for now).

I just need companies to stop making such cute ornaments.

As soon as the kids are out of the house, we can cypher out the Spongebobs, Littlest Pet Shops, and Pixar characters. That’s what I tell myself anyway. I might feel bad leaving the little guys in the box, though.

This year, I shopped for my ornaments at Anthropologie and Target. I love them all. I thought I would show the ornaments I picked up for our trees this year (which we shall be picking out today).


Hello Mr. Fox. This little guy can be found at Anthropologie. I purchased him during the 20% off sale. He was spendy, but he might be my favorite purchased ornament of all time.




These felted ornaments were all purchased at Target this year with price tags no higher than $3.


It is a mouse. It is a ballerina. It is a ballerina mouse. This reminds me of The Nutcracker. Much to my son’s chagrin, we are going as a family to see this ballet in a few weeks. Hopefully when it is over, this little gal will bring back fond memories. And yes, Momma is gonna wear a tulle skirt. What else?



And these little merry foxes. They reminded me of a morph between a gnome and a fox. I think it was their large squat heads. Could not resist!

What is your favorite ornament this year? Please tell me I am not alone in my overrun collection. What type of ornament can you not resist? Or if you do not celebrate with ornaments, what is your favorite holiday decoration each year?

I guess mine would be a fox. A gnome, obviously. I have so many of those. I am doing a Christmas decorations post next week and then we can spotlight those little guys.

And mushrooms.

And fantasy creatures.

And anything felted.

And animals.

And ornaments made by my children.

Oh, dear. I really do have a problem.


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments

    • A mouserina! I love it!

      Hey, West Elm has bunny ornaments on sale right now. I think it is free shipping!

      I hope your day is restful!


  1. I cannot wait to see you in your tutu for The Nutcracker. Tell your son that tutu skirts are very IN right now and you will be super stylish.

    Love the jacket on Mr. Fox. It is just adorable.

    I am usually not much of a Christmas person but my step daughter is – and since she has been living with us we are trying to make more of an effort. So – I got a few really cute custom made cat in VW cars from an Etsy shop. I will do a post on them this week. You will love the one I got for my step daughter – it’s a green VW van! So cute.

    • Ooooh! I cannot wait to see the cool van! So awesome. Right now our house is a Christmas explosion. I have to finish it up tomorrow. Crazy, crazy day today. So happy it is over.

      I need to hang my foxes, especially before my dogs get them.

      I hope you have a nice, easy week!


  2. Oh darn it, I am so jealous that we don’t have Target in the UK because those felted animals are just too adorable! And that fox chappie looks pretty suave in his spectacles and tweed, I can understand why you had to get him. The best ornaments I have are these three dogs I got a few years ago from Cath Kidston, they are too cute. But since we are going away for Christmas it doesn’t look like we will be getting a tree this year either, though we are hosting two (tiny) Christmas parties. Victor wants us to get one of those little fake ones. (Cue eyeroll from me. If it ain’t pine, it ain’t nothin’, mate!)

    • Thank you Gwen! I have to agree with you. For me, it is a live tree or nothing. It is what I remember from my childhood. But everyone else in my family has conformed. I am the only one still buying a live tree.

      But a tinsel tree, I could get behind. In fact, as part of their advents, each kid got their own tinsel tree for their room. They also got ornaments to decorate it on different days.

      I hope you still have a great holiday! Just think, less mess to clean up!

      I hope your week is going smoothly. I am so tired I can barely think!


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